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Guides on Choosing Top Rated Electric Ranges 2018

best Electric Range reviews

An electric range is a kitchen appliance that uses heating elements powered by electricity for both stovetop and oven cooking. In this post, we will share tips on how to choose and help you find your best electric range.

Pros and cons of electric ranges

Electric ranges are a popular replacement for gas stoves for a number of reasons.



Overall, electric ranges are cheaper to manufacture and operate compared to gas ranges, especially if you don’t have a gas line already installed in your home or apartment. Cheaper costs of manufacturing mean that electric ranges are cheaper for end customers, too.

To operate an electric range all you have to do is to plug it into an outlet. There is no need to re-wire the kitchen, no extra costs or expenses.

Easy to clean

An electric range with a smooth top is really easy to clean because of the even surface of the cooktop. It doesn’t have any curves or burners that stick out from the surface in the way that a gas range does. At the same time, some glass or ceramic cooktops are so prone to scratches that you may need special liquids and sachets to clean them.


Even surface

In addition to being easy to clean, an even surface of an electric range with a smooth top is also extremely stable because of the absence of grates. When you are not using an electric range for cooking, you can be using it for counter space or storage.

Built-in ignition

All you have to do to turn an element on an electric cooktop is twist a knob or press a button. You do not need to use a separate ignitor. An electric range also provides a more consistent heat compared to a gas range.


Electric ranges look much sleeker and more modern compared to gas ranges because they do not have any burners or grates.

Extra Features

Electric ranges have been invented about 100 year after gas ranges. Because of this, they traditionally have more features. These features include built-in grillers, roasters, and extra fans.


Dependence on the power source

If the electricity goes out in your home or apartment, you won’t be able to cook using an electric range. A gas range typically uses electricity to power up its ignitors, but in a case of a power outage you can ignite it with a match or a lighter and cook anything you want. You may also like to check top gas ranges here.


A smooth cooktop can shatter if you drop something heavy on it or splash water while the cooktop elements are still hot. It is also possible to scratch the cooktop with certain pots and pans.

Pots and pans

Because certain cooktops are so prone to scratches and damage, you can’t just use any pots and pans to cook on them. You will need pots and pans with smooth, thick bottoms. You can’t use pots such as iron casts because they will scratch the cooktop. You can’t use pots with aluminum and copper bottom because these pots will leave marks on the cooktop that are impossible to remove. You also won’t be able to use painted enamel pots but for yet a different reason. Enamel can stick to the surface of an electric cooktop and lead to cracks and other damage.

Types of electric ranges

Electric ranges can be divided into two groups when it comes to power and into two groups when it comes to design.

When it comes to power, electric ranges are divided into electric smooth tops and electric induction ranges.

Design-wise an electric range can be freestanding or a slide-in. You can place a freestanding electric range anywhere in your kitchen. A slide-in range has sides that are not finished. Slide-in ranges are typically designed to slide into countertops and need cabinets on each side.

Electric smooth tops

In electric smooth tops, there is an electrical current flowing through metal coils located under the glass-ceramic surface of the smooth top. The energy then moves to the surface of the range, which, in turn, passes it onto the cookware and the food.

Induction electric ranges

Instead of metal coils, induction ranges have magnetic coils that directly heat up pots and pans. Induction ranges require special magnetic cookware. The main requirement for such cookware is the presence of a magnet in its bottom that would strongly stick to the induction cooktop.

Features of electric ranges

Width and size

Most electric ranges are 30 inches wide. Their height mostly depends on the volume of the oven. Some electric ranges have ovens as small as 3 cubic feet. Others have ovens that have a capacity of 7 cubic feet and sometimes even more.

Number and power of the cooktop elements

Different ranges have a different number of cooktop elements. This number usually ranges between 4 and 6. Some elements have a dual capability, meaning that they can work together to deliver more heat to the same cookware at the same time.

Timer and Auto Shut-Off Feature

A timer allows you to program the oven and start cooking foods while you are away from the oven. Auto shut-off feature turns the oven off for safety after a certain period of time.

Oven probe sensors

An oven probe sensor shows you the internal temperature of foods in the oven. These sensors have an alert mechanism that notifies the cook when the food is ready. Some models of electric ranges have wireless probe sensors. Such sensors allow you to be in a different room, away from the range.

Child locks

Child lock feature disables oven controls to prevent unauthorized access.

Secondary ovens

Many electric ranges come with a cooktop and two ovens, a big one and a small one. You can use the ovens separately to cook different dishes. You can also use the small oven as a warming drawer to keep the foods warm until you are ready to serve them.

Top 5 Best Electric Ranges 2018

In the paragraphs below, you can find 5 top rated electric ranges. To give you more info, we have written short electric range reviews for each model.



LG LRE3083ST is a 30-inch freestanding electric convection range that comes in stainless steel color. The range has 5 cooktop elements. The elements range in power between 100 Watts and 3,200 Watts. 3,200 Watts is the power of each of the two rings in the double element. Combined, these elements provide a total of 6,400 Watts of power for rapid boiling and cooking. The 100 Watt element is great as a warming zone to keep your food warm until you are ready to serve it.

In addition to 5 cooktop elements, LG LRE3083ST has a true convection oven with a capacity of 6.3 cubic feet. The oven is great for both baking and roasting. Other than baking and roasting, it also has modes for broiling, warming, proofing and favorites. The oven has 3 standard racks.

This electric range has a storage drawer where you can store everything and anything from cookie sheets to cooling racks. It is a best reated electric range.

LG LRE3083ST has three self-clean cycles: a 3-hour one, a 4-hour one, and a 5-hour one. These cycles do the cleaning for you and eliminate the need for scrubbing.

You can control the oven and the heating elements from LG IntuiTouch keypad control that has a scrolling display.

LG LRE3083ST has a 12-hour delay bake timer that lets you start cooking when it’s most convenient for you. This electric range also has an auto shut-off feature that turns the oven off if you accidentally leave it on.

WideView Window and a GoCook interior light let you see the food without having to open the door of the oven.

The range does not come with a power cord. You will need either a 3-prong or a 4-prong power cord depending on the outlets that you have in your home. It is one best electric range on the market.

LG LRE3083ST weighs 167 pounds. It is 25.875 inches deep, 47.125 inches high and 29.875 inches wide. This electric range comes with a 1-year parts and labor limited warranty.

Samsung NE59J7630SS


Samsung NE59J7630SS is a 30-inch wide freestanding electric range with a convection oven.

The oven has a capacity of 5.9 cubic feet and comes with 2 wire racks. The oven is a true convection oven with a heated fan that distributes the temperature thoroughly and evenly through the oven.

The cooktop comes with 5 separate burners, one of which is a triple burner.

This electric range has a steam clean feature that cleans the range in 20 minutes. Samsung NE59J7630SS also has a self-clean option for a longer, deeper clean.

The appliance has a child safety lock that allows you to keep the kids away when the oven is on. Just like other electric ranges in this review, Samsung NE59J7630SS has a storage drawer where you can store your pots and pans.

The device is 47.095 inches high, 29.875 inches wide and 25.969 inches deep.



GE PHS920SFSS is a 30-inch wide slide-in electric range with an induction cooktop and a convection oven.

The oven has a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet. It comes with 2 heavy-duty self-cleaning racks and 1 roller rack. You can position the racks in 6 different ways, accommodate all kinds of cookware and prepare different types of recipes.

This model is also a top rated electric range. The oven has a PowerBoil element for fast boiling and a true convection technology with precise air. It also comes with a halogen light and a window that let you monitor the food while it is cooking.

GE PHS920SFSS has a warming drawer with variable temperature control that locks in the heat to keep the food at a certain temperature until you are ready to serve it.

The cooktop has 5 elements, including one 6-inch warming zone in the center, one 6-inch element with 1800 Watts of power in the right rear corner, one 8-inch element with 2500 Watts of power in the left front corner, an 8-inch 2500 Watt element in the left rear corner and an 11-inch power boil element with 3700 Watts of power in the right front.

Electronic glass-touch controls make operating the range extremely easy and convenient. Child lock capability helps prevent unauthorized use.

The weight of GE PHS920SFSS is 241 pounds. The height of the unit is 37.25 inches. The width is 31.25 inches. The depth is 28.88 inches.

KitchenAid KSIB900ESS


KitchenAid KSIB900ESS is a 30-in electric induction range. It has 4 elements, a convection oven, and a baking drawer. The baking drawer is a separate compartment that you can use to bake additional items at a different temperature. You can also use the drawer to keep the items warm or slow cook them.

The oven is huge. It has a capacity of 7.1 cubic feet. KitchenAid has equipped the oven of this appliance with Even-Heat True Convection system. The system has a unique bow-tie design that together with the convection fan perfectly heats up the entire oven. A steam rack provides additional moisture to the inside of the oven. EasyConvect Conversion system helps the cooks convert their recipes for the convection oven and allows them to get exceptional results with all recipes.

KitchenAid KSIB900ESS also has a wireless probe displaying internal temperatures of the foods that you are preparing in the oven. Since the probe is wireless, you can walk away from the kitchen, but still be in control. You can set the probe to alert you when the food reaches a certain temperature. You can find more electric range reviews below.

4 induction elements on the cooktop have a bridge zone that can combine several elements into one large surface.

Glass touch panel offers simple and easy-to-use controls.

Electrolux EW30IS80RS


This is electric range review for Electrolux EW30IS80RS. This machine is a 30-inch electric range with an induction cooktop and a convection oven.

The oven is 4.6 cubic feet. It has Electrolux Perfect Taste Dual Convection system that uses two fans to circulate the air inside of the oven. It also has Electrolux Perfect Taste Temp Probe that monitors the internal temperature of foods in the oven. When the foods reach the desired temperature, the system adjusts oven heat and changes the setting to Keep Warm mode.

Electrolux EW30IS80RS has a complementary second oven with a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet.

The induction cooktop has professional temperature controls for all kinds of cooking, from delicate simmering to powerful searing. The cooktop is extremely fast and can boil water in just 90 seconds. Induction cooking generates heat directly in the cookware, which means that the cooktop surface stays cooler.

The cooktop has 4 elements. They are a 10-inch 2500 Watt element, an 8-inch 2300 Watt element, a 7-inch 1800 Watt element and a 6-inch 1200 Watt element.

Wave-touch controls allow you to see and manage your cooking options with just one touch.

Electrolux EW30IS80RS is 25.5 inches deep, 30 inches wide and 36.625 inches tall.


Electric ranges do not need a gas line, are easy to maintain and offer an array of features and capabilities that make them an excellent choice for all cooks, from novices to professionals. Hope from this electric range reviews, you have already know which one to choose.

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