The Top 9 Pests You Don’t Want in Your Home

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What Pests Can Do the Most Harm

Whether we like to spend time in the yard, trimming, gardening and taking care of the outside of the house, problems on the outside can quickly lead to problems on the inside.  Those problems don’t always start on the outside, but rather on the inside.  These problems are small, and start off that way, but they can lead to bigger problems over time, including health issues and worse.  We are talking about pest control, and the more it is neglected the worse it will get.

There are many ways to control these pests, although to prevent them all, it is best to hire a professional rather than do it yourself.  While there are some remedies and things you can do to prevent them, if done regularly it will keep the majority of them away.  Here is a list of the most common pests with a few tips on how to keep them from invading your house, or at least deter them from coming back.


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Most common spiders are relatively harmless to people as they can’t pierce our skin.  These are smaller spiders and they come and go all the time.  Daddy long legs are one of the most common, and while they technically can be the most dangerous, they can’t pierce through our skin.  Spiders keep many other pests away, but they will tend to move into place when it is wet outside or the temperature is too high.  Make sure you have sprayed the outside of the house with a repellant before these seasons start and you will keep them out.

Spiders need a food source to thrive, and in order for them to have a food source your home must have other bugs for them to eat.  If you keep your home pest free on the inside, and the bushes trimmed away from the windows on the outside, you will have fewer encounters with spiders.


These are strange creatures that are thought to have been around for millennia, and are difficult to get rid of once you have an infestation.  These little pests can

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be as small as a pencil eraser and as large as two quarters.  Some of them can fly, making them more difficult to get control over.  There are many different baits and traps for them to use in the kitchen and it is best to get them as you move in to a place to prevent them from attacking.  The traps are square and like ant traps, and there is paste which is a poison and can harm your pets as well as your children if they ingest it.

They lay eggs and multiple a lot, and will hide in the dark, coming out at night.  They tend to go to places you can’t reach and ultimately it could take a fogger to get rid of them completely if you get them.  The key to not getting them is by keeping a clean house, making sure that food and food particles are cleaned up.  Keep the outside of your home sprayed for insects and it will prevent these pests from entering.  Be mindful of old furniture and boxes as they could be infested and lead to them entering your home.


They come in swarms, or more accurately colonies of them, although it starts with just a few scouts to see what you have available to them.  If there is leftover food laying around too long, especially if it is sweet it will call to them.  Once a scout finds food in your location they tell the entire colony and invite them over for a party.  Then they will swarm over every food source you have until you get rid of them or there is nothing left that they want.

There are numerous ant traps, baits and devices that can control these pests, including an exterminator.  Simple coffee grounds spread around the outside of the house does the trick too.  For some reason they don’t seem to like the coffee too much.

Bed Bugs

These creatures are a little harder to spot, as they are very tiny.  You will more likely spot the bites on your body before you spot any of them since they are so small and tend to blend in with your bed.  While they can’t do a lot of harm to you, they can make bites and it could lead to rashes in some cases.  Keep bedding clean at least monthly if not more, and change the mattress every seven years.


Flying around your closet, moths will do damage to your clothes.  Especially the older clothes that you might not wear that often, such as suits, wedding dresses and others.  They munch on the fabric and leave holes in them, and the next time you pull that item out to wear it, it will be destroyed.

Preventing them is rather simple though as you can seal up those items in plastic to prevent the moths from getting to them.  Cedar blocks or moth balls in the closet are a great way to keep them away, and are cheap.


The non-flying version of the moth, a silverfish is a crawling insect that lurks in the bedrooms, closets, old storage boxes and occasionally the bathrooms.  They munch on paper, old clothing and similar objects.  While they can do you no physical harm, they are pests that can destroy your belongings, albeit over time.  Prevention is like moths and other pests with spraying the outside of the house and moth balls.

Bees / Hornets / Wasps

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Keep these outside and away from your house.  Their stings are painful and for some people they can be deadly.  You can hose off the nests but it will agitate them.  It is best to have them professionally removed so there are no stings or leftovers to start a new nest.  Nests are easy to spot as they are often in trees or up under the eaves of the house, usually in corners.  They tend to look like mud with holes in them, and once spotted you want to get rid of them quickly or they will grow.


Flies tend to hit in the Summer months or when the temperatures rise.  They have a short lifespan but breed fast and plentiful.  They often lay eggs in rotting food, and water drains.  They can come in through the doors and windows or be brought in with the fruit you buy at the store.  A fly swatter, bug zapper, and a rolled newspaper are the best methods of killing them.  Keeping them away means making sure your windows and doors are protected by screens and your drains are kept clean.


Perhaps the biggest pest of all, these come in several varieties.  There is the religious type, that come to talk to you about God and the bible and it may not be

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your beliefs.  You can kindly refuse them each time, but the minute you invite them in, it seems like they tell all the others.

The same goes with those that are selling goods, even children with their schools.  If you buy from one, chances are you are going to get more to follow.  While you can’t always stop them, if they are a bother you can simply post a no solicitors sign on your door.

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