Best Wall Oven Microwave Combo and Reviews 2017

Best Wall Oven Microwave Combo and Reviews

A wall oven microwave combo is exactly what it sounds like: it is combination of an oven and a microwave that you install into a wall.

There are three big benefits to getting an oven microwave wall combo. They are flexibility, versatility, and pricing.

Design flexibility and convenience

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Installing a range with an oven in the kitchen comes with a number of limitations. First, the cooktop needs to be a certain number of inches away from the counters above. Secondly, getting a range with a built-in oven means that the oven will be located close to the floor and you’ll have to bend each time you are placing something in it or want to check on the progress of your food.

These limitations do not exist when you decide to go with a wall oven microwave combo.

You can install a wall oven microwave combo exactly where you want it. You can place it at a waist level or at an eye level so that seeing what you are cooking becomes easier and you don’t have to bend when placing heavy pans into the oven or the microwave.

Having a separate oven microwave combo also means that you have more flexibility when it comes to choosing where to install a cooktop. For example, you can get a separate cooktop that you install into a kitchen island or peninsula.

Versatility when cooking

Having a separate wall oven microwave combo gives you a number of options when cooking. You can use the cooktop, the oven and the microwave at the same time and, depending on how you place them in your kitchen, you may be able to see the food in the oven, microwave and the cooktop at the same time.


Not only are the combinations more convenient, but in some cases, especially when it comes to professional models, they cost the same or lesser amount compared to standalone ranges, ovens or microwaves.

Wall Oven Microwave Combo Features


Wall oven microwave combos come in the following widths: 24, 27, 30 and 36 inches. 30-inch models are some of the most popular.

When deciding on which oven microwave combo to buy, it is crucial that you measure your cabinet cutout space.

Most wall oven microwave combos have big ovens and big microwaves. A typical oven in a combo is 4 cubic feet or more and a typical microwave in a combo is 1 cubic foot or more.


Many wall oven microwave combos don’t have any dials or knobs at all and come with fully electronic controls. These controls are usually touch-sensitive, easy to use and easy to clean.


Most wall oven microwave combos in this guide have both a convection microwave and a convection oven.

A traditional oven has a heating element and has heating waves spreading on their own inside of the oven.

A convection oven uses fans to circulate hot air inside of the oven. This allows it to distribute the heat more evenly and all the food receives the same amount of heat.

A convection microwave gives you both the option to cook the foods quickly and the option to brown and crisp the foods like you would do in an oven. Having a convection microwave is extremely convenient when you are cooking several dishes at the same time.

Multiple oven racks

Ovens in wall oven microwave combos usually have at least 3 racks. Some also have optional racks. You can typically position these racks in a number of ways, meaning that you can use your existing baking recipes and fit odd-shaped cookware into the oven.


All modern ovens have broiling functionality. Broiling means applying very high heat to the food. An oven with a broiling feature has two heating elements: a baking one and a broiling one.

Windows and lighting

Windows and lights are a standard feature for both the microwave and the oven in wall oven microwave combos. Windows allow you to check on the progress of the foods that you are cooking without having to open the doors and lose heat.

In a microwave, a light usually turns on by itself when the microwave starts cooking food. To turn a light in an oven, you would need to use a switch on the control panel. Some microwaves will also require you to turn the light on manually.

Temperature probe and variable mode sensors

A temperature probe sensor is a sensor that you place inside the meats and poultry before you cook them the oven. Depending on the mode, the oven will then adjust the cooking time and the temperature in order to reach a certain internal meat temperature.

Microwaves with variable mode sensors work in a similar manner. They adjust the length of the cooking time and the temperature depending on the data they get about the food from the sensors.

Sabbath mode

According to Jewish traditions, it is prohibited to cook the food during Sabbath, but pre-cooked foods may stay warm. This is why many ovens have a Sabbath mode, in which there is no standard automatic shutoff time and the oven stays warm for a prolonged amount of time.

Star-K is the world’s leading kosher certification agency. Check out its website if you want more information on appliances that have Sabbath functionality.

Timer and delayed start

Wall oven microwave combos that have a timer and a delayed start allow you to turn them on and preprogram cook times while away from the combo. This means that you can have your oven or the microwave cook the food for you while you are at work and you can come home to a cooked warm meal.

Child safety locks

Combos with child safety locks prevent the doors from opening. This is extremely useful because your children will not be able to turn the ovens on, interrupt the cooking when the ovens are in cooking mode or get a burn injury during the self-cleaning mode.

Auto shut off

Auto shut-off feature turns the oven off for safety after a certain period of time. This feature is often integrated with the delayed start time and timer options.

Wall oven microwave combo reviews

Frigidaire FGMC2765PF

Frigidaire FGMC2765PF

Frigidaire FGMC2765PF is a 27-inch wide combination of a convection wall oven and a microwave.

This combo comes in stainless steel color. The oven is located at the bottom and the microwave is located at the top.

The oven has a capacity of 3.8 cubic feet. It comes with a 6 pass vari-broil system that offers 3,400 watts of power. Variable temperature setting ranges between 400F and 550F and has a hidden baking element with 1450 watts of power. This will allow you to use a variety of baking recipes and get consistent baking results.

Quick preheat feature preheats the oven in less than 6 minutes and allows you to quickly begin cooking.

One-touch keep warm function keeps the meals warm until the time when you are ready to serve them.

Delayed start option lets you program the oven up to 24 hours in advance so that you can start cooking at an exact time or have the foods cook before you arrive home. You can also use this option to effortlessly warm up the leftovers when you need to.

The microwave has 1,200 Watts of power and offers 2.0 cubic feet of capacity. It has 28 touchpad buttons, including popcorn, chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, reheat feature, snacks, 30-second add-on button, auto melt/soften options and auto-defrost.

Auto shut-off feature turns the oven off for your safety after 6 hours of operation.

Control lock will prevent the kids from activating and operating the oven and the microwave without your permission.

The oven has a self-clean steam-clean option eliminating the need for scrubbing. Delayed clean functionality lets you program the oven to start cleaning itself 2, 3 or 4 hours in advance.

This combo has 2 halogen interior lights that will allow you to check on the progress of your cooking without having to open either door.

The interior height of the oven is 17 inches. The interior depth is 18.75 inches and the interior width is 20.5 inches.

The diameter of the microwave turntable is 16 inches. The internal microwave measurements are 18.625 inches deep, 10.5 inches high and 17.375 inches wide.

The overall exterior dimensions of the combo are 24.5 inches deep, 42.75 inches high, 27 inches wide. This combo weighs 195 pounds and comes with a 1-year limited guarantee.

KitchenAid KOCE500ESS

KitchenAid KOCE500ESS

This 30-inch wide combination of a wall oven and a microwave comes with a number of useful features and professionally-inspired design. The ovens have satin-textured handles and the KitchenAid badge.

The lower oven has 5.0 feet of total capacity and an Even-Heat True Convection System that provides even and consistent heating of all racks because of the combination of a unique bow-tie design and a convection fan. The bake element has 2800 watts of power. The broil element has 4000 watts of power.

Temperature probe allows cooking the meats to perfection by measuring their internal temperature while in the oven without having to open the oven door.

EasyConvect Oven System allows you to organize the racks in the way you want so that you don’t have to alter your recipes because of the rack positioning.

The oven has 3 racks, including 1 SatinGlide extension rack. You can arrange the rack in 6 different ways and accommodate odd-shape cookware when needed.

The microwave offers 1.4 cubic feet of capacity. It also has a convection feature for increased speed and quality of cooking. KitchenAid Crispwave feature means that you can use the microwave for grilling, frying and convection cooking.

The adjustable self-cleaning option does the cleaning for you.

A timer with a delayed start feature lets you program to oven to start cooking even when you are not home. Auto shut-off function will shut the device when the cycle completes.

Control lock lets you protect the oven from unsupervised use.

The unit is 42.5 inches high, 30 inches wide and 26.875 inches deep. It weighs 200 pounds.

This combo comes with a 1-year limited parts warranty and a 5-year warranty for the electric element and touch control system.

Whirlpool WOC97ES0ES

Whirlpool WOC97ES0ES

Just like other models in this guide, Whirlpool WOC97ES0ES is a wall oven microwave combo that has an oven at the bottom and a microwave on top.

The oven has a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet. Bake element has 2800 watts of power and broil element has 3600 watts of power. The microwave has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet.

Both the oven and the microwave have the true convection feature. The oven has a rear fan and a heating element that circulate the air around the food.

Digital meat thermometer monitors the internal temperature of foods, alerts you about it and shuts down the oven when your food is ready. You will never have to open the oven door or guess the temperature or readiness of your food.

Digital glass controls are simple to use and easy to clean.

Just like other combos in this guide, Whirlpool WOC97ES0ES has an auto shut-off and delayed timer features.

External dimensions for this combo are 42.5 inches high, 30 inches wide and 26.88 inches deep. The unit weighs 200 pounds and comes with a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty.

Bosch HBL8752UC

Bosch HBL8752UC

Bosch HBL8752UC is a 30-inch genuine European convection oven and convection microwave combo.

The oven has a capacity of 4.6 cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 16.5 inches by 23.3 inches by 46.9 inches. The top oven cooks foods faster than a regular oven and can be used as a microwave. It has 12 specialized cooking modes, including speedy heating and defrosting.

The lower oven has a built-in gauge for precise broiling, roasting, and baking.

This combo has a Sabbath mode that maintains a certain temperature for a prolonged period of time to comply with Kosher cooking practices.

QuietClose door technology employs dampened hinges to softly and quietly open and close both the microwave and the oven doors.

Touch control buttons make operating and cleaning the buttons very easy.

Ecoclean 2-hour self-clean cycle allows you to have the unit clean itself when you are not in the kitchen so that you can be spending your time cooking and not cleaning. The cycle also has improved energy efficiency and runs in the shortest time possible.

The dimensions of this unit are 49 inches by 29.7 inches by 24.5 inches. It weighs 259 pounds.



GE JT3800SHSS is a 30-inch combo that features a 5.0 cubic feet lower oven and 1.7 cubic feet upper microwave. The microwave has 1000 watts of power.

The combo has glass touch controls for effortless operation and meal preparation.

Microwave controls utilize a built-in sensor that automatically measures and adjusts cooking times and power levels.

The lower oven has 3 heavy-duty racks that you can arrange in 6 different positions. It also has a 10-pass bake and 8-pass broil elements for even baking and browning. The bake element has 2850 watts of power. The broil element has 3400 watts of power.

The self-cleaning mode has a steam option and a delayed timer that clean the lower oven while you are away.


Modern wall oven microwave combos have great features, allow you to design a kitchen of your dreams and often cost less than standalone items. If you cook a lot, a wall oven microwave combo is a great choice.

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