Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioner and Reviews, Ratings 2017

Buying, Using and Maintaining A Window Air Conditioning Unit

When it comes to keeping your house cool, there are plenty of times when central air conditioning is not capable of getting the job done by itself. Maybe that is the situation you are facing or maybe you don’t even have central air conditioning for one reason or another. Either way, a top rated window conditioner unit can make all the difference in the world when it comes to maintaining an adequate level of comfort inside your home. This post is about window air conditioner reviews and guides, to help you find your best window air conditioners.

window air conditioner reviews, ratings

However, there are some things that you should be aware of before you decide to purchase any window air conditioning unit. Most of them involve understanding the size of unit that you really need and then making sure that the accompanying unit you decide to purchase will fit in the window. You also have to know how to install it properly. For the most part, everything else centers around being able to operate it efficiently and performing some basic routine maintenance that will make it last a lot longer. Fortunately, it is all relatively easy and straightforward so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Window Air Conditioner Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons 2017

We have created a comparison chart for the top rated window air conditioners. In the comparisons, you could find the main features, sizes and ratings info. As you can see the conditioning units here all have high ratings, they are some best rated window air conditioners which deserve you consider to choose.

In the terms of brands of air conditioners, there are so many popular brands on the market. But here today, we find Frigidaire has more high ratings window air conditioners on sale online. So, based on online presence, Frigidaire is the best window air conditioner brand in this view. Other top window air conditioner brands include Keystone, LG and so on.

How to Choose A Best Window Air Conditioner?

Operating A Window Unit

Before we move into air conditioner window unit reviews, lets talk about operation of a window unit. A lot of window units have a dial or a set of buttons that allows you to turn them on low, medium, or high. Whenever it gets cool enough in the room that you feel you can turn it down, you can then change the setting. Others allow you to set a certain temperature that will then be automatically maintained. Most window units have a mode where only the fan operates, thereby circulating fresh air but not causing the air conditioner compressor to operate. Some of them even have a separate heating mode that you can use during the cooler months of the year. The most important thing to remember is that you can choose a best window unit air conditioner that cools only a single room or that cools several rooms at once, depending on the size of the window unit in question and the floor plan of the home. If you have an open floor plan and you purchase a unit that is large enough, you might be able to cool two or even three rooms sufficiently with just one unit. This obviously cuts down on the number of units you need to purchase, but a lot of it depends on the way your house is laid out in the first place. Our window air conditioner review will give you a detailed guide on choosing highest rated window air conditioners.

Choosing the Right Window Unit

reviews of window air conditioners

The first thing you need to do is measure the space that you want to keep cool. You accomplish this by measuring the length, and then the width. You will then multiply these two numbers together. In addition, make sure that you pay attention to the BTUs that are posted on each window unit. This will tell you how much cooling power is available with each specific unit. For instance, choose 5000 BTUs to 8000 BTUs if you are cooling a relatively small area, usually up to 350 square feet. Aim for 8000 BTUs to 12000 BTUs for an area up to 550 square feet. You can go as high as 18500 BTUs if you are cooling an area that is around 1000 square feet. However, you need somewhere in the neighborhood of about 25000 BTUs if you are cooling more than 1,000 square feet. Generally speaking, the units with lower the BTU are cheap. In addition, look for a window unit with a high Energy Efficiency Ratio, or EER. A window unit with a high rating will cost less to operate over time. You could find some best energy efficient window air conditioner in the comparisons part.

Installing a Window Unit

When it comes to installing a window unit, there are some basic things that you have to remember and it will make the job go much easier. First, measure the window you want to install the unit in and make sure that you choose one that fits that space before you go out and purchase a window unit. In addition, make sure the area you are installing it into is capable of supporting the weight of the window unit in question. You might need to brace the unit in order to effectively support it. Make sure that you enlist help with the installation process. This not only cuts down on the amount of time you spend installing the window unit, but it also makes the process a lot safer and less frustrating. You should also consider whether or not there is an electrical outlet that is capable of handling the plug on the air conditioner nearby. You definitely don’t want to use an extension cord with a window unit because it could create a fire hazard. Furthermore, make sure that you dedicate that electrical outlet exclusively to the window unit and don’t try to plug anything else into that particular outlet.

Specific Features

Different units have different specific features so the best window air conditioner should be the one that matches the features you are most interested in having. Some window units are programmable while others are not. If you want one that you can program to keep the room at a predetermined temperature or you want one with sleep mode, make sure that you look at those options before you purchase anything. A best quiet window air conditioner should have a sleep mode in my mind. In addition, some units have a remote control while others require you to walk directly to the unit in order to make any changes. In our comparisons part, you will find some top rated window air conditioners and reviews info.

Efficient Operation

top rated window air conditioning unit

If you want to use a window unit efficiently, there are some things you can do to help it work its best. Weatherproof the house by using weather stripping and caulking around windows. This will help keep the warm air out and keep the cool air in so the air conditioning unit doesn’t have to try as hard to do everything all by itself. In addition, close the blinds and curtains during the heat of the day and make sure that the vents on the window unit are in their proper position so that it can work more easily.

Routine Maintenance

Like anything else, a window air conditioning unit needs to have some basic routine maintenance in order for it to operate its best for a long period of time. For most units, this involves cleaning the filter on a routine basis, keeping the entire unit free from debris and covering the unit when it is not in use for extended periods of time. Make sure that you always unplug the window unit before you do any of this and then you can plug it back in and turn it on when you are finished.


Having a window unit can make your home far more comfortable than you ever imagined. Whether you are using it to supplement your central air conditioning or you have simply had it with trying to use central air effectively and you want to use window units throughout the home, it is quite possible to use this method of air conditioning very effectively. Hope our through the wall air conditioner reviews today will be helpful to you. In fact, there are plenty of homes out there that don’t use central air conditioning at all. The key is correctly measuring the amount of space that you need to cool and then buying a best window mounted air conditioner that corresponds to that information, all while ensuring that the window that you plan to use can accommodate the unit. Aside from those important facts, the best thing you can do is choose one that has the features that are most important to you and then maintain the unit well. This will allow it to provide you with years of reliable service.

Top 1o Best Window Air Conditioner of 2016 – 2017

To give you a deeper reviews, here are detailed features of the best rated window air conditioners we compared above.  When you read the reviews of window air conditioners, remember to pay attention to BTU, which is a very important parameter.

Frigidaire Window-Mounted Median Air Conditioner, 15,100 BTU, Remote Control

frigidaire-15100-btu-115v-window-mounted-median-air-conditioner-with-temperature-sensing-remote-controlFrigidaire 15,100 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner is designed for large rooms and easy to install. Rapid cooling can meet your demands in summer while quiet operation won’t disturb your activities. It is a best quiet window air conditioner for big-sized area. Particularly, the clean air ionizer it contained can eliminate allergen from the air and create the most comfortable environment for allergy suffers. Many convenient controls also add its highlights. Electronic controls give your the option to adjust the levels as your like. With a temperature readout, you are informed the set temperature at anytime. And the remote control with temperature sensing minimizes your efforts to set or adjust your preferred temperature anywhere of the room. Three different fan speeds with 8-way comfort bring the cool air from different directions. But, such powerful function only use little energy since it features low power start-up and is rated 2016 energy star. And it uses standard 115V electrical outlet.
1. 3.8 pints per hour dehumidification suitable for large area (up to 850 sq. ft.)
2.Rapid and quiet cooling with clean air ionizer provides maximum comfort
3.Outstanding designs include: Ready-select Electronic Controls, Temperature-readout, Temperature Sensor, Multi-speed Fan

Frigidaire Compact Air Conditioner, Window-Mounted, 10,000 BTU, 115V, With Remote Control

frigidaire-10000-btu-115v-window-mounted-compact-air-conditioner-with-temperature-sensing-remote-controlFrigidaire 10,000 BTU 115V Compact Air Conditioner is the best choice for medium rooms. This compact unit allows you to enjoy the fine cooling air without producing noises. And the quick cooling function must be the most wonderful experience in summer days. An ionizer it included is helpful for aeration and air cleansing and can remove allergens from the air, bringing great relief for allergy suffers. You can see the set temperature through the temperature-readout while easily adjusting the temperature level by ready-select electronic controls according to different cooling demands. At the same time, the remote control provides effortless controls for temperature setting and maintaining. No matter where it is mounted, the multi-speed fan with different comfort modes can bring direct cooling air from different direction if you want. Importantly, high energy efficiency and low power start-up save energy as well as your money. In our today’s air conditioner window unit reviews, we recommend this as one of top 10 window air conditioners to pay attention to.
1.Designed for medium rooms ( 450 sq.ft. around)
2.Features energy efficiency, convenient and electronic controls, three-different fan speed, quiet operation
3.Standards: 10,000 BTU, 115V electrical outlet, 3 pints/hour dehumidification

LG AIR Conditioner, Window-Mounted, With Remote Control and Timer, 8,000 BTU, 115V

lg-8000-btu-115v-window-mounted-air-conditioner-with-remote-controlLG 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner keeps you staying cool on the hot and humid days and nights. And the quietest operation and beautiful functionality make it the perfect window-mounted air conditioner for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. Patented gold fin kind anti-corrosion coating not only can be an great addition but also a shield which is protective for longer use. Energy-saving function (12.1 EER) won’t run the electric bill up much. Besides, three-speed fan provides three options for cooling air, so you can set your desired temperature. The remote control allows you to control this quiet window air conditioner unit at any distance in the room while a 24-hour timer allows you to turn on or off it at any set time. Included clean filter removes impurities from the air, making the air clean and fresh for breathing. Last, installation can be easy-peasy with included kit.
1.Quietest cooling for rooms up to 340 square feet
2.24-hour on/turning off timer, remote control and flexible cooling speeds
3.12.1 energy efficiency Ratio (EER), 115V electrical outlet and 2.2 pints/hour dehumidification

Frigidaire FFRE0833S1, Mini-Compact Air Conditioner, Window-Mounted, With Remote Control, 8,000 BTU, 115-Volt

frigidaire-ffre0833s1-8000-btu-115v-window-mounted-mini-compact-air-conditioner-with-temperature-sensing-remote-controlFrigidaire FFRE0833S1 is a mini compact unit for rooms sized up to 350 square feet. When turning on, it runs quietly, avoiding noisy operation and creating fine cooling environment. It is rated the newest energy star with 12.0 EER and features low power start-up. So it is a money-saving and environment-friendly air conditioner. The function of this unit is user-friendly. A temperature display informs you the current temperature clearly and the ready-select electronic controls offer the very option to set the best temperature level. In addition, you can set the room temperature level through temperature sensing remote control wherever it is mounted. Besides, three-speed fan with 8-way comfort can let you enjoy the cooling air from more directions. For allergy suffers, this best window unit air conditioner is also very attracting since it combines an air ionizer that can remove the allergens, such as pollen and impurities, from the air quickly, creating fine cooling air to relief their symptoms.
1.Mini-compact window-mounted air conditioner for relatively small-sized area (about 350 sq. ft.)
2.User-centered designs offer the easiest cooling controls, including three-speed fan, electronic and remote control
3.12.0 energy efficiency Ratio (EER) plus 1.7 pints per hour dehumidification plus 8,000 BTU

Keystone KSTAW06B 6, 000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Electronic and Remote Controls

keystone-kstaw06b-energy-star-6-000-btu-window-mounted-air-conditioner-with-lcd-remote-control-115-voltKeystone KSTAW06B is a great choice for small rooms about 250 square feet to cool the air quickly. It targets to provide the most comfortable cooling air and user experiences while minimizing the energy consumption. Specifically, 11.2 energy efficiency ratio (EER) plus the energy saver mode ensure low energy use. The efforts to check, set and keep the room temperature levels can be simplified through LED display and LCD remote control. Additionally, three cooling speeds with 2-way air flow allow you to adjust cooling air directions optionally. A 24-hour timer is perfect to turn on/off this unit according to different time schedules. Auto-restart can maintain previous settings when it is running again. And the easy-clean, mesh filter will clean the air while the check filter will tell you when it should be cleaned for good operation. The installation kit it included kindly solve most problems of installation.
1.6,000 BTU and 1.5 pints per hour dehumidification for spaces up to 250 sq. ft.
2.Easy to set and adjust with electronic controls and LCD remote control
3.Convenient operations: sleep mode, energy saver mode, 24-hour timer, auto-restart and multi-speed fan

Keystone Air Conditioner, Window-Mounted, 5,000 BTU 115-Volt, LCD Remote Control with Temperature sensing

keystone-5000-btu-115v-window-mounted-air-conditioner-with-lcd-remote-controlKeystone 5,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner offers the easiest way to cool a room up to 150 square feet with dehumification up to 1.3 pints per hour and 5,000 BTU. It is a best small window air conditioner for little size room. It features three fan speeds and three cooling speeds. And two adjustable air flows can bring the cooling air from different directions. It underlines easy temperature controls. The LED electronic controls displays current room temperature and the LCD remote control with temperature sensing allows you to see and adjust this unit in the zero distance way. Besides, the auto-restart can save settings at the time when it was turned off. And a 24-hour on and off timer is the best design to enjoy the cooling air if you are busy. Sleep mode and energy saver mode save your money for energy consumption while keeping comfortable environment. It’s worth mentioning that it contains a tilt-out mesh filter and a check filter. Last, the installation kit it included eliminates troubles when installing. One great unit if you are choosing a best 5000 btu air conditioner.
1.Energy saving window-mounted unit fits a room up to 150 sq. ft. (11.2 EER rating)
2.Comfortable cooling: Three cooling speeds, electronic controls and 1.3 pints per hour dehumidification
3.Easy-clean filter contained, installation kit included

Frigidaire, Mini-Compact Air Conditioner, Window-Mounted, Remote Control, 5,000 BTU, 115-Volt,

frigidaire-5000-btu-115v-window-mounted-mini-compact-air-conditioner-with-full-function-remote-controlFrigidaire Mini-Compact Air Conditioner, Window-Mounted, 5,000 BTU 115V is able to create cooling air environment in a very short period for rooms up to 150 square feet. At the same time, it won’t make any noises. Up to 1.1 pints per hour dehumidification removes humidity from the air. Besides, a powerful washable mesh filter it featured can remove room odors, bacteria and airborne particles from the air. So, in the end, the room is filled with fresh, clean, cooling and comfortable air. Importantly, owing to the full-function remote control, users can set and maintain the temperature at any corner of the room. And you can conveniently check the temperature level through a LCD display. Low power start-up can help to save energy while energy-saving mode also can reduce energy consumption. This is a best small window air conditioner based on consumer reviews.
1.Small and compact unit for spaces sized no more than 150 sq. ft.
2.Four-way air flows, 24-hour on/off timer and a remote control
3.Quiet and energy-saving operation with a powerful mesh filter create comfortable cooling environment

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 5, 000 BTU 115V Mini-Compact Air Conditioner, Window-Mounted, With Mechanical Rotary Controls

frigidaire-ffra0511r1-5-000-btu-115v-window-mounted-mini-compact-air-conditioner-with-mechanical-controlsFrigidaire FFRA0511R1 provides the best and quickest way to cool a room up to 150 square feet without making noises. It is one option as best 5000 btu air conditioner. Up to 1.1 pints per hour dehumidification helps to eliminate humidity in the air, keeping the air cooling and enjoyable. The auto-restart function can easily restore your last setting while the low power start-up can reduce energy consumption. A washable mesh filter draws odors, impurities and bacteria from the air, making cooling much healthier for people, especially those who suffer from allergy. The most attracting design of this unit is two mechanical rotary knobs, one is used to control room temperature level, the other is for mode controls. With it, you can set your own cooling level with only one touch. What’s more, 2 cool speeds, 2 fan speeds and 2-way air direction enable the cooling air across the room in different speeds from different direction. That is to say, cooling will become close to you. Also, it includes installation kits for easy window mounting.
1.Directly and quietly cools rooms in small size (about 150 sq.ft.)
2.Two mechanical rotary knobs for temperature control and mode setting
3.2-way air flows, auto-restart and low power start-up function


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