Tips and Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom (Part 2)

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Curtains, Rugs, Linens and Pillows

9. Give your bed a hotel-like appearance.

Remember how much pillows they use on hotel beds? Not only do extra pillows give your room a chic look, but these also make the bed appear fluffier, cozier and more inviting to sleep on. Feel free to mix and match a wide range of patterns and colors of pillows. It is all about organizing the design, so it will appear attractive instead of merely a hodgepodge of prints and colors.

You may begin by mixing bolder prints with more intricate and smaller ones. Organic prints also go well with geometric, and you can make use of contrasting colors for an effortless appeal that works. When it comes to accent pillows, using one with an irregular shape or textured fabric works perfectly.

10. Invest on high quality covers.

A luxurious cover for your bed can have a significant impact on the overall appeal of your room. What’s more, great quality covers are easy on the eyes, and they make you want to snuggle all day and night.

Choose a down comforter that is ultra-soft with elegant prints or just plain white color. Even better, a comforter that comes with a duvet cover is an even better choice, as compared to regular sheets.

11. Brighten up your walls and windows.

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A simple change of curtain can instantly transform your room from drab to fab. Window treatment is in fact a basic element in bedroom design, so be sure to look for a great curtain that will give your room a fine statement. Also, you do not necessarily need to buy new curtains if you are a bit low on cash. Creative and cheap alternatives would be shawls and sharis that can boost the appearance of your room.

In case you are residing in a rental unit, an easy way to add some life to your room is by placing a curtain on the front. You may install a curtain rod for a stunning window treatment or simply hang some string lights for an interesting new look to your bedroom.

12. Buy a nice rug for your room.

Give your room a warm and inviting look with an accent rug. Not only will you love stepping on a fluffy and soft rug the moment you get up from bed, but this should also enhance the overall look of the room. The idea lies in the proper selection of a rug, so you can get the style you want. It is better to match the rug with your wall color, or your curtains or linens to create a neat and unified image.

If you are getting a rug, it should extend from 18 to 24 inches past the three sides of your bed. Moreover, you may place the rug in front of your nightstand, and have this item go past the foot of your bed. You can also tuck a long rug under your nightstand for better grounding. As for the common sizes of rugs, depending on the bed size, you have the option to get a 9 x 12 foot rug for a queen or king size bed. For a smaller bed such as twin or double, an 8 x 10 foot rug should do just fine.

Accessories and Accents for the Bedroom

13. Lighting can give some warmth and sensual appeal to your bedroom.

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For an instant boost of ambiance in your room, you may want to use an overhead lamp that you can clip on easily on the bed frame for a warm look. Other options would be string lights or fairy lights that give some movement to the walls, or perhaps standing or tall lamps positioned on your dresser.

14. Consider using mirrors to magnify the space of your room.

Mirrors can make any smaller space appear bigger. So, if you have a small and cramped room, you can simply put up wall mirrors or hang a small one above the dresser. A longer mirror at the back of the door can also give the room a spacious look. Just go for a mirror with a fancy frame or unique shape for added appeal.

15. Organize items in a nightstand.

If you want to have plenty of space in your room, a nightstand should be very handy when it comes to storing and organizing personal items. You can minimize clutter with a nightstand since you can place your books, clock, night lamp or a vase of beautiful flowers on it. Just go for a nightstand that matches the size of your bed.

16. Get a cozy sofa or chair.

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A soft and comfy chair or small couch is another must-have in a bedroom. This should also make the room more inviting to hang out in, or you can have a reading nook at the corner of your room using a cozy chair.

<<Step By Step: Tips to Decorate Your Bedroom

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