Top 7 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

7  Popular Interior Design Styles

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1. Scandinavian Style



Scandinavian design is a spin off from the mid-century modernism that is characterized by its minimalist appearance. Although commonly associated with IKEA, which I’ve covered in past posts, Scandinavian is versatile with many subset looks contained within the design. Notice the gentle contours which are featured in Scandinavian design. Accent colors are playful and balanced with a variety of organic and engineered materials for simple furniture that is functional yet contemporary. The use of Bauhaus principles is employed by Scandinavian design craftsmen with the focal point on object proportions plus characteristically fluid lines. This look has populist appeal. Many Scandinavian designs use fundational colors of gray and white tones.

2. Mid-Century Modern Style



With regard to modern design, some of the top best iconic pieces were created in the mid 1900s. Notice in your observations that the shapes are more natural with minimalist silhouettes plus refined lines. These are characteristics of this timeless design. Jacabsen, Eames, Saarinen, Niemeyer and Noguchi are among the artistic craftsmen who lend their style, vision and creative license as modern masters of mid-century design. The integration of molded plastic, aluminum and plywood introduced as these new materials offer high versatility for complementing a vast host of sub-design-styles.

3. Farmhouse style



Farmhouse decor merges modern design with the inspiration of cabin interior decor. Farmhouse aesthetic is a mixture of traditional past era feelings of the French Provence and the transitional elements which bring yesteryear and modernity together. Rich with greenery and dried bunches of lavender as accents, planters and vases help to add style and ambiance to your home.

Farmhouse furniture features materials of distressed wood with upholstered linen fabrics. The base interior colors are generally beige and white with accents in the lighter yellow and turquoise tones. From my experience, the introduction of a few bright colors can help to make the room pop while adding definition.

4. Industrial Style

Industiral interior design idea


This design falls closely in step with the industrial era at the turn-of-the-century. The feeling of this time is captured through the use of elements of distressed wood along with exposed steel and as a complement, exposed brick. Accents of copper tone help to produce a mature, serious and rustic atmosphere.

This style is versatile in its application and can be easily tailored to suit your personal tastes, whether you prefer a darker and antique motif or the lighter and chic look.

5. Urban-Modern style



The Urban Modern interior design originates with the fashionable designer lofts found in larger cities. It is inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle and infuses a variety of traits which are both complementary and opposing. This 21st century approach to design combines elements from the edgy side of experimental designs with minimalist modern, accented with ethnic heirlooms and glamorous chic elements.

Urban Modern decor features large sized furniture including beds, sofas and other pieces with a sleek appeal, uniformly matched and low profile design. Creative expression is unleashed with accent decor accessories with careful use of geometric designs, elegant pieces or vintage pieces offering embellishments with a traditional flavor.

6. Type of Shabby Chic

Vintage pieces create the major emphasis for Shabby Chic decor. Reminiscent of antique flea markets, the ideal includes furniture and other decor items which feature distressed wood with an aged appearance and specially treated to get the worn and used appearance.

Other materials including linen textiles for soft appeal and a touch of opulence. The traditional colors for this style include light tones of pastel, ecru and white. The addition of a few vibrant colors make the room come to life and add a touch of character and added focal points.

7. Nautical Style

 Nautical Interior Design

Nautical Interior Design

Nautical decor which is also known as cottage or coastal decor bathes your home in positive feelings with elements that inspire warmth and relaxation. The spirit of the New England beach house is reflected in Nautical design. This design begins with a base of natural colors for the interior including sand or white, accented with the primary color of blue.

Furniture including tables and chairs feature unfinished wood materials with sofas and lounges covered in chic linen fabrics. A wide selection of decorative accents add versatility to nautical design and keep the look fresh and interesting with motifs that may be tailored to reflect your individual tastes and preferences. Choose from sailboats, rowing oars, clear jars filled with seashells, jute ropes, navigation maps, and many other choices which are interchangeable.

8. Bohemian Type

Bohemian interior design

Adventurous and carefree spirit is embodied in Bohemian decor. For the feeling of living the avant-garde lifestyle, key features combine a creative integration of vibrant colors and rich design patterns. Purple or red tones are predominant for vibrance and feeling alive. The presentation of the room intentionally engineers a messy appearance with accessories including tapestry, rugs, throws and pillows strategically placed for a feeling of warmth and freedom.

Furnishing your home for the Bohemian look is best accomplished by looking for furnishings and accessories that offer inspiration from nomadic or ethnic cultures. Tribal, Moroccan or Southwestern designs are the currently trending inspirational sources. Materials consist of animal hide, wood, textile and accents which are metallic in tone.


These are the 8 of the most popular interior design styles trending now. We hope that the information helps you in getting a good start on your new interior decor project. Keep in mind that some of the most unique and amazing looks come from bringing a variety of styles together and this technique is used by some of the most successful interior architects. Open your mind and let your creativity guide to in using the inspiration for reaching the perfect look you envision for your home. share it if it has been helpful!

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