Top Rated Snow Blowers 2018 : Reviews and Ratings

Choosing a Top Rated Snow Blower That Is Right for You

It is quickly getting to be that time of year when people need to think more about snow blowers and whether or not they need to choose one for themselves. The truth of the matter is that it really depends on your particular situation, not to mention the part of the country that you live in. Top Rated Snow blowers simply aren’t necessary in the warmer parts of the country where it rarely snows. Even when it does snow, it is usually not more than a few inches and it can easily be handled with a shovel. More often than not, a shovel isn’t even necessary because there is so little snow to begin with.

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With that being said, there are also plenty of areas throughout the country where a snow blower is an absolute necessity. If you happen to live in one of these climates, you probably think of having a snow blower in the same way that most people think about owning a car. For you, it is not a luxury, it is something that you must have. However, how certain are you that you have the type of snow blower that you really need in order to make things easier on yourself? The truth is, using the right version can dramatically decrease the workload and the time spent clearing snow from your property. By the same token, choosing the wrong version can frustrate you beyond words and ultimately, it does little more than cost you money.

The Different Types of Snow Blowers

What is the best snow blower? Before we give you the answer, lets come to the types of them. One of the things that makes it so difficult to decide what you should buy is the fact that there are so many different kinds of snow blowers available. You can choose the electric snow blower version or the gas  snow blower version, but your choices still don’t end there. If you decide to go with a gas-powered snow blower, you then have to decide between a single stage, a two-stage, or the newest best three stage snow blower versions. How do you know which one is right for you?

Electric Snow Blowers

This is an option that a lot of people choose when they have a very limited area that needs to be cleared of snow and they don’t want to be forced to perform a lot of maintenance on the snow blower itself. Aside from plugging in the cord, the electric version is capable of getting the job done with little or no preparation. However, you do have to contend with that cord so if you have a very large yard you could find yourself being frustrated very quickly as you are tethered to an electrical outlet the entire time you are using the snow blower.

Gas Snow Blowers

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Most people choose to go with the gas-powered versions because they don’t have to worry about a cord. However, you do have to worry about increased maintenance, such as making sure that there is enough fuel oil in the snow blower or that it has plenty of both oil and fuel, depending on the particular model that you have. A single-stage gas-powered snow blower version is usually enough for those areas that don’t see a lot of snow, especially if you have a relatively small area to take care of. (And we have listed some best single stage snow blower model in the comparisons part). However, single stage snowblowers are not well suited for heavy-duty jobs. On the other hand, you might choose to go with the two-stage snow blower model that operates more like the engine on a riding lawn mower. This is a heavier version, but it is capable of getting the job done when you have larger areas that must be cleared and you get a relatively high amount of snow.

Up until recently, it was the only other option that was available to you if you didn’t want an electric model and the single-stage snow blower version simply didn’t provide you with enough power to get the job done. Now, you can even choose a three-stage snow blower option that has an accelerator just like a car. This is designed for heavy snow and works best in areas that typically receive at least a foot-and-a-half of snow at any given time. You can also find our 3 stage snow blower reviews later in this article. In other words, it is a serious snow blower that is typically only used in the coldest regions of the country. In our post today, you will find some Top Rated Snow Blowers introduced below.

Choosing the Right Option

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In the end, you will have to choose the option that works best for you. You can start by asking yourself what the winters are typically like where you live. That will tell you a lot about the particular version you should start looking for. If you only need a snow blower occasionally for relatively light-duty work, you might decide to go with a single stage gas powered snow blower  or even an electric snow blower one. If you get a lot of snow, you are probably going to choose a two- stage gasoline powered snow blower version. For the most part, only individuals that have truly large properties located in the coldest regions of the United States would choose a three-stage snow blower version, as they are heavier, bulkier and more expensive to operate.

Special Considerations

What are the other things that you need to consider if you are in the process of buying a snow blower? Aside from the obvious question of choosing one that is capable of getting the job done without going over the top, you have to think about things like maintenance, reliability, and ease of use. When searching for the best snow blower 2018, you need to consider these aspects. You also want to choose a snowblower that is going to fit your budget. You don’t want to choose one that is underpowered or too small for the job you are trying to complete, as that will only serve to wear it out faster and it virtually guarantees that you will be spending a lot of time and money when it comes to increased maintenance. However, you also don’t need to spend an extravagant amount of money on the largest snow blower you can find when you simply don’t need one that big for the location you are clearing. Therefore, you should make sure that it fits your needs and perhaps more importantly, you should operate the one that you are considering purchasing with your own hands in order to determine how easy it is for you to operate and whether or not you like that particular model.


Are you looking for a walk hehind snowblower or a lawn tractor snow blower? Buying a snowblower is like buying other high-dollar items for your property. While you might not give it quite as much consideration as you would give to purchasing your next automobile, it is something that should put more than a fair amount of consideration into before you do anything else. Think about how many different lawn mowers you explored before you finally decided to make a purchase. The same amount of consideration should be given here. The truth is, if you are truly in the market for a snow blower, you need one that is going to perform when you need it, not when it is convenient. You also need one that is capable of taking a fair amount of punishment without breaking down. Therefore, you should never make a decision based on the first snow blower that you come across. Explore your options and find out what is available to you. Only then can you make a solid decision when it comes to spending money on a new snow blower.

Comparisons and Reviews of Top Rated Snow Blowers 2018

To give you a better comparion and help you make a wiser decision, we have created this comaprison form. We have chosen around 10 best snow blowers based on the ratings. As you can see, there are single stage snow blowers, two stage snow blowers and three stage snow blowers. The snow blower ratings of them are great, mostly over 4.0.

If you are choosing a best single stage snow blower,    and       are great options.

If you need a best two stage snow blower, then         and        are recommended.

And, if you want a best three stage snow blower, I believe        and         derserve your considerations.

What to know some best snow blower brands? According to the online advertising data, the snow blower brands that the consumers search most is: Toro, Ariens, John deere, Troy Bilt, Craftman, Snapper, Murray, Greenworks, Husqvarna, Poulan.

Top 10 Best Rated Snow Blowers 2018

As you can see, we have picked out some best snow blowers of 2018 above. And we also have give our snow blower reviews there. But that comparisons chart is a little too simple, so here, we have gathered much more snow blower ratings and reviews info here.

Husqvarna ST224 24″ 208cc Two Stage Snowthrower with Electric Start

husqvarna-st224-24-inch-208cc-two-stage-electric-start-snowthrowerThis is our review of this blower for you. Invest your winter with the powerful and easy-to-use Husqvarna ST224 24″ 208cc two stage snowthrower for efficient and professional snow management. This is one of the best snow blowers on the market. This best two stage snow blower provides a snow clearing width of 24 inches, making it especially perfect for heavy snowfall. With the serious power by 208cc engine, you can deal with ice, snow, even the blizzards in the coldest climates without breaking a sweat. With electric start, you can get your machine working by just one push on the button. The 180-degree chute rotation, with remote deflector, allows remote and faster snow dispersal, and you can decide where the snow is thrown. And the 15-inch tires is enhanced for easy maneuverability no matter what condition it is. Besides, this top rated snow blower comes with heated and grippable handles, 12-inch ribbon augers, durable aluminum gearbox, LED headlight and 2.7-liter fuel tank for daily convenience. And, this efficient two stage snow blower machine is also appealing for its orange and black finish.
1.Fitted with 208cc Husqvarna powerful engine for perfect use in cold weather condition
2.180° remote chute rotation for efficient and faster snow dispersal
3.Features electric start, 15 inches tires, 24 inches clearing path and easy to control grips

Briggs and Stratton 1696619 27-Inch 250cc Medium-Duty Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

briggs-and-stratton-1696619-dual-stage-snow-thrower-with-250cc-engine-and-electric-startBlow away snow for your home with Briggs and Stratton 27″ dual-stage snowthrower. This thrower allows a snow clearing width of 27 inches and a snow intake height of 20 inches, so you can easily clear your outdoor surface, including long driveways and sidewalks. This efficient electric start snow blower unit features a 250cc engine with 11.5-foot-pound of gross torque, so it can maintain high performance even at extremely low temperature or through heaviest snowfalls. The friction disc drive system, with a 12-inch scroll auger, enables five forward and two reverse speeds for reinforced driving convenience. In order to swiftly remove snow where you want it, this two stage snow blower is designed with a dash-mounted chute control with on panel chute deflector, large 14 inches by 4 inches tires and LED headlights. The free hand control allows easy and convenient operation of driving and controlling, while the metal reversible skid shoes are great for easy plowing of snow. Easy electric start gets your unit ready with only one push, eliminating hassles and efforts. Hope our snow blower review is useful.
1.Versatile drive system features five forward and two reverse speeds for convenient driving
2.27-inch snow clearing width, 250cc powerful engine and 11.5-foot-pound torque
3.Three-year limited warranty for equipment and engine

Briggs and Stratton 1696614 24-Inch 208cc Medium-Duty Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

briggs-and-stratton-1696614-dual-stage-snow-thrower-with-208cc-engine-and-electric-startGetting your home a Briggs and Stratton 24-Inch 208cc dual-stage snowthrower is a smart choice for winters since it can efficiently deal with your snow removal chores and features proven durability. To easily clear your driveway and sidewalk faster, this thrower has a 24-inch snow clearing width and a 20-inch intake height. The powerful 208cc engine it adopts has 9.5 foot-pounds of torque, making it always great to tackle heavy snowfalls. Easy and effortless electric start function allows you to start this unit with just a push on the button, even in the worst weather conditions. With dash-mounted chute rotation, you can throw the snow wherever you like. With free hand control, you can drive your thrower with one hand while completing other controls with the other hand. And, 14-inch by 4-inch tires deliver enough power and traction for enhanced maneuverability over the icy or wet ground. The performance of this two stage snow blower is also improved by the friction disk drive system and reversible skid shoes. Hope our snow blower reviews of this machine is enough detailed to you.
1.208cc premium engine features 9.5 foot-pounds of gross torque for serious power in extreme condition
2.A 24 inches clearing width and 20 inches intake height, free hand control and chute rotation control
3.Other feature highlights: reversible skid shoes, effortless electric start, 3 years warranty on engine and equipment

Snow Joe iON18SB 40V Lithium-Ion Single Stage Cordless Snow Blower

snow-joe-ion18sb-ion-cordless-single-stage-brushless-snow-blower-with-rechargeable-ecosharp-40-volt-lithium-ion-batteryHave you already tired of the heavy and bulky snow blower with tangled extension power cords, why not try this iON18SB cordless single stage snow blower, the latest unit by Snow Joe. For sure certain, it will bring you the best experience. The biggest feature of this best single stage snow blower is it keeps high working performance without cord, gas and oil, saving frustrating tune-ups and polluting carbon emission. However, this lightweight machine doesn’t compromise on its snow removal capability. With Ecosharp rechargeable 40-volt lithium-ion battery, its operation time can last up to 50 minutes without any noise. And, with heavy-duty metal auger and two blades, it is able to move up the snow up to 495 pounds per minute and clear a path of 18-inch wide and 8-inch deep. The chute, featuring 180-degree auto rotation, allows you throw the snow up to 20 foot and direct the snow to the place you want with a push of the switch. if snow should be removed at night, it has the LED headlight for nighttime convenience. And, one push to start function adds its versatility.
1.Hassle-free snow blower with rechargeable lithium-ion batter makes snow removal simple and easy
2.50-minute operation time, 180-degree chute auto-rotation, 18 inches clearing path and 8 inches clearing depth
3.A heavy-duty auger with two sharp rubber blades removes snow about 495 pounds every minute

Toro 38381 1800 Power Curve 18-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Blower

toro-38381-18-inch-15-amp-electric-1800-power-curve-snow-blowerMore power! no gas! Toro 1800 PowerCurve electric snow blower, the most powerful unit of Toro, boasts a 15 AMP electric motor and Toro’s patented PowerCurve technology, and can move up to 700 pounds of snow every single minute. The blower can cut a full 18-inch wide by 12-inch deep swath of snow after one pass. Larger 6-inch wheels offer serious traction, so it’s much easier to maneuver and control this snow blower in any snow conditions. This electric snow blower comes with a 160 degree chute, which allows you to discharge the snow to any directions as you want. And the zip deflector provide three options to throw the snow, high/low/in-between, while the chute lever can quickly adjust the chute to right or left. Both of them highly enhance its capability of snow discharge. To eliminate inconvenience in use, this electric snow blower is designed with an ergonomic handle and cord lock system. Importantly, this blower weighs only 25 pounds with its compact size, very perfect for narrow residential areas to avoid clogging. By the way, it has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
1.PowerCurve technology combined with 15 amp motor to clear a path of 18-inch wide and 12-inch deep
2.Easy-to-use features: zip deflector, 160-degree chute, quick chute level, comfortable handle
3.Compact and lightweight design for smooth maneuverability and easy storage

Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E 21-Inch Electric Snow Thrower with 15-Amp Motor

snow-joe-ultra-sj625e-21-inch-15-amp-electric-snow-throwerCompact design and efficient plowing capacity makes Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E a perfect choice for burdensome snow removal, from the sidewalk to the mid-sized driveway. Equipped with a 15 amp motor, Ultra SJ625E is able to move about 800 pounds of snow one minute. The steel auger, with two rubber blades, can cut a path of 21-inch width and 12-inch dept with every single pass. In addition, the scraper blade, mounted at the base of the machine, can scrape the snow onto the ground while protecting the pavement or the deck from damages. And it includes a discharge chute that comes with adjustable 180-degree rotation, so you can fully decide the snow dispersal places through easy controls. And, the chute deflector is extremely useful to manage the height of snow steam. User-friendly designs also include easy-glide wheels for better maneuverability over the snowy ground, electric start for easy and instant start even in extreme conditions and LED light for convenient nighttime work. Full 2 years warranty. Are you looking for a snowblower for gravel driveway? Consider this one.
1.ETL approved snow thrower great to remove snow on sidewalks and mid-sized driveway with easy-to-use features
2.A 15-amp powerful motor clears 800 pounds of snow every minute
3.Effortless electric start; adjustable chute with 180-degree rotation; durable auger with rubber blades; all-terrain wheels; 3-watt LED light

Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower with 15-Amp Motor and Headlight

snow-joe-ultra-sj623e-18-inch-15-amp-electric-snow-thrower-with-lightSnow Joe Ultra SJ623E, powered by a 15 amp electric motor, allows you clear up the snowy driveways and sidewalks in front of your residence. It eliminates general hassles and cons of gas or oil powered snow blowers. Exceptionally, it can move up to 720 lbs. of snow every minute, keeping powerful snow removal ability. The durable rotor with four blades is made of high grade steel and cut a wide swath about 18 inches wide by 10 inches deep with one pass. Importantly, the scraper blade scraps the snow efficient and prevent damages on your pavements or decks. with a 180-degree discharge chute, Ultra SJ623E is able to throw away the snow to a remote place, about 25 feet away, based on your needs. Plus, its easy-to-glide wheels enable easy and stable turns and moves. Ultra SJ623E includes clean-out tool of chute to tackle clogging, especially when encountered snow jams, and halogen headlight for night clearing. Ultra SJ623E is ETL approved snow thrower with 2 years warranty.
1.Oil and gas free snow thrower for snow removal, efficiently clearing your driveway and other outdoor surface
2.Capable of moving up to 720 pounds of snow with only one minute
3.Instant electric start, 180-degree adjustable chute, 20-watt halogen headlight and 2 years full warranty

Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 13.5-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

snow-joe-ultra-sj620-18-inch-13-5-amp-electric-snow-throwerGet equipped with Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 from this winter, clear the snow off your driveways and sidewalks and easily handle the heaviest snowfalls or blizzards. Powered by a 13.5 amp motor, instead of gas or oil, this electric snow thrower can move 650 pounds of snow in a minute while eliminating effortful and time-consuming tune-ups and maintenance, and refusing carbon pollution. With every pass, it can cut a wide snow swath of 18 -inch wide by 10-inch deep owning to the heavy-duty steel four-blade rotor. In short, Ultra SJ620 is able to clear up to 2,450 square feet of snow per hour. Furthermore, it features numerous designs to facilitate snow removal. The discharge chute with great adjustability can rotate 180 degree for full control on the directions of snow stream. And the adjustable chute deflector helps to get command of the height of snow stream. Easy-glide wheels play a important role in turning and maneuvering the thrower. Undoubtedly, Joe Ultra SJ620 will make a difference when it comes to snow.  As the reasons above, this blower is also listed in the top 10 snow blowers list.
1.Power snow thrower moves 650 pounds of snow per minute with a 13.5 amp motor
2.Durable four-blade auger plus 180-degree directional chute for enhanced performance
3.ETL approved; backed by a full two-year warranty

Toro 38361 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Shovel

toro-38361-power-shovel-7-5-amp-electric-snow-throwerToro 38361 electric snow thrower, with compact and lightweight design, is ideal to remove snow on the large areas or other small outdoor surface, like the driveway, decks, staircases or more. Backed by a 7.5 amp motor, Toro 38361 can move up to 300 pounds of snow per minute and cut a wide swath of 12 inches width by 6 inches depth in every single pass. Generally, it can completely remove snow off the driveway about 50 feet by 20 feet within only 20 minutes. Its streamlined auger drive system combines one rotor and two blades to clear up snow away from your way effectively and quickly. In addition to its surprising snow throwing capacity, Toro 38361 also makes an expression by user-oriented and thought-out designs. Durable and rust-resistant body is ergonomically designed with adjustable telescoping handle for personalized height and angle, and optimal comfort. Cord-lock system prevents cord downfalls for constant running. Since it weighs no more than 13 pounds and features adjustable handle, lifting, turning or twisting this blower will be a piece of cake. This one is listed as one of Top Rated Snow Blowers, based on the consumer reviews and ratings.
1.Up to 300 pounds of snow-throwing capacity wit compact size perfect for large areas and narrow surfaces
2.7.5 amp electric power; streamlined auger drive system with two blades; durable telescoping handle
3.Cost-effective thrower with a full two years warranty and no maintenance

GreenWorks 26022 16-Inch 10-Amp Corded Snow Thrower

greenworks-26022-10-amp-16-inch-corded-snow-shovelWith the snow-shoving capacity of up to 600 pounds per minute, GreenWorks 26022 10 amp snow thrower ensures quick and efficient snow removal performance for small and medium sized outdoor areas. It boasts 16 inches clearing width and 6 inches clearing depth, and can disperse the snow to a distance, up to 25 feet away. And it is pretty easy to maneuver and control this thrower over the slippery ground, since it is lightweight, its gross weight is only 26 pounds. Besides, it features an adjustable rubber grippable handle bar, which allows the user to adjust the height and angle for safe, comfortable and efficient operation. And, the cord lock tightly keeps extension cord in place. Its compact size is beneficial to store when the season is past. GreenWorks aims to provide high-quality and reliable tools, so this snow thrower is guaranteed with 4 four years warranty, which is a rather rare in this industry.
1.Environment-friendly snow thrower requires gas and oil free operation, and endless maintenance and tune-ups
2.A clearing width of 16 inches and a snow cut depth of 6 inches; 25-foot snow discharge distance
3.Built for longer last and carries four years warranty


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