How to Give Your Room a Personalized Look

Ideas to Give Your Room a Personalized Look

Are you happy with your room’s appearance? Or perhaps, does it seem to be lacking some style and appeal? To give your room a personalized look, the best thing to do is to come up with a theme. This may mean decorating this part of your home with items that show your personality. So, if you want to take on this tough task, check out this guide for key tips you should know to get started.

1. Think about your interests.

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What are the things that you find fascinating? When it comes to decorating your room, you should think about your personality and what you love the most. It could be a nice photograph that brings back fond memories, or some trinkets you bought from years back during one of your travels. Just choose items that make you happy each time you look at them. You would find these decorative features worthwhile and worth placing in your room.

2. Consider your hobbies.

Are you obsessed with sports? Do you love music more than anything in the world? No matter what you are fond of, your room should be the first place to foster these things. You may have a shelf that features your collection of stuffed toys, antiques, books, or other items that you can never live without. Having these in your room should set your lovely abode apart from the rest of the rooms in your house.

3. Hang a poster of your favorite icons.

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Another great idea to personalize your room is by hanging photos of your favorite celebrities or mentors. You probably have an autographed poster of a movie star whom you have been looking up to for decades, or a photo of you and your best professor in college. Whether you have personally seen your icon or not, it still gives you a great feeling to see his or her image in your room. Each time you look at these photos, you will also be inspired because of their amazing skills.

4. Showcase your collections.


If you have some memorabilia or collectibles that have a sentimental value to you, then you should display these in your room. Who cares what people think about your collections? The most important thing is the value of these items to you. You can quickly update your room’s appeal and make it totally unique with your personal collections. If you never had any, this may inspire you to start collecting interesting items to make your room unique, cozy and appealing.

5. Choose the right color.

The secret to a gorgeous room lies in the right color combination. No matter how great your decors are, if your choice of color is not as good, then you are up for a disaster. You should think carefully about the best colors that look good together, so your room will not appear messy or gaudy.

Moreover, you should consider your best qualities when you decide on the color. If you are ultra feminine, then the usual color of choice is pink, or other colors with a lighter or subdued hue. For a calming effect in your room, you may opt for soft colors, light blue, green and purple. However, for those with a fiery and bold personality will love to have their room painted red, orange or yellow.

The whole idea is to make your choice of color speak of your personality. Then, be sure to match your decor with the colors of your wall. If your decorative items come in various colors, then you should stick to a neutral shade for your wall and floor, which should make the entire look come together.

6. Make a list.

Now that you have decided on the decor and colors for your room, the next step is to create a list of what you need to buy or prepare. This includes pieces of furniture, wall paint, tools, and decorative items that you want for your room. Organize your list into sections such as wall decor, floor accessories, window treatment and furniture. Then list down what you need for each category. By doing so, you can organize your thoughts while making sure that you do not miss out on some pieces.

7. Set a budget.

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Although the sky’s the limit when it comes to conceptualizing a smashing new room, your budget can only take you too far. However, you have to remember that it is never practical to break the bank just to improve your room. The most important thing is to give it an update by being resourceful, creative and practical, at the same time.

If you think that some items in your list are too pricey, then feel free to cross them out and think of a better alternative. Don’t worry – this does not mean having to give up the kind of new look you want for your room. You can always do DIY projects to give that old piece of furniture a whole new appearance. There are various resources that can offer you tips on how to update your walls, floor, and furniture while staying on a budget.

Bottom Line

These are just some tips that can help you have an amazing and personalized room. With plenty of bright ideas, creativity, resourcefulness and dedication to enhancing your room, you can transform it from drab to fab. So, be sure to apply these and enjoy the new ambiance of your room that matches your personality perfectly!

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