Electric Toothbrush Guide: How to Choose A Best Electric Toothbrush 2018

Electric Toothbrush Reviews 2018: DON’T Buy One until You Read This!   

In this post, we will share some tips on choosing a best electric toothbrush. If you have been to the dentist due to an abscessed tooth, you can agree with me that this experience is not only horrid but also quite pocket draining. It makes you wish had taken care of your teeth in the first place. Right? Well, at least this was my experience. Speaking of taking care of teeth, proper cleaning is the most crucial part of tooth care. It all depends on the type of toothbrush you use.Brittle toothbrushes end up leaving bits of food in between your teeth which sooner or later leads to tooth decay. I guess this is why electric toothbrushes were invented!

Studies show that an electric toothbrush is capable of doing a much better job of tooth cleaning compared to manual ones. So, although they come at quite a high price (from $20 to as high as $200), they are built to thoroughly clean your teeth ensuring no food particles are left behind hence, minimal chances of tooth abscess.

If you have been toying with the idea of getting an electric toothbrush, I have two things to say to that. First, you are making the right move so don’t let their cost scare you. And secondly, you have come to the right place! In this electric toothbrush reviews guide, I talk about electric toothbrushes and guide you to choosing the best. So stick around, it’s about to get much more serious!


2010-12-08-Sonicare-4If you have never owned an electric toothbrush, you must be a little curious about the whole technique especially how they work. Well, it is pretty simple, and in my explanation, I am a going to keep it so. Powered by electricity from a battery or through charging, electric toothbrushes are able to create motion on the bristles. This saves you the energy in creating motion while brushing (if you are lazy like me, this is your cue) and most importantly, it optimizes on cleaning your teeth.

Pressing the ‘ON’ button usually placed at the handle, results in the motor turning which in turn leads to the motion of bristles in the brush head. A gear and cam system installed reduces the fast movement of the motor to a relatively slow brushing motion. Depending on the technology used, the bristles move in a uniform pattern that mimics the motion used in brushing. The gear is what connects the motor to the brush head hence producing the movement in your toothbrush. Different toothbrushes offer different motions (I talk about this later in the guide), it is up to you to choose the best alternative. It’s as simple as that, (motor, gear and brush head)!


If you have any special dental condition, it is quite normal to wonder if an electric toothbrush can be part of your cleaning regime. Below I have compiled a list of individuals who can use an electric toothbrush without worry of harming their teeth.

People with dentures and implanted teeth

If you have dentures or implanted teeth, you can also enjoy the benefits that come with owning an electric toothbrush. You should, however, be cautious not to exert too much pressure while brushing to avoid breakage of the often so fragile new set of teeth. The best solution is to seek guidance from your dentist before buying an electric toothbrush.

The elderly and Children

Electric toothbrushes require very little effort while using. They are also quite fun to use hence can motivate elderly people and children to practice correct oral hygiene. A case in point is the fact that electric toothbrushes come with timers to ensure you brush for the recommend 2 minutes. This means that to some degree, an electric toothbrush might be better for the elderly and young children compared to manual ones.

People with braces

Braces are quite notorious at hiding food particles underneath them and even in between teeth. While a manual toothbrush can tackle plaque on braces, an electric one is bound to do much better at this. You should, however, check with your doctor before using an electric toothbrush on braces.


There are a few things that will guide you into finding your ideal top rated electric toothbrush. So, when you are out shopping for one, be ready to face a variety of choices as shown below. In this electric toothbrush review post I am here to guide you through it all.

Cleaning mode

Electric toothbrushes are categorized depending on their cleaning mode. Cleaning mode entails the direction in which the bristles or head rotate while cleaning. It can be quite overwhelming to pick a toothbrush based on the cleaning mode this is why it is important to list the different cleaning modes and direct you to the most favorable.

  • Rotating. These types include bristles that are arranged in a circular design. Part or the entire set of bristles can rotate in a circular motion to allow cleaning. This is usually considered the most common style in which people brush their teeth making electric toothbrushes the most common. They are also the most affordable type.
  • Rotating-oscillating. This kind is almost similar to the rotating toothbrush but with a little enhancement. The bristles rotate in one direction then change direction after one cycle. This ensures that your teeth are well cleaned and all plaque is removed. They are better preferred to the rotating type and will usually cost a little more. The Oral-B brand is well known for having this kind of electric toothbrushes.
  • Counter-oscillating. In this type, the bristles are arranged in tufts which rotate in opposite directions. This creates motions that remove plaque from your teeth better and faster than the previous versions.
  • Side to side. They move from side to side while cleaning your teeth as opposed to making circular motions.
  • Dual head electric toothbrushes. They are made of double heads whereby one rotates while the other moves from side to side. It is quite effective at cleaning teeth but can be quite uncomfortable due to the extra size.
  • Sonic and Ultra sonic. They vibrate at a given frequency hence dislodging food particles and bacteria from your mouth. They are quite expensive since they claim to drive clean fluid in between your teeth for better cleaning.

Battery powered or rechargeable

Going for a rechargeable toothbrush may seem like the obvious answer but it’s not. Each choice has its consequences hence depending on your lifestyle, you can be able to pick one. Rechargeable batteries are great as they save you on the constant cost of battery replacement. The issue with having one is that they are less compact than battery operated toothbrushes hence can be a disadvantage when it comes to traveling.

While choosing between the two, consider whether your lifestyle involves too much traveling and how inclined you are to carry its charger. If you travel too much, go for battery powered toothbrushes and pick one with a longer life to avoid constant battery replacement. Remember to factor in the cost of changing the battery on battery powered toothbrushes when going for this option. Hope you like our electric toothbrush reviews today.

Replacing the toothbrush head

The same rules of replacing your manual toothbrush after three months apply here. The only difference is that with electric toothbrushes, the bristles last longer. This allows you to use them for more than three months before needing to replace them. Therefore, a good rule of thumb when it comes to changing your electric toothbrush is to do it when it starts wearing out.

To save you on the cost of replacing the head, go for packages that have accessories such as an extra set of toothbrush heads.

Warranties and policies

Yes, even toothbrushes come with warranties and policies! Electric ones at least. When buying an electric toothbrush, be sure to look at the warranty and return policies. Some come with generous return policies paired with money back guarantees. In fact, a few allow you to return even after use.

On the other hand, not many toothbrushes come with warranties and those that do cover parts rather than the whole brush. To recap, you will be assured of durability if you purchase a toothbrush with some sort of security on it. So go ahead and watch out for this when buying.


There is no rule against children having electric toothbrushes. If anything, it is encouraged to ensure they clean their teeth effectively. Electric toothbrushes for kids are available in smaller sizes and flashy colors to entice them into brushing. You should, however, avoid using them on children under three years and allow use under supervision for seven years and below.

That said, you can save a load of money by going for family packs when buying electric toothbrushes. This will provide brushes for you and your children and at times, they are packed with accessories saving you much more money.

FEATURES TO LOOK OUT FOR when Choosing Top Rated Electric Toothbrushes

With all different types of electric toothbrushes in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed while shopping. The list of features below will help in narrowing down the best electric toothbrush and weeding out fake from real brands.

A timer

Studies show that an individual should brush their teeth for at least two minutes per session per day. Most people usually brush for at most 50 seconds which is not sufficient enough to remove food particles stuck between teeth. Lucky enough, most electric toothbrushes usually come with a timer that ensures you clean your teeth for the required 2 minutes.

Some advanced brushes come with interval timers. These vibrate or alert the user after short periods of time within the required two minutes time span. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that each section of the mouth gets enough cleaning time. For instance, a 30 seconds interval divides your mouth into 4 sections, the upper and lower halves to be precise.

Pressure Sensors

We have all brushed our teeth too hard that we either got a sore or a bleeding gum. The beauty of having an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor is that it alerts you when you exert too much pressure while brushing. This way, you minimize any chances of injuring your gums from being too vigorous. Watch out for this feature when getting an electric toothbrush.

Comfortable handle grips

A good manual toothbrush ought to be ergonomic enough to grant you the comfort you deserve while brushing.  Handle grips are also quite efficient at absorbing the vibration produced by the motor.

Extra accessories

A top rated electric toothbrush will not just comprise of the brush itself. It will be accompanied by some accessories to make your experience and money worthwhile. Some examples of common accessories are a charger and a carrying pouch for traveling. Some brands also go the extra mile to provide you with extra toothbrush heads. Brands like Oral B and Phillips also come with heads for different purposes such as bleaching and flossing.

Extra modes

Modes allow you to adjust the toothbrush according to your needs. They come ranging from whitening, sensitive, deep cleaning and massage among others. The most important mode among them is the sensitive mode as it allows users with sensitive teeth and gums to brush without upsetting their teeth. While these modes have no value in terms of making your teeth cleaner, they play a big role in enhancing your comfort.

BEST BUY – Best Electric Toothbrushes 2018

After some vigorous legwork and research, I was able to come up with trustworthy brands from which you can get your toothbrush. Unfortunately, only two brands are making major waves in the electric toothbrush market. These two are Oral-B and Phillips.

They are able to produce excellent electric toothbrushes with next generation technology that is guaranteed to clean your teeth effectively. From the two companies, you can get all sorts of electric toothbrushes with different price tags. That said, the Oral-B Black 7000 and Philips Sonicare DiamondClean are the flagship best rated electric toothbrush models from the above two brands. They may come at a pocket damaging price, but they are worth every penny.

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