Would Your Guests Be Comfortable in Your Home?

comfortable for the guests

How comfortable is your home for Guests?

How comfortable is your home for Guests?

When we think of our homes the first thing we think about it is how it is going to work for the people that are living there.  The last thing we think about it is how comfortable our guests would be in that same environment.  While the home should be inviting for everyone, your first concern is often the correct one, your immediate family comes first.  This does mean that there could be some changes when guests come over, especially if they are staying the night or for an extended period of time.

Often when family comes from out of town there could be some rearranging when it comes to several things so that everyone is comfortable.  There are several things to consider as you want to make your guests feel welcome, even though it might make your home a little crowded for a few days.  The kids may not always like it, especially if they have to double up on their rooms, but family is important.

There are other guests to consider as well, especially when there are younger kids in the house.  There are play dates to consider, parties, and sleepovers all of which mean that there are going to be guests in your home.

Sleeping Arrangements

sleeping arrangement for guests

Sleeping areas are the first thing that is considered when it comes to guests.  If you have a guest room that takes care of some of the problem, at least most of the time.  Of course, this depends on the number of guests you are going to have over too.  If not, a couch bed is something you might want to consider as it is somewhat comfortable and works well in a quick fix.  An air mattress is something that works and can be easily put away in storage when it is not needed.  Sleeping bags on the floor work as a last resort or as a sleepover in the kid’s rooms.

Another alternative which the kids sometimes love to do is sleep in a tent in the backyard.  It’s like a little camping trip with the safety of home right there.  It solves some of the sleeping arrangement issues and makes it fun for the kids.  In any case you want to make sure that everyone has a place to sleep.

(If there is a baby in the house the other guests could be bothered by the baby crying or getting up in the middle of the night.  Be sure that the sleeping arrangements take this into consideration and are as far from the baby as possible to avoid the little one from being woken up in the middle of the night.)


If your guests are going to be driving in, you want to make sure they have room to park their cars.  Be aware if they are driving anything larger than a normal vehicle, such as an RV as certain areas don’t allow them to be parked in front of the home.  If your driveway or your garage doesn’t have enough room they will be parking in front of your house, or in front of a neighbor’s house.  Be courteous to your neighbors and see if it is ok with them before you just have your family park there.  Some neighbors won’t mind while others won’t want you to because of guests of their own.


food for guests

If your guests are coming for the holidays than there is sure to be a holiday dinner planned somewhere in the mix.  Depending on how long your guests plan on staying though might mean that you need to have some extra food in the house, both for the adults and for the children.  It could also mean some restaurant reservations or some pizza take out so that everyone is fed.  Be sure there are seating arrangements in the house so that everyone has a place to sit when they are eating.

Food arrangements at meal times could be split into table with the adults at one table and the kids at another.  You could also mix the kids in with the adults, to allow for more supervision, especially if there happen to be picky eaters in the mix.


bathroom for guests

If your home is large enough to have a guest bathroom than you are in luck.  Be sure that it is stocked with the essentials, and extra towels.  If there is room for a laundry basket then have one in there for your guest to put their clothes or towels in.  Keep it clean and have it ready for when your guests arrive.  Be sure to let your guests know that it is the bathroom that they are too use if you don’t want them using any other restroom in the house.

If you don’t have a spare bathroom, or there are many people in the house at the same time, then you might need to schedule times for people to shower.  This could also mean that hot water could run out if the shower or bath times are not efficient for everyone.  Be sure you know how long the hot water lasts in the house.  It could mean short shower times, or people getting up early if they want to get a shower, which is an inconvenience, but know that it is temporary.


Your guests are not going to want to sit around the house and talk all the time, especially if there are children.  Be sure that there are games, movies and enough entertainment for everyone so that nobody is bored.  Make your guests feel welcome and enjoyable by including them in all your activities.  It could be good to get out and take them to some of your favorite places so they could see what you like to do.

If you know what your guests like to do, or want to do when they come visit, make time to take them to those places.  It could be a great treat for them to see things, especially if they are visiting from out of state.

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