The Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews 2018

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When you run into a tough cleaning job around the house you want to get the job done efficiently. An best electric pressure washer can cut your time in half. You don’t have to toil and struggle, scrubbing and cleaning. Just blast your way to cleaner, refreshed looking patios, garages, cars and even your home itself.

electric pressure washer reviews

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What Is An Electric Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer and a power washer are the same tools. Therefore, you may hear both names used. These devices release pressurized streams of water.

The water is under enough pressure to loosen old paint, dirt, and even mold. Pressure washers are also used to clean or strip buildings, concrete structures, and cars as well.

Some pressure washers are electric and some run on gas. Today, we will highlight electric pressure washer reviews.

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Benefits You’ll Get Owning An Electric Pressure Washer

The biggest thing you will gain from your pressure washer is time. You will also gain a deeper satisfaction in the cleanliness of your home. There is truly no other tool to substitute for a pressure washer.

Nothing else has the force necessary to peel off stubborn stains. The water literally removes paint, rust, and dirty grime and blasts it away. The most you’ll have to do after spraying is wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

It’s so much easier than scrubbing.

Because pressure washers are so versatile, they are every homeowner’s secret weapon. If you’ve ever wondered how your neighbor keeps his vinyl siding so clean, an electric pressure washer is probably the answer. You can use them for more than just cleaning, too.

With a pressure washer, you can perform regular maintenance tasks at home like cleaning out the gutters and washing pet kennels or crates. The list of things you can do with your pressure washer is long and helpful.

How To Choose The Best Electric Pressure Washer

When choosing your top rated electric pressure washer, strive for a combination of durability, power, control, and cost.

Long Lasting

Your pressure washer can last years if you choose a well designed model and take proper care of it. If you are choosing a battery operated electric pressure washer, consider battery life. Some electric power washers plug into a wall outlet, but this may lessen your reach while using the device.

Versatility and Control

Power washers with adjustable controls are extremely versatile. When you control the amount of pressure, you can safely clean more surfaces. For instance, you do not want to blast your car with a forceful jet of water. You must stay within safe ranges.

When analyzing versatility, make sure you consider how portable the washer is. If you have to struggle to maneuver the device around your house, you’re less likely to use it. You may have to compromise, however, and pick a machine that is relatively easy to move while still powerful and easy to control.

Guides on choosing electric pressure washer

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True Power

As much as you want to be able to turn down the pressure, you also need power. The top rated electric pressure washer you choose should be able to turn things up to handle tough jobs. If your washer isn’t powerful enough, you’ll be left scrubbing anyway. You’re looking for a power washer to avoid all of that in the first place.


You want to feel satisfied that your choice meets your needs at a great price. There are no prizes for paying more. By identifying what you need and shopping around, you can make the right choice for you at the best price.

Therefore, comparing and contrasting different makes and models of electric pressure washer brands is essential. There is no other way to properly analyze the cost to benefit ratio.

The Best Electric Pressure Washers Of 2018

Thank goodness for consumer reviews! They hold the key to informed purchasing choices. Each of the models in this guide are well loved by customers. They vary in price and features, but all meet the basic requirements you need in a pressure washer.

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AR Blue Clean AR383

The AR Blue Clean AR-383 is a winner because of its power, numerous accessories that make the unit versatile, and the small footprint. This pressure washer is easy to store, easy to use, and has a wide range of features.

Standard Unit Features

This high-quality machine has a huge range as a result of its cord that reaches 30 feet. There are no batteries to worry about but you’ll get a great range of motion. An extension cord will increase this range even further.

Additionally, the unit has a reel for easy storage. The hose wraps up neatly. It is on wheels to it is easy to transport. In fact, the dual-wheel trolley system and comfort handle are invaluable on long projects. It will reduce the wear and tear on your body.

It is a durable choice as well. The body is made of the finest copper and plastic and aluminum too. You can expect to have this device for years if you follow the manufacturer’s care directions.


Customers also favor this product because of the adjustable nozzle. This delivers the pressure control you need in a power washer. Tighten the stream for tough jobs and widen it for a more delicate clean.

Add your favorite soap easily with the injection kit to increase cleaning power even further. As a result of these advanced functions, the AR Blue Clean can tackle jobs from your driveway to your gutters.


This machine peaks at 1900 PSI. This PSI is quite strong when compared to other best rated electric pressure washers. It is not the very strongest in the guide, however.


The AR Blue Clean runs at 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

Additional Features

Safety is an important feature to look for in each power washer you consider. In this device, a total stop system delivers a complete power kill in just a press of a button. In addition, the pressure safety valve protects you from dangerous conditions such as losing control of the machine while in use.

Enjoy the peace of mind a warranty gives you. This device comes with a manufacturer guarantee to protect you if the machine fails or has a manufacturer defect.

It is 27 pounds. Please note this because this is one of the heaviest units in the guide when compared to the other top rated electric pressure washers.


The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty for all parts and manufacturer defects. Find the full warranty details on the manufacturer website.

electric pressure washer sun joe

Sun Joe SPX1000

This best rated power washer receives high reviews for light to moderate cleaning around and inside your home. This may not be the best candidate for stripping paint but it’s well rated and still very useful. It has a 1400 watt motor which is powerful enough for many jobs. It also runs on 11.5 amp power. Therefore, it will assist you over and over in your home.

If you want a pressure washer to make short work of cleaning off your patio or deck, the Sun Joe SPX1000 must be in consideration.

Standard Unit Features

This unit also has a total stop system, or TSS. This safety feature truly increases the comfort level for homeowners. You’ll never wrestle or wrangle the device or worry about a lack of control. In addition, this feature saves water and energy. It also saves the unit from wear and tear.


Consumers say that they love washing their vehicles with this unit. It is easy to reach the entire thing with the powerful 2030 pounds of pressure per square inch at your disposal. The washer unleashes 1.76 gallons per minute of ultimate cleaning power.


The Sun Joe machine has a high-performance pressure of 2030. The SunJoe is powerful!


This unit moves 1.45 gallons of water every minute.

Additional Features

As you will see in many of the top rated washers, attachments make a big difference. So do the connection tips. Because the unit is under pressure, the connections must be secure. They should also be specific and useful.

This washer ships with 5 additional connection tips. It also has a detergent adapter and allows users to choose from two different cleaning solutions. That is a very helpful feature.

It is a relatively light 31 pounds and has an electric cord that stretches a roomy 35 feet. Additionally, the long 20 foot hose helps you easily reach a number of angles and hard to reach spots.

It weighs almost twelve pounds. This is the lightest machine in the guide. The electric pressure washer reviews give us a signal that this model is a great option.


The manufacturer gives a 2 year warranty on this product. Please read all details at the vendor or manufacturer website.

electric pressure washer the force


The Force 2000 is another highly rated pressure washer that gets high marks for safety, versatility, and power. It comes with a warranty for the first year and additional coverage for the following year.

This electric pressure washer similar in power to the SunJoe, but still weighs roughly the same amount.

Standard Unit Features

Like the other well rated power washers in our review roundup, The Force has a TSS motor stop in its design. This not only increases the life of the electric pressure washer motor, but it makes the machine safer to use.

The hose keeper with manual winding keeps the hose tucked up and away when out of use.

The machine also has a brush motor inside. Temperature sensing technology protects the motor from damage. This will help your machine keep working for years and guard against misuse.

All of the accessories store with the unit. This is important, because you don’t want to be delayed by searching around for the proper attachment. Remember to read more electric pressure washer reviews of this model if you have interest.


Power and ease of use is crucial for power washers and The Force fits the bill. It is powerful but controllable and has safety features that are more than adequate.


The Force is well named with 1800-2000. Additionally, it bursts up to 3000 for extra cleaning muscle.


The Force operates at a moderately high 1.6.

Additional Features

The deck cleaner is very helpful because it is tailored to one of the most frequent uses for home electric power washers. The easily adjustable nozzle gives you total control over the size of the water area. The rotating punch nozzle helps remove grit and grime with very little elbow grease.

You will also enjoy the option of a detergent adapter to increase cleaning power if you need it.

The weight is not available but including shipping materials, the shipping weight is only 28 pounds. Therefore, the unit will be lighter than 28 pounds.


The manufacturer warranty is a 1 year warranty. If the product is damaged in shipping or arrives defective, customers are protected for the first 30 days from purchase. You will receive a full refund.

electric pressure washer ivation

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

The Ivation electric pressure washer is a sharp looking machine. It is compact and durable as well as versatile and easy to use and store. It is one top electric pressure washer with small size.

These features all put this model in contention for the best power washer on the market.

Standard Unit Features

The system is built on versatility and the manufacturer wants customers to be able to use this one machine to clean things both inside and outside of their home.

The on board soap dispenser and switchable nozzles are also incredibly dynamic. Because they offer different angles of spray direction, you’ll be able to reach anything around your home.


Between the 5 nozzles, you can wash all types of surfaces with or without detergent.

This electric pressure washer includes a booster staff and three attachments. Additionally, it has the standard TSS but also has optional self-suction.


A strong 2,200 pressure is plenty of power to save you from scrubbing stubborn surfaces.


This washer pushes 1.8 gallons per minute.

Additional Features

The weight of this device is 25 pounds. It is powerful but light and easy to use.


Enjoy a 1 Year Warranty on this product. Read all of the details from the manufacturer or vendor website.

electric pressure washer greenworks

GreenWorks GPW1501

If you simply need a lightweight, easy to store pressure washer for a little extra power at cleaning time, the GreenWorks GPW may be perfect for you. It isn’t the most powerful unit in the roundup, but it is well received by users all over the country for the helping hand it gives.

Standard Unit Features

This electric pressure washer is best for medium to light jobs around the house. It has a lightweight construction and a 1-year warranty to complement its compact design. You can feel secure taking it all over the house.

Extra nozzles offer versatility and you can use this product with or without soap.

The machine’s motor is universal and 13 amps. Additionally, it is water resistant which makes it very durable. It will deliver a maximum of 1.2 gallons per minute, which is a lot of power but not the most powerful of all of the cleaners we are reviewing today.


To achieve unparalleled stability, you can use this washer horizontally or vertically.

The nozzles on this electric pressure washer change easily with quick securing technology. That means no fumbling around in the middle of spring cleaning. One nozzle is 25 degrees and the other is 40 degrees. This system is simple and, therefore, easy to operate and store.

This washer is a relatively light 17.5 pounds.


This Greenworks unit has a mid range pressure rating of 1500. This is why it is ideal for lighter jobs. It will also handle many tougher projects, however. It should be sufficient for most home uses.


It runs up to 1.2.

Additional Features

The hose on the Greenworks machine is a standard 20 feet long. That is one of the shorter hose lengths in the guide. The manufacturer points out that its high-pressure hose is designed to increase reach.

You can also put soap in the dispenser for additional cleaning power and sanitation.

In addition, the long power cord travels 35 feet for a big range of motion.


Because this product is backed by a 1-year warranty, you can use it with confidence.

Making Your Choice

Any of the pressure washers profiled here make excellent home helpers. Therefore, the right one for you depends on your needs. Consider what you will use the machine for before completing your purchase. You can always ask questions at the manufacturer’s website and should also research consumer videos to see the electric pressure washer products in action.

Best of luck on your journey to make cleaning your home easier than it’s ever been before!

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