How to Decorate Your Home in A Cheap Way

Don’t Let Your Budget Dictate the Way You Decorate Your Home

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Having a house that is beautifully decorated is something that every homeowner can take pride in. With that being said, there are times when you start to feel like you are simply in a rut. Everything in your house might look the same way it did the day you moved in and frankly, you are ready for a change. If you feel like you’re stuck and you don’t know what changes to make, it probably has something to do with feeling like you just don’t have the budget to make those types of changes right now. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a big budget to make big changes when it comes to the way your house is decorated. In reality, you can usually completely change the look of your home for just a few dollars and in some cases, you can even do it without spending a dime. Below are six different ways to completely transform the look of your home without emptying your bank account in the process.

Use a fresh coat of paint

Painting wall

If you have a small budget to work with, there is perhaps nothing more effective than a fresh coat of paint. This is especially true if your walls have been painted the same color for so long that the color went out of style decades ago. It also works especially well when you are trying to add a pop of color to a room and all of the walls in the house are some version of white. If you are on a really tight budget, you can even update a room by simply painting two opposing walls a bright color that has lots of personality. You can leave the other two walls as they are. If you have doubts about this technique, take advantage of one of the many websites or apps that a lot of home improvement stores have that allow you to take a picture of your room and then see what it would look like using different painting techniques. You might be surprised at how much personality you can add to a room by simply getting a paint brush out and spending an afternoon.

Spruce up existing items

Flea market items


Sometimes, your budget doesn’t even allow for a few gallons of paint. If that is the case, you can still update things inside your house. Simply spruce up the items that you already have. Maybe you have a lamp that has been there for years and doesn’t really do a lot for the room itself. You can change that by adding a different lampshade, tying a ribbon around the shade itself or even painting it. Look around your house for other items that you can use to update items like lampshades or even use for wall art. Chances are, you have a lot more items around the house than you think you do. It really comes down to looking around and using your imagination.

Find items at flea markets and thrift stores

vintage items

If you really want to use items that are different from the ones you have been displaying but you don’t want to spend a ton of money, you can find virtually anything at flea markets and thrift stores. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of furniture, a piece of wall art, a lamp or just about anything else, you can find it there. If you have a flair for arts and crafts, you can even find other unrelated items and make something completely new. When it comes to shopping at places like these, the sky’s the limit. Chances are, if you can think of it in your mind you can make it a reality if you look long enough.

Repurpose old items you already have lying around

By the same token, you can take items that you already have lying around the house and turn them into something different. For example, you might choose to make a lamp out of an old bird cage or create a unique piece of artwork from a favorite old lamp that no longer works. Find unique ways to display these items, and you can change the entire atmosphere of the room.

Let your creativity flow

DIY projects

There is nothing wrong with getting in touch with your creative side. In fact, being creative is one of the best things you can do when you are trying to update your home. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and do something that no one else would think of doing. After all, the whole idea is to decorate your home the way you want it and that usually involves doing something that is completely unique so it is in touch with your personality.

Change things up

If you don’t feel like you have any money in your budget whatsoever to spend on a few accent items and you don’t really feel like you are very talented when it comes to arts and crafts, you can still change the room. Try moving some furniture around so that it creates an entirely new space within each room. You might be surprised at how much this changes the atmosphere of the whole house in general.

Now that you know how to update your home, the real fun begins. Take things slowly and don’t get frustrated if everything doesn’t come together right away. Work a room at a time and get everything more or less the way you want it before moving on to the next room. You can add some final touches later on and before you know it, your house will look practically new.

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