Refreshing your Garden in the New Year

The Right Time To Start Planting

Author: Jedikat

While in some parts of the country the ground is still covered in snow and ice, along the coasts it could be a different story.  Some of these southern places that are closer to the equator seem to have shorter winters, at least many that are far less frigid, and the temperature can climb high as the trade off in the summer.  This means that when the rains are slowing down it could be a good time to start planting a garden.  Many retailers are already starting to prepare for this by stocking their garden departments to replace the Holiday season.

gardening new year

While the prices are not the most ideal in these shops yet, the best items will be available now.  So it comes as a hard bargain to get something that looks great or functions well at a high retail or take a chance on what will be left when they clearance it out at the end of the season.

And just because you live in an area that is still cold, thanks to online ordering you can place an order in these coastal stores (sometimes at a discount), saving you heaps of money and getting something for the garden season when it comes to your home.


Planter gardening

It is about now that southern stores will start having their garden planters and some décor for the garden out on display and for sale.  They will be at full price, and they may or may not be able to get certain pieces back in stock.  While it is not the ideal time to buy since the prices will be at their highest, and we are still in the middle of the winter, it Is a great time to start getting some ideas.  Those hard to find items mean you might want to get them now.  And for those early planters, wait a couple of weeks and you will see them start to go on special.

Planters come in various sizes from starting plants to large planters that could hold a small tree.  They are generally plastic but if you are looking to decorate there are plenty of ceramic planters as well.  A nice little herb garden could use a ceramic 4-piece pot that is all one piece.  A decorative plant could use a nice mosaic patterned ceramic pot in various sizes.  These planters are also made for deck rails, hanging planters and more.  You can find animal themed planters to spice up the garden a little.

Seeds / Bulbs / Flowers

Again, it depends on the area that you are in, but you might start finding various seed packets as well as bulbs and flowers.  The bulbs can be planted now as they won’t bloom for several months.  The seeds however you will need to read the back of the package.  Each plant is different and certain seeds will need to be planted at specific times of the year.  And while the seed packets might be available, this doesn’t mean they are ready to be planted yet.  Seeds that are found in the store will come with little pictures on them so you know what you are going to be planting.  On the back of the packet will be all the information that you need to plant them.  It doesn’t always tell you the best soil to plant, but rather how much water and sunlight they are going to need.  You might have to do a little research on your own before you plant those seeds.  You will want to know what soil works best, and how far down the seed needs to be.

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Bulbs are often found near the seeds and they are different types of plants.  You plant them just as they are, and can consider them to be a large seed.  They often come in boxes that show you what the plant will look like when it is grown.  Just like seed packets the package will tell you how much sunlight and water you are going to need.

Flowers that are grown and ready to be transplanted may not be available until early spring.  Unless you can find a local greenhouse nearby, these flowers should wait.  This gives you the chance to get your garden and your space ready for them when they are ready in the store.

Bargain Priced or High Priced

The question then becomes on how you want to do your gardening.  If you are looking to start something new and fresh you might be paying a higher price.  If it can wait till the end of the season, or if you are looking to get something for the next season, wait until they go on clearance.  Drugs Stores will start placing their items as low as 25 percent off soon in the southern states like California.  By mid-February you will see them start to hit 50% off about every other week so they can move merchandise.  Soil and tools however will stay at the higher price until early to late summer.  This includes hoses, tools, parts, weed killer, fertilizer and the plants themselves.

Garden Décor will stay at roughly 50% off throughout most of the season, and while they will get more of the same type of items, some items will see out fast.  Get your solar lights when they are half off and you can really light up the garden while on a budget.  These are the first items to go.  Potting Soil, weed items and hoses are usually the last items to go on clearance, and will stay the entire time of the season.

Nurseries will have a different view on things, and their prices will vary.  They are never too high, compared to other stores, and the variety is better.  Here you can usually get soil that is more fresh too.  Since they carry a ton of different plants, they will have planters to go with them.  Their planters will range from the plain to the elaborate, so if buying from here go for the elaborate ones.  You can get the plain planters just about anywhere.

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