Chef or Entertainer, Your Kitchen Will Tell

Are You A Chef or An Entertainer?

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Having a large kitchen can mean you will spend a lot of time in, depending on whether or not you can cook, or whether you like to entertain guests. This doesn’t mean you can’t do both, but the way your kitchen is designed might tell you which you prefer.

Sometimes entertaining guests means you might be cooking in the kitchen anyway, and other times it could mean that you have a bar countertop with seats available so your guests can all sit and talk while you are serving a snack, wine, or dessert.

It all starts with the design of the kitchen itself. When living in an apartment those kitchens can be quite small, leaving little room to cook let alone entertain anyone. More modern apartments have redesigned based on this function to allow more counter space and bar seating with a counter top. Houses tend to have more plentiful countertops giving you a lot of space to cook, or to set appliances on, or both. Some people even add a cooking island if there is not one already which can be a huge convenience for both a chef and an entertainer. Then there is the matter of which appliances are on the counter on any regular basis that can determine which one you prefer to be. An open concept design will usually tend towards the entertainer, while a closed kitchen leans towards the chef aspect.

If You Are A Chef

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When cooking is your passion you might play the role of both chef and entertainer, with your first passion leading the second. Your kitchen will be based on the needs of what you plan on cooking or what you cook the most. The oven will never have anything in it, and always be clean and ready to cook, back or broil when you feel the mood. Pots and pans will always be organized based on size, shape or how often they are used. Some of the cupboards might actually be set with Tupperware for storage along with mixing bowls of various shapes and sizes. There could be a cupboard or drawer specifically set aside for measuring devices such as spoons and cups. There will of course be the proper amount of space set aside for plates, eating utensils and cups, but they may not be in the most convenient location.

If there is a kitchen island that has storage space, this area might contain the measuring equipment, serving spoons and small utensils used for cooking. It could also be used for the regular eating equipment since most of the counter space is around the kitchen so cooking items needed for them will be close at hand. A cook will like to make many items from scratch which means there will be cupboards with fresh ingredients as well. A large fridge and a large stove could be signs of a cook, and once that likes to make full meals as well. While not as common in a home as they once were, rolling pins and wooden spoon sets might be seen on the counters as well as large knife blocks that can hold and service many knives. There could also be various cutting boards either beneath a cupboard or hanging on the side for easy access. A large duel sink could also be a sign of a chef, however with more modern houses these days this has become more common.

And If You Are An Entertainer

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Guest make your day, and you want to do whatever you can to impress them, make them happy and just have a party so you can entertain. Even as someone that likes to host a party, it doesn’t mean you can’t whip up snacks or even a nice meal. Cooking might not be the thing you are the best at, but planning and hosting a party might be. Your kitchen will show with how clean it is, and how decorative it might be. An entertainer doesn’t like clutter and everything needs to be in the right place. There will be decorations and nik naks all over the place, even lighting in the right place to set it off right. There will be stools at the bar in case you are serving dessert for just a few people. The plates will be decorative and the cupboards will be easy to access plates, silverware and cups. The fridge will be filled with drinks and there could be bottle of wine in a holder or on the counter.

The entertainer will like the events or parties to start on time and have enough time to clean up. In many cases the cleanup might not even happen until the next day if the party is a late one. When there are children involved there could be a cupboard devoted entirely to party supplies for them as well. This could be prizes, drinks, cups, and snacks, all designed for kids. Parties will be set when all the kids can be involved, with a little flexibility just in case. All the while being a devoted host for all the guests.

Appliances That You Will Need

Not counting the standard appliances that are found in a home such as a toaster, oven, microwave and fridge the appliances that are found on the counter themselves will show which category you more likely fall into. A chef will want easy access to things such as a toaster oven, blender, heavy mixer and more. There could be a variety of things that make cooking easier if you have them at easy access which means they will be out on the counter for all to see.

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Flip it around and entertaining the guests could mean a whole different type of appliances found on the counter. A blender for drinks might be standard, but a popcorn maker, or fondue maker are sure signs that the guests might take precedence in your home. The might all be the same color as well in order to make the kitchen pop that much more.

It’s easy to fit into both categories but some people lean towards one or the other. There is no harm in either one, and there are ways to make your life better in either category if you place everything where it will do the best.

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