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How to Choose A Top Rated Foil Shaver 2017

Best Foil Shaver reviews ratings

Foil shavers have floating heads with oscillating blades hidden behind protective screens made of metal. This is where the name for this category of shavers comes from. This post will help you find your best foil shaver.

The floating heads are designed to move over the face freely, the foil captures the hairs and the cutters cut it. Foil shavers deliver a more precise result compared to rotary shavers. They are a great choice for those who have every day. Convenience and the ability to shave without foam or gel is why so many people prefer foil shavers. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to deal with the shaving cream, replacing the blades or washing your face. You simply want to quickly shave and be on your way as soon as possible.

One of the biggest disadvantages of foil shavers is that you will have a harder time shaving the jaw and the neck compared to using a rotary device. The reason for this is simple: foil heads resemble a rectangle while rotary shavers come with several heads circular in shape.

Foil shavers are much louder compared to their rotary counterparts, which is another disadvantage. In our foil shaver reviews today, you will more advantages and disadvantages of foil models.

When using a foil shaving device, move it up and down or left to right, but not in circular motions.

One of the biggest advantages of foil shavers is that you don’t have to replace the blades as often as you would need to do with a manual razor. However, you still do need to replace the head about every year or so. Depending on the model it will cost you $30 or more.

Features A Best Rated Foil Shaver Have

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Micro vibrations per minute

This number indicates the vibration speed of the shaver blades. The higher the number, the more hair can a foil shaver cut.

wet/ dry shaver


When looking at various foil shavers, you will notice that some of them mention “wet/dry” as a feature while others don’t talk about it at all. It is easy to confuse “wet/dry” with “waterproof,” but they are different.

Wet/dry means that you have two options. The first one is shaving your face when it’s dry. Another option is to use shaving foam or gel. Shaving foams and gels can significantly soften the skin and decrease the occurrence of skin irritations, which is why using foam or gel is a smart choice if you have sensitive skin. If you prefer to shave without foam or gel, you should keep your face dry because the skin tends to swell a little after you wash it. In any case, you should remember to not push the shaver too hard. This decreases the probability of getting a razor rash.

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Look for a waterproof foil shaver if you like shaving when taking a shower. Some foil shaver manufacturers say that you can submerge their shavers in water completely and they will still function. You will find a few top rated foil shavers which are waterproof below.

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Low-battery indicator

If you are using a shaver with an internal battery, the last thing you want is for the battery to die while you are shaving. This is the reason for a low-battery indicator being such a useful feature in foil shavers.

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Battery capacity

Most modern foil shavers have built-in batteries and can last for an hour or more on one charge. Many also have an emergency charge mode. In this mode the battery charges for approximately  5 minutes, providing the shaver with a charge for a full shave.

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Most shavers come with a cleaning brush or can be rinsed. Some have a self-cleaning mechanism or come with a special container that sanitizes the shaver when you are not using it.

Top 5 Best Foil Shavers 0f 2017

In this part, we will introduce some top rated foil shavers and compare them. You will also find foil shaver reviews for each model.

Andis 17150

Andis 17150

Andis 17150 offers ultra-close smooth shave. It is great for finishing fades or removing stubble. It does especially good job cutting short hair.

Andis 17150 is very easy to maneuver around mustaches and other facial hair, providing an elegant and professional appearance much faster compared to rotary shavers and manual razors.

Some people use this foil shaver to shave their heads after cutting the hairs with clippers.

Andis 17150 is much quieter than many of the competing models and feels very sturdy.

This shaver comes equipped with hypo-allergenic foil heads and a lithium ion battery that provides 80 minutes of shaving time on one charge. The foil is very thin, which is why Andis 17150 provides a very close shave.

However, if you have very sensitive skin and often get razor bumps, this model will not change this fact.

Andis 17150 can operate with or without a cord, which means that you don’t have to worry about your battery getting low.

Andis 17150 weighs 11.2 ounces and comes with a 1-year warranty. It is not waterproof and the manufacturer warns against immersing it in water.

Panasonic ES3831K

Panasonic ES3831K

Panasonic ES3831K is an electric travel foil shaver. It has stainless steel foil and single floating blade system. The blade is set at a 78-degree angle. The motor delivers 8500 rotations per minute for a satisfying shaving experience and is more powerful than motors in many competing models.

It does a great job with stubbles of hair that fits into the holes of the foil. If you hairs are too long, you may need to trim them first. This being said, it gives a nice shave to all areas of the face, including the neck and the jawline.

You can hold Panasonic ES3831K either in your right or in your left hand. This foil shaver is cordless. It is powered by 2 AA batteries, single use or rechargeable. The batteries are not included in the package with the shaver.

Panasonic ES3831K is waterproof, 100% washable and you can clean it in seconds. All you have to do to clean it is to rinse the head, blades, and foil. You can use Panasonic ES3831K for wet and dry shaving.

Panasonic ES3831K comes with a cleaning brush for easy removal of stubborn hair particles. The package also includes a travel pouch that fits easily into bags and luggage.

This foil shaver weighs 5.5 ounces. Its dimensions are 4.56 x 2.36 x 1.4 inches. It is a best foil shaver of 2017.

Old Spice Wet and Dry Shave and Trim

Old Spice Wet and Dry Shave and Trim

This is foil shaver review for this model now. Old Spice Wet and Dry Shave and Trim is a foil shaver that you can use to shave, trim and define the facial hair. Braun is the company that manufactures this shaver, which makes it a great option if you want a Braun shaver, but do not want to spend a lot of money.

Old Spice Wet and Dry Shave and Trim shaves close, but not as close as a razor blade. You would have to perform several passes if you wanted a very close shave.

This foil shaver is cordless, rechargeable and lasts up to 30 minutes on a single charge.

As its name suggests, Old Spice Wet and Dry Shave and Trim is a wet and dry shaver. It comes with an adjustable beard guard, a stubble guard, a detail guard and a charging stand. The beard guard is adjustable and has 4 settings that range from 1.2 millimeters to 6 millimeters.

This model has a SensoFoil technology that cuts hairs easily without irritating the skin.

Old Spice Wet and Dry Shave and Trim is fully washable for easy cleaning.

Remington F3-3900B

Remington F33900B

Remington F3-3900B is a foil shaver that has a rechargeable battery providing the shaver with 30 minutes of cordless runtime. It keeps the charge very well.

Remington F3-3900B uses surgical-grade stainless steel blades that are sharp and long lasting.

The shaver has dual foils that stay in close contact with the skin. Remington F3-3900B has a pop-up trimmer that you use to detail facial hair and trim up the sideburns.

Remington F3-3900B uses Pivot & Flex technology that allows the head to adjust for close contact with all the parts of the face. This foil shaver also has enhanced ergonomics and fits comfortably in the hand.

This shaver does not offer a particularly close shave, but it does get the job done.

One of the disadvantages of this model is that there is no low battery indicator. The shaver has a charging indicator that lights up when the shaver is charging, but there is no indicator that would warn you about low battery level.

Remington F3-3900B has a 2-year limited warranty.

Panasonic ES-RT51S

Panasonic ESRT51S

This foil shaver has 3 ultra-thin precision 30-degree Nanotech blades. The foil is made of stainless steel and is hypo-allergenic.  It is suitable for both wet and dry shaving.

Panasonic ES-RT51S has a built-in 45-degree razor trimmer that can add perfect finish to mustaches and sideburns.

This machine is equipped with a motor that has a power of 10,000 RPMs, allowing it to shave even the thickest facial hair.

This foil shaver has a 5-stage LCD power status, cleaning reminder and a charge indicator.

Panasonic ES-RT51S is 100% waterproof and cleans in seconds under the running water.

The package includes AC adapter, travel pouch, and a cleaning brush. There is no charging base, just an adaptor. Also, you can’t use this model when the cord is plugged in. Panasonic ES-RT51S only works from battery power.

This model weighs 7 ounces. Its dimensions are 6 x 1.6 x 2.4 inches.

The warranty is 2 years for parts and labor and 2 years for rechargeable battery. The warranty covers only faulty equipment and does not cover normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage.


Foil shavers are a great choice if you shave every day. This guide has several high-rated models. Choose the one that’s right for you and enjoy your shaves!

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