Best Double Wall Oven Buying Guide 2017

Double Wall Oven Reviews 2017: How to Choose A Best One

A double wall oven is a great device for a serious cook. In this post, we will find the best double wall oven for you step by step. Double wall ovens allow you to cook several meals at a time using different temperature and timer settings. Most of such ovens come with extended functionality and have a lot of capacity, allowing you to cook dishes for big families and gatherings. This guide will explain to you what features to look for in a double wall oven and at the end will have a bonus for cooks who find a double oven to be not enough. From the bonus, you will learn about how you can create your own triple wall oven combination.

Double wall functionality

Since a double oven is an appliance for those who cook a lot, most double wall ovens come with a lot of features.


reviews double wall oven

In a double wall oven, both ovens would usually have convection functionality. This means that the ovens have at least one fan each. Some ovens have two fans per oven. The fans distribute hot air evenly in the oven, which improves the quality of cooking.

Probe sensors

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Most ovens also come with probe sensors. A probe sensor has a part that looks like a needle. The needle goes inside of the meat and poultry during the cooking process and monitors the internal temperature of the food. When the food reaches the desired internal temperature, some ovens shut off automatically and some switch to “keep warm” mode. This means that your food will be cooked to perfection every single time.

Delayed timer

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A delayed timer allows you to turn the oven on and to start cooking even when you are not home. By using a delayed timer you can have the oven prepare foods for you in your absence and have the food ready when you arrive.

Child lock feature

double wall ovens

A child lock locks the ovens and does not let children open oven doors or change any of the mode or timer settings.

Convection microwave sensor cooking

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High-end convection ovens, including many in this guide, come with probe sensors. Some ovens are convection microwaves that come with sensor cooking functionality. This means that you can specify what kind of food you want to cook in your convection oven microwave, how you want to cook it and how much food you are going to be cooking. A microwave with a sensor cooking option will then adjust the cooking time and cooking temperature based on the data it gets from the sensors inside of the microwave. In our double wall oven reviews today, you will find more about this.

Capacity and power

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Double wall oven units have powerful broil, bake and convection elements that should satisfy the needs of any cook, from a beginner to a professional.

Top 5 Best Double Wall Ovens and Reviews 2017

In the paragraphs blow, we will introduce 5 top rated double wall ovens and reviews of them.


LG LSWD306ST oven

This double oven comes in stainless steel. The unit is 30 inches wide and has two ovens with the capacity of 4.7 cubic feet each. This is one of the slickest and best-looking double wall ovens on the market.

Inspired by Nate Berkus

It has a professional design inspired by Nate Berkus, an American interior designer and author of the books The Things That Matter and Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live into a Place You’ll Love. Berkus has also appeared on numerous TV shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he provided design advice to the audience. Also, Berkus has several lines of products, including his 150-piece Target Home collection.

His book The Things That Matter became a New York Times Bestseller. Seattle times called it one of the best books of the year.

Nate Berkus and LG

Berkus has worked with LG as an artistic advisor during the development of LG Studio collection of products. The collection includes a microwave, an oven, a double oven, and ranges.

The goal of Berkus was to marry functionality with high-end design. Berkus is convinced that appliances need to look good both in the store and 10 years after they have been installed in a kitchen.

LG Studio appliances offer technology and innovation. Two ovens allow you to prepare various dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

LG LSWD306ST Features

As a top rated double wall oven, the ovens have 4 modes, including Bake, Roast, Crisp Healthier Roast.

LG EasyClean technology cleans the ovens on its own. You don’t need to use any chemicals or cleaners to keep it in pristine shape. All you have to do is sprinkle the interiors of the oven with water, choose the EasyClean mode and wipe the ovens when the cleaning cycle is over. In addition to the EasyClean mode, there is also a traditional clean cycle that offers a deep clean.

The bake element in the lower oven is hidden. This means the oven doesn’t have hard to reach areas that would collect food and spills and be difficult to clean.

Both ovens come with the variable broil feature and have broil elements with 2,500 Watts of power and 8 passes. Bake elements are hidden and also have 2,500 Watts of power and 8 passes. There are 5 rack positions.

Auto shut-off feature turns the ovens after 12 hours of operation. There are three halogen lamps in each of the ovens for three-dimensional lighting.

Both ovens are convection ovens with 2,000 Watt convection element.

This double wall oven comes with the following accessories: a broiler pan, a grid, a meat probe, four heavy-duty racks and two gliding racks.

The warranty is 2 years.

The unit is 29.75 inches wide, 52.625 inches high and 24.375 inches deep. LG LSWD306ST weighs approximately 270 pounds.


GE PT9800SHSS oven

GE PT9800SHSS is a double wall oven from GE Profile line of products. This oven is 30 inches wide. Both ovens are electric and have convection functionality.

The top oven is a 1.7 cubic feet Speedcook oven with GE Advantium technology. The technology uses instantaneous halogen heat that allows to skip preheating.

Advantium technology cooks the outside of the food like a convection oven using radiant heat from halogen bulbs. The technology offers 5 cooking modes: convection bake, microwave, proof, speedcook and warm.

The top oven has 1000 Watts of microwave power. The size of the turntable is 16 inches.

The upper oven has more than 150 pre-programmed menu selections that make cooking any recipe a breeze.

The lower oven has a capacity of 5 cubic feet. It comes with 2 heavy-duty oven racks and 1 roller rack. There are 6 ladder-rack positions, which means that you’ll be able to alter the space inside of the oven to fit your cooking needs.

The lower oven has a self-cleaning mode with a steam option. There is also a delay-clean feature that allows you to choose a start time for the self-clean process.

The bottom oven has four modes: convection bake, convection bake multi/single rack, convection broil and convection roast.

Glass touch controls make using the ovens convenient and cleaning the controls easy.

The features of the controls include audible preheat signal, delayed start, a clock and a kitchen timer, meat probe, Sabbath mode, control lock option and more.

KitchenAid KODE500ESS

KitchenAid KODE500ESS

KitchenAid KODE500ESS is a 30-inch double electric convection oven in stainless steel color. The ovens are very large. Each oven has a capacity of 5 cubic feet.

Just like other KitchenAid ovens, this appliance has each oven equipped with a unique bow-tie design and a convection fan.

Both ovens also have a temperature probe that allows accurate measuring of the internal temperature of poultry and meats without opening the door.

This double oven has precision touch controls and handles with satin texture.

EasyConvect Conversion System ensures great results by taking the guesswork out of convection cooking.

Even-Heat Preheat feature removes cold air to prepare an oven for baking.

Bake element has 2,800 Watts of power. Broiler element comes with 4,000 Watts of power. You can control the internal oven halogen lights using a light touch pad.

There is a delay-start function that lets you prepare foods on your schedule. A control lock prevents unauthorized use of the appliance.

This double wall oven comes with 1-year limited warranty and a 5-year warranty for the electric element.

The dimensions of the unit are 30 inches by 51.25 inches by 26.875 inches. The weight is 256 pounds.

Samsung NV51K7770DG

SamsungNV51K7770DG double wall oven

Samsung NV51K7770DG is a 30-inch double wall oven that comes in black stainless steel color. It has a steam cook feature that delivers moisture at exact times for tender inside and crispy outside of food.

The total capacity of this double wall oven is 10.2 cubic feet.

You will control the oven with big metallic knobs that have built-in illuminated indicators. Their big design makes them easy to grab and provides enhanced usability.

This double wall oven has Samsung Flex Duo capability. This means that you can slide a partition in the middle and get two ovens instead of one with an upper and a lower cooking zone that you can use independently of each other, be it temperature or time settings.

When you need to cook items such as frozen pizzas, there’s no need to preheat an oven. You can begin cooking foods immediately using convection bake or convection roast settings.

Samsung Hybrid Clean system cleans the ovens on its own, without any odors or scrubbing. It uses a combination of high heat and steam to dissolve grease that you will be able to quickly wipe away.

This double oven has Dual Convection system. There are two fans that evenly spread the heat all around the oven. The system is great for both baking and broiling.

Both ovens have soft closing doors that guarantee a peaceful cooking experience.

Wi-fi connection


Samsung NV51K7770DG has wi-fi connectivity that lets you monitor the ovens remotely from your smartphone using Samsung Smart Home app. The app is available both for iOS and Android. The app connects to various Samsung home devices including washers, refrigerators, vacuums and more.

To connect your double wall oven to a smartphone, you will need to choose “smart control” setting on one of the oven control knobs, select the oven on the app and use arrows to choose the temperature, mode and time on the phone. You will also be able to use your smartphone to check the temperature of your roasts with temperature probe feature.

The bake heater has 3,000 Watts of power. The broil heater has 4,400 watts of power. The interior lamps are halogen and LED.

Electrolux EI30EW45PS


Electrolux EI30EW45PS is a 30-inch electric double wall oven with IQ-Touch controls that show all cooking options at all times.

Each oven has a capacity of 4.8 cubic feet, a 2,000 Watt Bake element, a 4,000 Watt Broil element and a variable 2-speed convection fan.

The ovens come with Electrolux Perfect Taste convection and temperature probe features. The convection feature circulates the air and temperature probe switches heat to keep warm when food reaches perfection.

The ovens have luxury-glide racks that use a ball bearing system to roll in and out the ovens effortlessly.

There are seven precise baking options. They are dehydrate, bread-proof, my favorite, rapid preheat, convection convert and delayed bake. “My favorite” is a setting that you can customize and have it available to you at a touch of a button.

Both ovens have designer halogen lighting that provides great visibility of the interiors.

A unique flat oven door design has fewer ridges and is easy to clean and open.

This double wall oven comes with an exclusive limited warranty, including 3-year coverage of parts.

Bonus Section: What To Do If You Want More Than Two Ovens

If you want a more than a double wall oven, you have three options.

Option #1. The only true built-in triple oven available on the market is Thermador PODMW301J.

Option #2. Some manufacturers offer bundles that consist of an electric range with double ovens and an over-the-range microwave, which makes them a triple-oven appliance. Kenmore is one of such manufacturers and we included one of such bundles in this review. The benefit of getting a bundle like this is that you save precious counter space because the microwave is over-the-range and you also get an electric range in addition to three ovens.

Option #3. Many manufacturers do not offer triple-oven bundles but do offer products that you can combine into getting a double oven microwave combo.

For example, you can get a GE Profile Series 30 PT925SNSS Built-in Convection Oven and a GE Profile Series 30 PT7800SHSS Combo of a convection microwave and a convection wall oven. GE Profile Series 30 PT925SNSS and GE Profile Series 30 PT7800SHSS have the same width and the same depth, meaning that you can combine them into one built-in unit. You can also do this with appliances from Bosch, KitchenAid, Whirlpool and other appliance manufacturers. The key to finding what you want is to make sure that the appliances you are looking for belong to the same line of products, for example, GE Profile Series, and have the same width.

In most cases, width is included in the name of the appliance. The most popular widths for ovens and microwaves are 24, 27, 30, 36 and 48 inches. If you see this number in the name of a unit, most likely it means width.

Thermador 30″ Professional Series Stainless Steel Triple Oven – PODMW301J

ThermadorPODMW301J double wall oven

Thermador PODMW301J has two ovens and a microwave. One of the ovens is a convection oven. The microwave is a convection microwave. The smaller oven is a regular oven.


The convection oven has 4.7 cubic feet of capacity. It comes with a professional style chronometer and restaurant-style knobs and handle. It is a true convection oven with precise airflow that provides the same exact temperature on multiple racks without any flavor exchange. The oven comes with three advanced culinary modes: dehydrate, proof and warm. It also has a timer with an automatic delay mode and 12 advanced professional cooking modes.

The top rated double wall oven has a heavy-duty rotisserie with up to 12 pounds of capacity, allowing you to roast large poultry evenly on all sides. It also has a powerful halogen light with an auto-dimming feature that lets you check on the cooking progress of your dishes.

This device has automatic door locks, temperature probe cooking feature and a Sabbath mode.

SoftClose door has hinges that prevent slamming and provide extremely smooth of the door of the oven.

The 12-pass broil element has 5,000 Watts of power. It is the most powerful broil element on the market. With it, you will be able to broil even the largest dishes and get great results every time.

The oven also has a super-fast preheat feature that preheats the oven in less than 7 minutes. Its self-cleaning mechanism cleans the interior walls and rack supports in just 2 hours.


The microwave has 1.5 cubic feet of capacity and 1,000 watts of power. It comes with a 15-inch ceramic turntable. The microwave also has touch controls with a blue display, 10 power levels, sensor cooking and sensor reheat functionality.

The warming drawer has an internal capacity of 2.6 cubic feet. Just like the large oven, it has a SoftCase handle. There are four heating modes: low, medium, high and proof.

Thermador PODMW301J is 29.75 inches wide, 23.875 inches deep and 61.375 inches high. The door clearance is 22 inches. The shipping weight of the unit is 328 pounds. The device requires a minimum base support of 429 pounds.

Kenmore Double Oven and Microwave Bundle

KenmoreBundle double wall oven

Kenmore double oven and microwave bundle consists of a Kenmore 97613 electric range with 7.2 cubic feet of capacity of oven space and an over-the-range microwave Kenmore 80333.

Having a microwave above the range saves your counter space, provides convenience and gives your kitchen a stylish look and feel.

Range with double ovens

The range has four different elements and has 2,500 Watts of radiant heat.  The dual element can switch from a 6-inch size to 9-inch size in seconds. The cooktop is made of ceramic glass that has a modern look and is really easy to clean and maintain.

There are five settings for radiant surface elements that range from low to hi. The low setting is recommended for keeping foods warm and simmering. The high setting is for broiling and bringing water to boil.

The ovens have large viewing windows through which you can check on the progress of your food without opening the doors and altering the temperature inside of the ovens. Both ovens have an equal capacity at 3.6 cubic feet of inside space per oven. Each oven also has 2,500 Watts of bake element wattage.

The upper oven has 14 settings that include bake, broil, convection bake, warm and hold and others. The lower oven has 9 control settings. The lower oven does not come with a convection mechanism.

Only the upper oven has a timer that will beep when the time runs out. The timer does not start or stop the cooking. For that, there is a separate cook time feature that both the upper and the lower oven are equipped with.

Both ovens also have self-clean mechanisms with a 2-hour cycle and a 4-hour cycle. They also have oven locks to prevent unauthorized access.


Kenmore 80333 microwave has 1.7 cubic feet of space. It has a number of cooking modes that range from sensor defrosting to preprogrammed settings. The microwave has 1,000 Watts of power and one-touch controls. There is also a child lock and a 2-speed fan to ventilate the air in your kitchen.

The dimensions of the double oven unit are 30 inches by 25.75 inches by 46.25 inches. The unit weighs 226 pounds. The microwave is 29.875 inches wide, 16.406 inches high and 15.25 inches deep. It weighs 53.6 pounds. There is a warranty of 1 year for both units.

GE Profile Series 30 PT7800SHSS Microwave and Oven Combination + GE Profile Series 30 PT925SNSS Built-in Convection Wall Oven

GE Profile PT925SNSS

GE Profile PT925SNSS is a true European convection oven with a total capacity of 5 cubic feet.  It has two doors and a dual capacity, meaning that you can use this oven as two ovens or as one oven. This functionality can turn your double oven microwave combo into a triple oven microwave combo and allow you to use four ovens. The upper oven space is 2.2 cubic feet. The lower oven is 2.8 cubic feet. The bake wattage is 1700 Watts for the upper oven and 2200 Watts for the lower oven. The convection wattage is 1300 Watts.

This unit has a six-pass broil element for full broil coverage and even browning. The oven racks are heavy duty and clean themselves when the self-clean mode is on. There are 2 upper and 3 lower embossed rack positions.

Glass touch controls will allow you to set the temperatures effortlessly and quickly.

The oven has a halogen light so that you can easily see the progress of your cooking.

The oven comes with a number of useful features including audible preheat signal, Sabbath mode, child lock, delay back, oven meat probe, warm mode and variable broil.

GE Profile Series 30 PT7800SHSS


GE Profile Series 30 PT7800SHSS is a 30-inch combination of a convection oven and a microwave.

The oven has true European convection functionality because of the combination of a third heating element and a fan. It also comes with a self-clean heavy-duty roller rack.

There is a ten-pass bake element that covers a large surface area for even baking.

The oven has a capacity of 5 cubic feet. It is ideal for family cooking, parties and holidays.

The microwave has a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet. It comes with 1000 Watts of cooking power and 10 modes for everything from defrosting foods to boiling water. Just like the oven, the microwave has convection functionality and circulates the air for better tasting results.

The turntable inside the microwave is 16 inches in diameter.

Bosch HBL8751UC + Bosch HBL8451UC

Bosch HBL8451UC

Bosch HBL8451UC

Bosch HBL8451UC is a 30-inch stainless steel convection oven. Its bake element has 2,400 Watts of power. The broil element has 3,800 Watts of power and the convection element comes with 2,000 Watts of power.

The best rated double wall oven has a QuietClose door with dampened hinges for soft and quiet door shutting.

There is a full-extension telescopic rack for safe and convenient access to the cavity of the oven.

Touch controls have Bosch SteelTouch buttons for easy oven operation.

The oven has 12 cooking modes that make gourmet cooking easy and simple. The modes include custom modes such as pizza, proof and warm.

Bosch HBL8451UC comes with a meat probe that is great for keeping an eye on large roasts of meat. When your dish reaches the pre-determined internal temperature, the oven will shut itself off and provide you with a perfectly cooked dish.

The unit also has a 2-hour self-clean cycle that takes care of the cleaning for you.

Bosch HBL8451UC has not just one, but two lights for better monitoring of the cooking progress. There is also a timer with a cook time and delay start features.

Bosch HBL8751UC

Bosch HBL8751UC

Bosch HBL8751UC is a combination of a wall oven and a microwave. The oven is a twin of the HBL8451UC model. It has dampened hinges, true European convection, touch controls and a telescopic rack.

The microwave has Bosch AutoChef cooking cycles for faster cooking times. Just like the oven, the microwave comes with convection functionality. The microwave has 1000 Watts of power. The broil element in the microwave has 1750 Watts of power and the convection element comes with 1700 watts of power.

The microwave has 10 levels of power, a kitchen timer, and a child lock. The diameter of the turntable is 14.125 inches.


If you are looking for a best double wall oven, you are probably a serious cook looking for appliances with a lot of features and great functionality. All the units in this double wall oven review are loaded with useful features including convection modes, self-cleaning options, timers and delayed cooking capabilities, multiple levels of power, oven settings and more. The reviews covers double wall ovens and even triple ovens, explaining how you can combine several appliances with the functionality you want into one large unit.

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