Making A Fall Cleaning for Your House

Fall Cleaning Tips Around The House

writer: Jedikat

People tend to make a big deal about Spring cleaning, with some stores having big events to kick off the Spring season. This is because Spring is when the weather turns warmer, causing flowers to bloom and people to want to get out of the house. Since they have been stuck indoors the entire time, you would think people would take care of the cleaning while they are already inside.  MAKE A FALL CLEAING FOR HOUSEHowever, since the weather warms up, it’s also a time for the bugs to come out, and cleaning the house is a way to keep those bugs at bay.

I personally spend more of my time Fall cleaning instead. As the weather cools down and the fall season starts you are more likely to have guests at your home. Unless you have a large house or a pool, the summer months could be fun, or you could be off vacationing elsewhere. But during the winter you are home, and perhaps hosting family get togethers. Which means you need to have a clean home for the guests to see when they arrive. Since you are going to be cleaning before and after those guests leave, you might as well do the job right the first time so it stays clean when spring starts.


I like to save the hardest parts for last as they take the most time, but depending on the size of your house, and whether or not you have any little helpers around, it will determine how long it takes you to get the job done. Kids can clean their rooms themselves with a little supervision, but it might be time to take some extra steps as well.

*Take off all bedding and wash it.
*Remove the mattress and flip it (doesn’t work for foam padded mattresses or pillow toppers).
*While mattress is off the frame, vacuum underneath it.
*Organize the closets, book shelves, and toy areas.

Living Rooms and More

livingroom cleaning

Next our cleaning trip heads into other rooms such as offices, family rooms, dens, and living rooms. Vacuuming the furniture and floors is one thing, but these rooms all need to be dusted well, and wiped down. The television as well as all electronics should be wiped down for a fresh look, but be sure you use something that is safe for them.

*Dust all corners and pieces of furniture.*Remove cushions from the furniture and clean under them (you might get lucky and find some coins.)


The bathrooms come next and they are pretty simple as you clean them weekly as well. The basics still apply, cleaning the toilet, shower, sink, floor. But this time you might want to clean the sides of the counters and racks as well. Changing the shower curtains if you use them as well gives a great fresh look to the bathroom. Scented candles are a great touch and will impress the guests as well.

While you might vacuum the hallways on a regular basis it might be time to get some extra work done as well. Dusting and wiping down the walls in the hallway will find you more dirt than you thought you had. If you have kids this could be fingerprints, but more likely it is caused by the dirt that comes out of the air vents in the house. Each of these vents should be unscrewed and cleaned. If they are plastic vents that can go in the dishwasher for a cycle to get cleaned. However, if they happen to be metal you will need to clean each one by hand, be sure and get both sides when you do. Take a duster with an extension and get all the ceiling and corners as well to get rid of any cobwebs and excess dust.


Kitchen Cleaning

The last place and the place you might spend a lot of time in will be the kitchen, this requires the most attention as it could be scrutinized by family members if they don’t like it. This place really needs to shine so once all the cleaning is done you might want to reorganize the pantry and cleaning areas.

*Wipe down all countertops, moving appliances out of the way.
*Pull out large appliances such as stoves and refrigerators to clean under them.
*Clean the entire floor, and walls.*Clean all appliances that have not been used in a while as they can get dusty.
*Wipe down all counters and anyplace that can be touched as it probably has been touched a hundred times with dirty hands.

The Old Items

old items

Once the cleaning is done it is time to go through the pantry and get rid of anything that is old, expired or not needed. Donate anything you don’t want, but is still good, to a local food shelter as they could use it. Than you can organize the food pantry a little better, making a grocery list as you go. It’s also a great time to clean this space as well before you restock. Than you can organize it and under the sinks to better store your items.

*Add a curtain rod under the kitchen sink and you can use it to hang your cleaning solutions on.
*Get baskets or racks to store the cleaning solutions you use that are not hangable, allowing you to grab one with all the contents already in it to clean the bathroom, or kitchen.

Cleaning Solution

Here is a little tip to make your own cleaning solution. The peppermint oil does 2 things, first it helps keep ants away, and second it makes everything minty fresh, especially after the horrible smell of vinegar has been added.

Making your own cleaning solution by using simple items such as:

Vinegar (2 cups)
Baking soda (3 Tablespoons)
Dish soap (1-2 Tablespoons)
Peppermint oil. (10-20 drops)

Add all of this to a bucket that contains at least 2 liters of water. Mix the solution together and you can use this to clean the floors, walls and counters in the kitchen.

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