Best Wet Dry Shaver Buying Guide 2017

Wet Dry Shaver Reviews and Ratings 2017

According to historians, first razors were invented around 3000BC, together with first copper tools. In the 4th century, BC Alexander the Great was a big proponent of shaving because he thought that shaved faces looked clean and neat.

Today there are all kinds of shavers, razors, and blades on the market. This review will help you choose a Best Wet Dry Shaver that is right for you.

Getting used to a wet/dry shaver often takes a bit of time. It is also important that you find a shaver that is right for you. Most manufacturers offer money-back 30-day trials. If it turns out that a certain model is not a good fit for you, be sure to return it and get a refund.

Why choose a wet/dry shaver?


phlips-shaving-3Electric shavers work much faster than manual razors. Wet/dry shavers work by rolling up the skin and cutting hairs after forcing them up. For this reason, there’s no need to go over the same area as many times as with a manual razor.


Wet/dry shavers are more versatile compared to manual razors because you can use a wet/dry shaver to shave and trim facial hair. You can also find a shaver that will fit your other needs, be it tackling your body hair or taking care of the neckline of your beard.

Skin protection

Blades in manual razors scrape your face and can potentially damage your skin. top rated Wet/dry electric shavers do not scrape the skin. They glide over it, which is why shaving with a wet/dry shaver could reduce the number of cuts, nicks and ingrown hairs.

Facts to know about wet dry shavers


Because they have motors inside of them, wet/dry shavers are heavier than manual razors. However, most of them are portable and can be used anywhere where there is an electrical outlet.

Potential disadvantages

While wet/dry shavers do offer a lot of benefits, they also have a few disadvantages. The first one is that since they glide over the skin, the finish may not be as smooth as when you shave with a manual razor. For this reason, you may need to shave more frequently when using a wet/dry shaver.

Using a wet/dry shaver typically takes practice. Even though shaving with a top rated wet dry shaver is safer compared to a traditional manual razor, it can still irritate your skin and be somewhat painful.

Wet/dry shavers need rechargeable batteries in order to work. If the batteries die in the middle of a shave, you will not be able to finish shaving until you replace the batteries.

Maintenance and costs

Wet/dry shavers are much more expensive than manual razors. Prices start at about $60 for simple models and can go up to $200 and even more.

Wet/dry shavers also need more maintenance and cleaning compared to their manual counterparts. You will need to replace the head between six months and two years of usage. Depending on the model of your shaver, a head can cost anywhere between $25 and $45. After a few years of usage, the battery will stop holding the charge. At this point, it is often cheaper to buy a new shaver than to replace just the battery.

Two types of wet/dry shavers

There are two types of wet/dry shavers. Each type offers its own benefits and has its own fans.

Rotary wet/dry shavers

Best Wet Dry Shaver Buying Guide Rotary

These shavers have several floating heads, typically three or four. The heads glide over the skin. The cutters spin behind a grid. Rotary shavers are usually easier to maintain and quieter compared to foil shavers.

Foil wet/dry shavers

Best Wet Dry Shaver Buying Guide foil

Foil shavers have cutters oscillating behind a screen and floating heads that glide over the skin. They typically offer a much better closeness of shave compared to rotary shavers.

Features of wet/dry shavers

Internal battery capacity

A fully charged internal battery should be good for at least six shaves. It may take anywhere from 1 to 10 hours to fully charge a battery depending on the make and model of your shaver. Some top rated wet dry shavers have an emergency charge option. Using this option a shaver charges for about five minutes and holds enough charge for one shave.

Automatic shutdown

Automatic shutdown is a very useful feature. It shuts down the shaver when it reaches a full charge. This is important because overcharging may lead to a shorter battery life.

Low-Battery warning

Some models of shavers have indicators that let you know when your battery is low.

Optional power cord

This is a very useful feature in cases when you forget to charge the battery or when the battery is old and can’t hold the charge.

Easy cleaning

Most wet/dry shavers have a small brush for cleaning that comes with the shavers. With some models of shavers, you can simply rinse them to clean them. Others have a self-cleaning mechanism that delivers sanitizing liquid to the cutters to clean them up.

Hair trimmer

Best Wet Dry Shaver Buying Guide

This is one of the advantaged that wet/dry shavers have over the manual razors. You will be able to trim your beard, sideburns or other hair.

International Voltage


This is a very useful feature if you travel abroad a lot and plan on taking your shaver with you. Some manufacturers of shavers solve this problem by providing a USB cord that can charge the shaver in a car, from a computer or a USB charging station.

Best wet dry rotary shavers 2017

Philips Norelco 6800

Philips Norelco 6800

Philips Norelco 6800 is a shaver with GyroFlex 2D two-dimensional contouring technology. This technology pivots in a circular motion and is able of tilting inwards. The shaver adjusts easily to all skin curves, minimizing irritation. Philips DualPrecision heads shave even the shortest hairs. Philips SuperLift and & Cut technology lifts the hairs and cuts them below skin level for a better shave. AquaTec seal technology allows for both wet shaving with a shaving gel and dry shaving.

The box comes with the best rated wet dry shaver, shaver charging station, soft carry pouch, 5 lengths trimmer, protective cap, electrical cord and a small cleaning brush. The charging station and electrical cord have automatic voltage adjustment function and work with voltage ranging from 100V to 240V.

Philips Norelco 6800 has a lithium-ion battery. On a 1-hour charge, it can provide up to 50 minutes of shaving. A quick-charge option requires a three-minute charge and provides power for one shave.

This wet/dry shaver has a battery display that shows when the battery is full and also has a low battery warning indicator.

Philips Norelco 6800 has a non-slip grip for easy handling in both dry and wet conditions.

Philips recommends replacing the head with RQ11 head every 12 months.

GHB Surker 9598-RSCX

Surker 9598-RSCX

GHB Surker 9598-RSCX is a 3-in-1 wet/dry shaver. It has a shaver, a nose trimmer, and a sideburns razor. The whole body of this shaver is washable, making it perfect for use in the shower.

The shaver comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges in just 90 minutes. After that, the shaver can provide 45 minutes of shaving. LED indicator shows when the battery is full and when the battery is low.

GHB Surker 9598-RSCX has a one-key lock function that protects the shaver from children turning it on and also saves power. To turn the lock on and off you will need to press the on/off button for three seconds.

In the box, you will find the shaver, a nose trimmer, a hair clipper, 2 comb attachments for hair trimming, a bag, a small cleaning brush, a charger and a user manual.

GHB Surker 9598-RSCX is a very well-built and quiet best wet dry shaver. Its 3-in-1 functionality is what really sets it apart from similar models. This shaver can replace not just your old shaver, but also a couple of other devices, freeing space on your counter or in your medicine cabinet. Hope you like our wet dry shaver review of GHB Surker 9598-RSCX.

SweetLF iPX7

SweetLF iPX7

SweetLF iPX7 is a wet/dry shaver that has comes with a number of great features. It has a floating head that lets the shaver automatically adapt to the face contours for better shaving. You can charge this shaver via a quick-charge USB port, which can make your life much easier if you travel a lot. USB charging option eliminates the need for power adapters and lets you charge the shaver even in your car. 1 hour of charging time allows for up to 2 hours of charging time.

This shaver also has a pop-up trimmer that can detail sideburns and beards.

SweetLF iPX7 has a high-speed 2600 RPM motor that is very quiet, yet shaves very thoroughly.

SweetLF iPX7 comes with an advanced waterproof system that allows you to use the shaver in the shower and to rinse its head under the tap water in the sink.

In addition to all the other great features, SweetLF iPX7 collects hairs when you shave. After you are done shaving all you need to do is empty the chamber below the razors to make cleaning up easy and neat.

Finally, this wet/dry shaver comes with a 30-day full refund money back guarantee. If you buy it and for some reason decide that this device is not for you, simply return it and get your money back.

Best wet dry foil shavers 2017

Braun Series 9 9290

Braun Series 9 9290

Braun calls is Series 9 shaver to be “the world’s most efficient and comfortable.” The shaver comes with a SyncroSonic head that has 5 specialized shaving elements. These elements are OptiFoil, HyperLift & Cut trimmer, Direct & Cut Trimmer, and a protective SkinGuard.

Braun Series 9 has a 10-D flexible shaving system in which independent cutting elements are attached to a 10-directional head and micromotions are combined with macro motions.

Braun Series 9 is completely waterproof and can go as deep as 5 meters into the water. This means that the shaver is fully washable under tap water. You can also use this model with water, foam or gel.

This shaver comes with a 5-action clean and charge station that uses a liquid alcohol-based solution to hygienically clean and lubricate the shaver. The station can also charge, lubricate and dry the shaver.

Braun Series 9 has comes with an integrated precision trimmer and a multi-head lock that can lock the head of the shaver in one of five positions.

This wet/dry shaver fully charges in 1 hour and can then shave for 50 minutes. A LED display shows charge status, hygiene status and also has a travel lock indicator.

In the box with the shaver you will find a clean and charge station, cleaning fluid, travel case, a small cleaning brush and a smart plug that works with electric plugs in various countries and is 100-240 V compatible.

All Series 9 Braun shavers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany. They have titanium head coating, making the shavers extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.

Remington PG6250

Remington PG6250

Remington PG6250 is an inexpensive waterproof trimmer that comes with a full-size trimmer, a body hair trimmer and 5 beard combs of different lengths (1.5, 3, 6, 9 and 12 millimeters). You can use it with beards, mustaches, nose and ears, face, hair, and body.

It has stainless steel blades and a hang loop for easy storage in a medical cabinet or shower. This shaver is 100% waterproof. Its lithium battery allows up to 70 minutes of shaving time on one charge. It takes Remington PG6250 4 hours to charge fully.

The shaver does have a LED battery life indicator that shows when the battery is low, full or when the shaver is charging.

The shaver comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty.

Panasonic ES8103S

Panasonices8103sThis shaver has 3 ultra-sharp ultra-thin blades for comfortable and precise shaving. Its head can glide to follow the contours of your face, neck, and jaw.

Panasonic ES8103S has a motor that delivers 13,000 cuts per minute. The motor keeps its peak power during the entire battery charge for consistent shaving.

The built-in trimmer is great for mustaches, sideburns, and beards.

Panasonic ES8103S has a LED screen that can display 10 different statuses, including battery charge level and vibration cleaning mode. It even has a dripping faucet icon that serves as a cleaning reminder and lights up when it’s time to clean the shaver.

In the box with the shaver, you will find a cover, a travel pouch, and a rechargeable AC adapter.


In this wet dry shaver reviews guide, we discussed six different wet/dry shavers. Some of them are quite inexpensive, while others cost a few hundred dollars. Having all these options, you should have no problem finding a wet/dry shaver that is right for you.

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