What you need to have in your Home

Essential Needs for your Home

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Everyone has their own idea for what they need in their home, but it’s not until you need the item that you realize you actually need it.  Having it before you move in is a bonus, but there is no harm in taking a shopping trip after you move to get the essentials.  It allows you to get to know the roads and stores that are now available to you, as well as meet some of the people where you are now living.

The items you need and how many you should buy will depend on a few factors that you need to consider.  These factors will help you determine what you need and whether you should buy extra.  Before you start to purchase anything for your house, take a look at the list below.  Some of the items might seem obvious, but others could leave you kicking yourself in the butt for forgetting to get them.

What to Consider

There are three factors to consider before you purchase anything for your new house.  The first thing you need to be able to consider is the size of the house.  A smaller house will be easier to maintain therefore it will require you to have less supplies to maintain it.  A larger house though means you might want to have more items in stock in case you can’t get to the store right away.  (This is especially true if you want to plan for emergency situations.)

what to consider to have in home

What happens to be in your house is a factor that also needs to be considered.  For example, if you have a fireplace and you never had one before you might want to have some firewood, a poker, and a fireplace cover.  Some long matches would be good to have on hand as well.  A fireplace is one thing but there is also, a dishwasher, swamp cooler, pool, spa, greenhouse, garage, stairs, attic and basement.  (An attic and basement mean more space but it depends on whether the space is fit for living or just storage.  Stairs could mean many different things to consider.)  A greenhouse, garage or shed are additional storage spaces and should be put to use.  A pool and spa means either hiring someone to maintain them, or learning to do it yourself with the right chemicals.  A dishwasher takes different soap then handwashing, and while it depends on the area a swamp cooler is very different from an air conditioner.

The last thing you need to consider is the size of your family.  If there is just yourself you are going to need less, but a family of four is going to go through things five times faster.  (If you ask a mother of multiple children they will tell you that they go through things ten times faster with more children.)

What to Buy

The items included here will each come with a reason why, but you should buy them on your first trip to the store.  You will need each and every one of them:

Lightbulbs – If you want to have light and have lamps throughout the house as well as the lighting that is already included, you will need lightbulbs.  You might as well spend a little money and get the energy saver bulbs as well, which will save you money in the long run.  You want to have at least 4 extra bulbs in your house.

Paper Towels – These serve multiple purposes as they can be used to clean, as a napkin, to mop up spills and to dry your hands.

Baking Powder – Not just for baking, this powder serves to prevent odors, clean and put out fires.  Place a box with one end open under each sink to prevent mold, put one in each refrigerator to prevent odor, and keep one handy in the kitchen to put out a grease fire.

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Broom, Dust pan, and mop – Eventually you are going to have to clean, and even if you have a maid you will drop or break something that requires cleaning up at one point or another.  Even just to sweep off the patio or the porch it is always handy to have a broom.

Sponges – Sponges serve to clean the dishes, or clean the bathroom, or to absorb a liquid mess either in the house or the garage.

Superglue – Why wait until you absolutely need it.  There will always come a time when it is needed, and it too can be used on many things.  It works surprisingly well to seal cuts until you can get them looked at.

Bath Towels – You might have one or two, but bath towels are not just for drying off.  They can be used to dry off the car, or to lay on the floor in front of the front door on rainy days so nobody tracks water through the house.

Trash Bags – All your trash cans should have a trash bag in them.  It makes it easier to take the trash out, and keeps your trash cans from getting dirty and smelly.  Plus, if you need to pack up clothes or take out some foul-smelling laundry it locks the smell in.

There are sure to be many more items that you need for your home including food, but that is for you to decide.  While there are some things that one person would buy, another person may not.  The items listed above though are universal for most households, many of which serve more than one purpose.  The more space you have, the more items you might need.  (Baking soda for each sink, towels maybe for the garage and the house.)

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