Designing Your Own Home Gym


Tips on Designing Your Own Home Gym

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Working out takes time and dedication, but many people like to stay in shape so they make the time to get a good workout in whenever they can. Gyms however change their rates all the time and when you find a good one that fits in with your daily routine you might want to stay with it.


Costs can vary from as low as $20 a month to as high as $50 a month depending on the gym, the location and the benefits you are getting.

Designing your own gym might cost a bit up front, but in the long run you are going to be saving money as everything will be paid for and you won’t need to go anywhere else. For places where it snows this works as an extra benefit, giving you something else to do during those snowy days.

Do you need it?

Before you start to design the room or empty a room in preparation for your new gym you need to ask yourself a few questions first. Primarily do you need it? If you have a gym membership at a low rate, but it allows you full access to all the amenities of the gym, and you use all those amenities it is probably not worth it. This means you don’t need it, unless there is another reason for you to want to be at home all the time. If you go to the gym a lot but are only using a couple of machines than it is probably worth your time and energy to design your own gym.

If you find yourself paying for a gym membership that you are no longer using, or are using less and less frequently than you might not need either the gym or the home gym until you decide that you want to work out. If making the space means becoming an inconvenience for everyone else in the family or even yourself, a home gym might not be the thing for you.

The Space and The Cost


Now that you have determined that you are going to build your in-home gym it’s time to go over what it is going to cost you. Before you determine that you need to clear out the space that you are going to use so that it can be measured and you can decide what type of equipment you are going to want to put into it.

If the room is already built than you are going to save a lot of money on designing it from scratch. But you will need to add a few things before you start adding the exercise equipment that you are going to be working out on. The room is going to need to be air conditioned or cooled in some way as a good workout is going to leave you hot and sweaty. Keeping the room cool will make it easier to work out, keeping your core temperature at a more normal level. (If you have central air then you are already set and ready to go, if not consider having a window air conditioner unit to keep the room cool, or a ceiling fan. The air conditioner runs between $150 and $200 and a ceiling fan around $120)

Next you might want to consider what entertainment you want to have in the room for you to enjoy the experience of working out. You can stick to headphones and a music player, or even your iPad to watch movies on, or you can mount a T.V. in the room and run the cable line to it. A small television such as a 32 inch can be found for less than $200 with the wall mount costing maybe another $50 at the most. Your cable or satellite provider might need to hook everything up unless there is already a line in the room.

Before mounting anything though you are going to want the equipment in the room so you know where everything is going to face. The main cost of setting up your gym is going to be in the equipment, which we will go over next.

The Equipment

Many trainers will have their own ideas about what equipment to buy and what is going to be the best for your workout. Even if you have no training experience and are just looking to get into shape there are a few things to consider when choosing equipment. You need to decide if your room is going to be for a cardio workout or a muscular one, or even something in the middle allowing you a touch of everything.

An exercise bike is great cardio and strength training for your legs. Although there are some hand models or those with hand motion for strength there, consider an elliptical unit instead. This machine gives more of a full body workout than a bike does.

MAKE A HOME GYMA treadmill that offers different variable speeds, keeps track of heart rate, has a timer and offers incline control as well is a great cardio workout. If you are going to choose from these, go for either the elliptical or the treadmill for the best results.

While a weight bench is traditional and the cheapest option for muscle training, it’s not going to offer strength training for all your muscles but rather mostly arms and chest, and perhaps legs as well. A full weight unit that offers pulleys gives you more options but will take up more space. If you have the space though this is the best option as you get everything a weight bench can offer and a lot more. Between that and a treadmill you can get a full body experience when working out. That type of treadmill or elliptical can run between $1200 and $3500. The full weight system runs between $2400 and $6800. Don’t make your choice based on a commercial or what you see, but try one out for yourself if possible so you can pick the right equipment to fit your needs in working out.

It’s always nice to have some loose hand weights, stretch bands, perhaps a yoga mat if you have the space for a shorter workout or even a warmup. Ankle and wrist weights can add to your workout when the treadmill or elliptical starts to seem a little easy, and can sit next to the hand weights. These can be purchased in sets or individually at local stores.

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