Poor Layout Design in Homes that You Should Avoid

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Poor Layout Design to Avoid When You Buy A House

Initially, you may assume that your home looks gorgeous and perfect, just like how you want it to be. However, as time passes by, you may realize that somethings is not going too well about your home. In this case, poor layout is to blame.

Unfortunately, it can cost you so much money to fix layout issues. What’s more, before starting a home improvement project that involves shifting walls around, you may want to consult your contractor about the safety or feasibility of this task. Otherwise, walls that are load-bearing are impossible or highly expensive to correct.

How to Detect Poor Layout Designs

Yes, you may not have noticed any issues with the layout of your home, but did you know that you can actually prevent yourself from buying such property right from the start? The following are signs of bad layout design to look for, so you can spare yourself from massive headaches caused by this particular issue with buying a home.

1. Stairway Indoors Faces the Entrance

Among the Chinese, this is a clear sign of bad feng shui. The reason behind this belief is the fact that the staircase facing the entrance permits the escape of energy from the home. However, this does not apply to all, depending on the birth element of the homeowner. There are also instances when the impact does not affect all people with similar intensity.

In another aspect, it does not seem too favorable to most people if the first thing they see upon getting inside someone’s home is the stairway. So, it is better to look for a home with a stairway that is off to the side and curved with good lighting for greater appeal.

2. Hallway Faces the Entrance

It is not just having a stairway greet you in the face that can be off-putting, but also a hallway facing the entrance. In particular, if the hallway is dark and narrow, this does not send out a good vibe to the house. This design is commonly found in duplexes-turned-single-family-homes, and you are likely to find a dining room to the right side and living room to the left. As for the kitchen, this is usually at the back, and the bedrooms are along the hallway. Overall, the design makes the home appear unfriendly, cold and not anything close to cozy at all.

3. Dining Room Located in the Center of the House

How would you feel about having to pass by the dining room all the time whenever you need to get to the bedroom, family room or kitchen? Strange, right? This is the case with some homes, and it is nothing but poor layout staring you in the eye. Aside from zero easy access, there is much inconvenience in getting around the dining table just to get to other part of the house. If you see this house in a potential home for rent or sale, look further.

4. Bedrooms Adjoin

Adjoining bedrooms are sometimes not considered as two bedrooms, and you may get confused with the ad posted by realtors. What’s more, not having a separate entrance to the bedroom does not really make it appear as private as you want it to be. With this unappealing layout, you may be better off looking elsewhere for bedrooms that are not joined together.

5. Bedroom Off the Dining or Living Room

Here is another poor layout sign – a bedroom door that is off the dining room or living room. The noise is already bad enough, and it is made even worse with lack of privacy. Having a good view of the bedroom while you entertain your guests is not pleasant at all, and you would not want to be in such room considering the amount of noise you can hear inside.

6. Guest Bathroom at the End of the Hallway

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Why would anyone place the bathroom at the end of a hallway, anyway? Well, this is a common thing with older homes, but it does not work for most people. The best layout for the bathroom is on one side of the hall, and this provides privacy while sparing people of the nasty idea of staring at the toilet in perfect view. The same holds true with guest bathrooms situated in a laundry or utility room, which is not very practical.

7. Zero Views of Other Rooms

Being able to see other rooms from a central area gives the illusion of a larger home. This is made possible when you have multiple arches or doorways, so you can view other rooms from where you are. Other options to enhance space is by opening the kitchen to the living area, which is a style that you can find in several homes until now.

8. Old Design for Living Rooms

Back then, people designed living rooms to be separated from other areas of the home such as to one side of the house’s entrance. However, this is no longer the popular layout, and most homeowners are leaning towards expanded family rooms instead of the old-fashioned satelite living rooms.

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