Reviews: Best Gas Range Buying Guide 2017

Guide on Choosing the Top Rated Gas Range 2017

Gas ranges have a lot of advantages compared to electric smooth tops, induction cooktop and other ranges. In this post, we will introduce some popolar models and help you find your best gas range.

Best Gas Ranges Buying Guide 2017

Speed of response and adjustment

When you turn the knob on your gas range the heat transfers to the pot and the food almost immediately. This is very different from what happens with a typical electric range. Most electric ranges have a lot of residual heat and it can take up to a few minutes for the heat to get to the pot and the food.

Visual feedback

Many cooks that use gas ranges love the visual feedback that gas ranges provide. You move the knob, you see the flame changing and you get a sense of how much heat your food will get. This is very different from just staring at a number on an electronic dial of an electric range.

Non-smooth surface

For many cooks, an ideally smooth surface is a pet peeve. They hate that they constantly need to re-center their pots and pans on the induction elements of electric smooth tops. You will never have to deal with this issue if you decide to get a gas range.

You can use any kind of cookware

Most electric ranges limit the types of cookware you can use because of scratching issues. Induction cooktops require magnetic cookware.

These problems do not exist with gas ranges. You can use everything and anything from iron casts to aluminum pans to copper pans.

Types of gas ranges

There are two types of gas ranges. They are slide-in and freestanding.

type of gas ranges

Slide-in gas ranges

A slide-in gas range does not have an oven control panel behind the cooktop. Slide-in ranges typically have all the controls on the top surface of the range or on the front panel of the range. They also usually have cooktop extensions that slightly overlap the counters on the sides to create an impression of a built-in appliance. Slide-in ranges are easier to clean because with a slide-in range you won’t have the food dripping down the sides.

Best Gas Range, ratings, reviews

Freestanding gas ranges

A freestanding gas range typically has oven controls located on a panel behind the cooking surface. Freestanding ranges are easier to install compared to slide-in models.

There isn’t much difference between freestanding and slide-in gas ranges. All it comes to is look and how easy to clean they are. However, if you plan to have at least one of the sides of your new range to be visible, you should probably get a freestanding gas range.

Features of Gas Ranges

Burner capacity

Burner capacity is measured in British thermal units or BTUs. A BTU is how much heat you need to increase the temperature of a pound of liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Commercial grade ranges have burners with an output of up to 20,000 BTUs per burner. However, most homes do not need burners with this much heating power. Most of the time you’ll be able to meet all your cooking needs with burner capacity ranging from about 5,000 BTUs to about 10,000 BTUs.

A typical gas range has four burgers: one small with a capacity of 5,000BTUs, one or two medium ones with a capacity of 8,000-9,000 BTUs each and one large one with a capacity of around 12,000 BTUs.

Layout and Design

If you are looking to replace an older gas range with a new one, you will be pleasantly surprised. In the last decade or so gas range manufacturers have introduced and implemented a whole spectrum of layout and design innovations.

Most modern gas ranges have a surface that allows you to move pots and pans from one burner to the other with sliding, without having to lift them.

Some gas ranges come with an integrated fifth burner. It is usually located in the middle, between other burners. Using the fifth burner may not be very practical if you are cooking large amounts of food at the same time, but it can be very convenient if you need to cook a lot of small items at once.

Size and fitting your new gas range into your kitchen

Typically, gas ranges vary in size from 30 inches to 42 inches or even longer for some commercial-grade models.

Before you buy a range, make sure to measure not only your kitchen but also all the spaces that your new gas range will need to travel through, such as doors, hallways, staircases and elevators.

Find out what kind of gas connection you have in your home. Verify that the unit that you are about to purchase is compatible with the gas connection that you have.


Oven capacity and ranges with double ovens

If you have a large family or entertain a lot of guests on a regular basis, then you should look for ranges with ovens that are at least 3 cubic feet. If you don’t, a range with an oven volume of 2 cubic feet should be just fine.

Some modern gas ranges come with a double oven feature. Such ranges would have one large and one small oven. Double ovens are extremely versatile. You can be re-heating appetizers in one oven and baking your main course in the other one. Having double ovens will allow you to cook different dishes at different temperatures at the same time.


Pre-set modes and programmable options

Some expensive models have LCD screens and options such as fast water heating, advanced convection cooking, precise preheating and more.

A good rule of thumb is to see how often you use similar options on your microwave, slow cooker or grill. If you cook a lot of sophisticated dishes, use water of different temperatures and find yourself using most of the features when it comes to your other devices, chances are that a gas range with a lot of programmable options will be a great choice for you.

If, however, “add 30 seconds” is the only button you use on your microwave and if you simply turn on and off most of your other devices, then you would probably do the same with your gas range. In this case, a range with a variety of settings and controls is just not what you need.

A warming drawer

A warming drawer is a great option that lets you keep the food warm. If you cook multiple-course dishes and like to have them ready at the same time, you can keep some of them in the warming drawer while cooking others on high heat.

Ranges with double ovens do not have warming drawers because of the space issues.

Safety Options

A gas range can be a dangerous device. Two features to pay attention to in terms of safety are the prevention of accidental ignition and child-protection controls.

Various ranges have various levels of protection. Some won’t turn at all unless you enter a code to turn the child lock off.

Top 5 Best Gas Ranges of 2017

In this part, we will introduce 5 top rated gas ranges, which are sold very well on the market. To give you more impressions, we also have gas range reviews alongside.

Samsung NX58H9500WS


Samsung NX58H9500WS is a 30-inch slide-in gas range. It has a customized, sleek, built-in look that does not require you to remodel your kitchen and can fit seamlessly with your existing cabinetry.

This gas range has an oven of 5.8 cubic feet of capacity. This means that you can easily cook several large dishes at once. The oven has three racks. The oven has a true convection feature and the fan that distributes the heat throughout the oven.

The cooktop of this range has 5 specialized burners. You can use them simultaneously or separately. True Dual Power Burner has two independent elements. Its power ranges from 700BTU to 18,000BTU.

The range comes with a reversible cast iron griddle that you can use to cook a variety of breakfast foods and sandwiches. The reversible cast is perfect for cooking foods with both smooth and ridged surfaces.

Samsung NX58H9500WS has intuitive controls with a number of cooking options and step-by-step instructions. You will be able to control temperature and time settings, choose cooking modes and even program your favorite recipes.

Temperature probe allows you to take the guesswork out of cooking meats. You’ll know the internal meat temperature without having to open the door of the oven.

This gas range comes with a custom wok grate perfect for even heat distribution.

Frigidaire FFGF3047LS


Frigidaire FFGF3047LS is an entry-level freestanding 30-inch gas range. Its colors are stainless steel silver and black. It is a best gas range.

This range has 4.2 cubic feet oven. It comes with two 9,500 BTU burners, one 12,000 BTU burner and one low simmer burner of 5,000 BTUs. All the burners are sealed for easy cleaning.

Beneath the oven, you will find a large Broil-and-Serve drawer. The drawer is perfect if you need to quickly broil foods or to keep the food warm.

This range has a timed cook option that allows you to turn the oven at a pre-determined time.

The oven has an extra-large window and an interior oven light for increased visibility.

This range is also equipped with an electronic ignitor. Frigidaire FFGF3047LS weighs 135 pounds and its dimensions are 30 x 47 x 28.5 inches. The warranty is 1 year for parts and labor.

KitchenAid KFGD500EBL


Now it is time for gas range review for KitchenAid KFGD500EBL. It is a 30-inch gas range with 5 burners. It also has a double convection oven with KitchenAid’s Even-Heat True Convection system. The range has a unique bow-tie design and a convection fan that heats the entire oven space and keeps it at the perfect temperature.

Combined, the ovens have a capacity of 6 cubic feet.

5 cooktop burners vary in power from 5,000 to 17,000 BTUs. The range has 2 burners of 5,000 BTUs each, one of 7,300 BTUs, one 10,000 BTU, and one 17,000 BTU burner.

The design of this range combines professional styling with sleek elements for the home. The double oven has satin textured handles.

Glass touch controls offer an intuitive touch screen control experience.

Electrolux EI30GF45QS


Electrolux EI30GF45QS is a 30-inch freestanding gas range with front controls. It has a 4.5 cubic feet oven with Perfect Taste Convection Technology. The oven is self-cleaning. It eliminated the need to scrub. The cooktop has a deep-well design that makes it easy to remove spilled liquids.

The range has 5 burners, including a left-front burner with 9,500 BTUs or power, a left-rear burner with 14,200 BTUs, an 18,000 BTU right-front burner and a 5,000 BTU right-rear burner. The center oval burner is 10,000 BTUs. The right-front burner is a Min-2-Max burner and it can deliver anywhere between 750 and 18,000 BTUs of heat. It has dual flames that help unlock flavors.

A griddle is included for cooking with the center oval burner.

The range has continuous cast-iron grates that allow pots and pans to easily move between burners.

The oven has 3 racks with 5 positions. It also includes a Luxury-Glide rack.

Variable broil feature lets you choose a temperature between 400F and 500F. Perfect Temperature probe tells you the temperature of the food in the oven without you having to open the oven.

A special Sabbath mode can help implement kosher cooking practices. In our gas range reviews today, we strongly recommend this model.



GE CGS990SETSS is a freestanding 30-inch gas range. Its color is stainless steel. It is also a best rated gas range for home use.

This range has a quickset single-knob oven control and one-touch cooktop controls. It also comes with an electronic ignition system for easy start-up.

GE CGS990SETSS has two ovens. The upper oven has a capacity of 2.4 cubic feet. The lower oven has a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet.

Continuous cast-iron grates allow pans and pots to move effortlessly between the burners.

GE CGS990SETSS has 5 burners that deliver between 5,000 BTUs and 20,000 BTUs of heat. Precise simmer burner is perfect for delicate sauces and foods. Center oval burner can accommodate cookware of large and odd sizes. PowerBoil burner delivers up to 17,000 BTUs of heat. The Tri-Ring burner can bring up to 20,000 BTUs of heat to your food.

The lower oven has a convection fan that circulates hot air throughout the oven.

Both ovens have large windows that let you monitor the cooking progress without having to open the door.


A range is one of kitchen appliances that you will be using the most. A well-chosen range will fit well together with the other elements of your kitchen and help you cook the foods that you cook most, be it by having a double oven feature, a convection fan or pre-set cooking modes.

Gas ranges have features that vary greatly and every gas range is different. The models in this gas range reviews guide have both big and precision burners, easy controls and a number of other useful features.

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