Step By Step: Tips to Decorate Your Bedroom

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How to Decorate Your Bedroom Step by Step

Looking to spice up the overall appearance and ambiance of your bedroom? If you want to give your room a quick and inexpensive makeover, then you have come to the right place. Here,

we feature some cool ideas on how to style your bedroom and make it look like a page from a magazine – without breaking the bank. With a few items you probably have right now, you can come home to a stunning bedroom all the time!

1. Set your budget.

When it comes to ideas on how to decorate a bedroom, the sky’s the limit! There are plenty of ways to do it, but the entire project is largely affected by your budget. So, before you start making a list of what to buy, be sure to set a budget first. After all, the last thing you want to do is to overspend, only to realize that you are actually low on cash. You don’t want to max out on your credit card just for the sake of having a chic new bedroom.

If money is a bit tight, you can still give your room a makeover in simple and doable ways. For instance, consider refinishing or repainting old pieces of furniture instead of buying new ones. You can also add some vinyl wall decals or new wallpaper since repainting the walls can be a major and expensive project.

It also helps to do the makeover piece by piece. You do not need to spend $500 upfront by getting a team of contractors to redo your existing bedroom layout and design. What you can do is to divide the project into sections, tackle each task one month at a time, so the cashout is not heavy on your budget.

2. Come up with a theme or motif.

When redesigning a bedroom, you always need to have a theme that will guide you in buying decorative items or paint. Without a theme, you might end up with a design that’s all over the place – messy, confusing and downright unattractive. In fact, the finished product may even look worse than before.

So, think about the theme ahead of time. Gather ideas from various websites including Pinterest, HGTV, Houzz, or other sources. You can also go on a trip to furniture shops and get the inspiration you need for the theme.

3. Discard items you no longer need.

Before you get started with your bedroom makeover project, you should get rid of items that no longer serve their purpose or seem outdated for the design you have in mind. You may either give these items away to your friends and family members, or if you want to make some profit, consider selling these on eBay or have a garage sale.

4. Clean your room.

Before you paint a new picture, you want a blank piece of canvas, right? Thus, you should create a whole new bedroom style by starting with a clean area. Moving things around and having an idea of how the whole layout would look should be easier if you have a blank slate in front of you to work with.

Wall and Window Decoration Tips

5. Paint the walls.

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Whether your walls are starting to look a bit dull, or the paint is already faded, or perhaps you just want to stare at something fresher and more vibrant, then a new wall paint color is what you need. You may consider painting a solid color from the start before adding a strip of wallpaper around the room, the center of the wall or just the top part. However, if you want to give an illusion of space in a small room, make sure the ceiling is painted white and choose one color for the walls.

6. Go for decals or stencils.

Rental units have more restrictions when it comes to bedroom makeovers, and you may not even be allowed to repaint the walls. Nevertheless, you can still spruce up the room by going for wall decals that can be peeled off without a problem once you need to move out. Wall stencils can also work perfectly, but be sure to have the background color set in place first.

7. Get some posters or paintings for details.

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Another quick way to redesign a bedroom is by hanging artwork pieces of photos. You can customize the look of your room with these framed decorative items, particularly if you have no time adding wall decals or stencils. In case you want to hang wall art on top of the frame of your bed, be sure the colors match the linens. This will give the room an organized and coordinated look.

8. Maximize space.

Nothing can make a room more appealing than by keeping it organized and neat. If you have limited floor space, the best way to maximize the area is by hanging or mounting items on the wall. Put shelves above the bed or mount lamps to give your room a spacious appeal.

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