Dusting: The Cleaning Job that gets neglected the Most

dust cleaning

Why doesn’t anyone want to dust?

There are chores that you can give to the little children, and those same jobs you might not want to.  Dusting is a perfect example of that.  Dusting a bookcase with a feather dusters is a simple enough job, but using the same feather duster on collectible nik naks, well that’s another story.  Children will swing that duster around and be a little rough, so you might want to give them simple things to dust.

Dust comes back….. often.  You can never truly be rid of dust, at least not for long.  It always comes back, and it’s only a matter of time.  Since it is a rather repetitive chore, many people don’t want to do it.  It is however, one of the simplest cleaning jobs to take care of, even though it is often also the most neglected.  Dust builds up over time, and by the time you take notice of it, there is a lot.  Your home should be dusted twice a week at a minimum with some people doing it three times a week to prevent it from building up.

What to use when dusting

clean dust in your home

clean dust in your home

Dust falls in many places and your home might have different things around it.  A feather duster is great for some of those collectible items, large shelves, books, and toys.  All a feather duster does though is move the dust around, afterwards you might need to vacuum a bit.  If you want to get rid of the dust you need to collect it, and draw it in.  A Swiffer duster is perfect for that, as they are designed to do that.  There are generic versions that do the same thing if you are on a budget and you can find them as cheap as a dollar.

For wood furniture, you might want to use furniture polish and a rag.  Spray the furniture polish on the rag, not on the furniture itself so it doesn’t leave stains.  Use the rag to wipe down the entire piece of furniture and it will repel dust a little longer, and have a shiny coat to it.  Make sure you are using a clean rag, or one specifically used for the wood furniture.

Dusting Electronics

Computers, tablets, televisions and other electronics are a little different when it comes to dusting.  Furniture polish is not made for them, and it can damage the screen.  Some people use window cleaner for the actually visual part of the device, which is fine if you spray it on a cloth and not directly on the screen.  The best things to use are electronic wipes, and canned air.  The wipes are similar to cleaning wipes you use in the kitchen and bathroom, but designed to not be as moist, and with alcohol as the main ingredient.  This cleans and disinfects at the same time, giving your devices a shiny gleam to them.  The canned air is perfect for the keyboards and ports on the side of screens and televisions.  It helps to get all the areas that you find hard to get to.

Be sure and turn off these devices before you start to clean them.  One of two things could happen if you don’t.  First the device could shut down or shut off on its own.  And two you could generate a shock that shorts out the device and burns it out, making it essentially useless.

The most commonly used electronic cleaning products are called Endust.  They come in blue packages and canisters so they are easy to post when you are looking for them.  Most electronics stores will carry this line and drug stores might keep them in their office supply locations.

Those Hard to Reach Places

hard to reach places cleaning

Some places are harder to get to then others, and it means you might need a little help to dust them.  These high places can be reached with a ladder, stool or an extension unit for your duster.  Swiffer makes a great tool, that of course has a generic version by now, that allows you to reach those difficult places.  A chandelier for example can get dusty fast because of the light it generates, and this tool would allow you to dust it without the use of a ladder.  Ceiling fans are another example of dust that can be hard to get to.  The Swiffer tool hooks over so you can reach up and get the top of those blades where the dust collects.  If you really want to be thorough you will need to get a small ladder so you can see for yourself if you were able to get everything clean.

Swiffer products are so common that they can be found in the cleaning aisle of most stores.  You can also find various dusters in the same location leaving you with a choice to make.  I suggest getting both as each has their benefits and the duster itself is generally only a few dollars.

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