The Best Place to Keep Your Car

Where Should You Park at Home

Where Should You Park at Home

To some people their car is everything, and the way it looks and feels Is more important to them than most.  These are the people you will see washing and waxing their own car on a regular basis, and the car might have cost a lot of money or had a lot of extras added that cost a lot of money.  They will baby their car and want it to be pampered, which is why they take care of its looks themselves or have someone personally do it.

Than you have others, such as myself, that look at a car as a means to an end.  The car is a mode of transportation, which allows you to go back and forth to work and to other places.  The inside might contain a trash can, or even trash if they eat and spend a lot of time in the car, and the outside is hardly washed, unless it rains.  The engine, the tires and the brakes however are always cared for so they can continue to travel back and forth to work.

While there are certainly people that seem to fit in the middle of those two categories, it begs the question of where to park when they are at home.  Some people may not have a choice on where they park, as parking could be assigned such as at an apartment complex.  Others may be limited to the parking they are given or left available to them by their demographic area.  For all others, there are three basic options when it comes to parking, each with its perks and negatives.


park your car in the garage

The most common place for people to park, at least when they first buy a house, is the garage.  Depending on the type of garage you have, and the type of weather that is in your area it could be the best place for your car.  The garage will protect your car from the elements, and in places with poor weather that is more than just the rain.  This could be sleet and hail which could do a lot of damage to a car.  An attached garage is great too, since you can walk straight to the car from the house and not get wet when it is raining.  The summer sun can do damage to the paint and heat up the interior of the car, making it take longer to cool down when you get in it.  When it is parked in the garage though it is a lot cooler and protected from the sun.  While a detached garage will not offer as much protection unless it contains air conditioning or a cooling system, it will still block out direct sunlight.

A garage has its own dangers though that not everyone thinks about.  For one it is often the first place a burglar could hit if it is not locked.  With an electric garage door, you can eliminate that problem, but if there is a power outage it can be hard to get the door open.  The car fumes in an enclosed garage can produce enough carbon monoxide to kill someone, and is a way for some people to commit suicide.  By parking your car in the garage, you eliminate most of the storage space that a garage can offer.


park your car at the doorway

In front of the house, or to the side of it leading to the garage is the driveway.  This concrete, is your property and you are inclined to park there.  Sometimes you can fit several cars in the driveway, although it could mean a little shuffling when it is time to get out of it.  If there is a car parked in the garage though it could also mean a little shuffling to get that car out of the garage.

Some people park in the driveway to allow for more storage space in the garage.  Those that don’t have an attached garage and are always rushing in the morning might find it more convenient to park in the driveway rather than in the garage anyway.  However you choose to do it, keep in mind what you might be getting in for.  Your car is more open to the elements when it is out in the open, and could take damage.  When parked in the driveway it lets people know you are home.  This alerts would be thieves, but also sets you up for salespeople or other solicitors to know you are available.  Sitting in the driveway also means you are the first to get out, don’t have to wait for the garage door to open, and is great when you are in a rush.


park your car on the street

The last place to park near your house is the street.  This is the most unsafe place to park, although it will depend on your neighborhood.  By parking on the street, in front of your house it does the same thing as parking in the driveway.  You can drive off faster, and your car doesn’t have to move or play musical chairs.  It is open to the elements just like parking in the driveway, and it lets people know you are home.  The other downside to parking on the street is the street sweeper, and the risk of getting a ticket.  Be sure your car is moved between the times that the street sweeper comes so that you don’t get a ticket, which starts off small but can grow if left unpaid.

The street is also the place where cars get the most damage.  A hit and run is more likely to cause damage to your car when it is parked in the street.  A theft is more likely to occur to cars parked on the street, and tire damage is more likely to occur to cars parked on the street.

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