Security: Protecting your Electronic Devices

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A Safe App for your phone and Tablets

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We often talk about the safety of our families, and what it means to keep them safe.  We place alarms and security on our homes and cars and hope it is enough to do the job.  While that might protect us from physical harm, in a world of digital technology and devices we need something to protect us from everything else.  Our phones, something that many people seem to be glued to, need to have more protection than is the basic protocols for the devices.  Hackers can reach out and grab your personal information easier than they ever could, and they keep up with technology as fast as it comes out.  This doesn’t just mean that your device is susceptible to these personal attacks, but also to viruses that could be out there from websites too.

And those who use their devices for games and many different applications run the risk of their phones getting slower because of their memory and ram data being used up through their use.  There is an APP called Security Master which can protect your device or devices from all those hazards and more.  It works in two ways; the free mode or you can pay for an advanced mode too.  (The free mode works fine if you don’t mind advertisements.  Otherwise most of what you are paying for is to get rid of those.)


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The biggest bonus too me is the junk removal section.  If you use your phone or tablet to view the web on a regular basis, you will accumulate cookies, advertisements, and other items that clog up your memory.  The same applies to games that you could be playing throughout the day.  The junk removal takes all that cached data, and leftover junk and deletes it for you.  Without the app you would have to go through each app you have and do it manually.  This saves a lot of time, even if there are only a handful of apps that you use.  It cleans up your phone, keeps your memory use down, and makes everything work smoother.



Privacy Protection

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While you will need to allow this app access to your personal information and your contacts, its well worth it.  You can block access to your phone in many ways so that every time you use it you will need a code or your fingerprint to unlock it.  This protects your phone if it gets lost or stolen, and protects all your contacts from being invaded.  There is more to this feature as you can enable further protections on different contacts too.  It not only keeps your phone safe but also those of your friends and family too.

It can also save your passwords for you, making it easier to access those sites that require them.  Then all you need to do is set your fingerprint to unlock them, or click a button.  It’s a time saver that requires your fingerprint.

Optimization / Boost

There is something called Random Access Memory or RAM that most people think nothing about.  Your RAM data is important for running even the most basic apps on your device.  There is only so much RAM that these devices have available, so anything that frees up this RAM is a benefit.  This feature is called BOOST, and it will first check to see how much RAM memory is being used on your device, and then it will ask if you if you want to optimize it.  Once it does it closes any unused or background running apps so that it frees up the memory.  Your RAM memory is what slows down the device the most.  And while again, you can free up the space yourself manually, this app saves you a lot of time by doing it for you.

Cool Down

Those of you that are on your device and phone quite often, will know that it can heat up after a while.  This can damage your phone, and in certain brands have been known to destroy it completely.  The Security Master app knows when the temperature of your device is getting to warm, and can actually cool it down a few degrees for you.IT will alert you when it thinks your device is overheating and then you can click on the link to cool it down.  There is an added option that will cool it down further, and it takes 30 seconds.  Overall it can cool your phone down from 6 to 10 degrees.

Virus Protection

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With hackers out there, there is also the chance of picking up a virus.  You can use this app to run a virus scan on your device, and it will tell you when the last time a scan was run also.  I can’t tell you what happens if it finds one though as after having it in my devices for over a year I have yet to encounter a virus.  I’d imagine it blocks it or quarantines it like other virus protection applications though.



It takes space, like any other application, so you are going to give up a little space to have it running.  Since it is always running it will drain your battery a little faster, although not a significant amount.  The biggest annoyance is the ads you must suffer through every time you open it, run a scan, a cool down, optimize, and boost.  You don’t have to watch the ad, just click the x in the top corner to exit, but it can still be annoying.  However, despite that little annoyance it does keep your device safe.

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