7 Kitchen Cleaning Tips You Should Live By

How Often is Your Kitchen cleaned?

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When people clean the kitchen, even maids, they are often cleaning what can be seen by anyone that walks into the place.  Since guests will typically not be in your cupboards or other areas of the kitchen, we often neglect to clean them or clean them properly.  Those areas get dirty too, and that dirt is usually caused by food or contaminants that could endanger our health when we are cooking.  It could also lead to an infestation of bugs if the area is in the open or where bugs can get to it.  Just because these areas are not visible to everyone, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cleaned.  You may not get to clean them every day, but at least once a month, and sometimes longer for some of these items, they should be cleaned.


Fridge in home

Top to bottom the fridge needs to be cleaned out.  This is best done when you are low on groceries and before you hit the store to restock.  You want to wipe down all the shelves and take out the drawers to wash them.  Make sure they are dry before you put them back or you could get either some stinky water or ice if they go in the freezer.  The top of the fridge will need to be dusted, and possibly degreased depending on your kitchen and where the stove is.  Wipe down the front and the handles using a disinfectant to keep the germs away.  The fridge is one of those items that if you keep it clean on a regular basis with cleaning up messes and wiping down the handles you might not need to clean it again for several months.  Be aware if something spills as it could drip all the way down, getting into drawers and contaminating food all the way down.


Stove in your kitchen

For some people, the stove needs to be spotless after each use.  For others, it means wiping it down but not really scrubbing it clean on a daily basis.  They might instead only do this once a month or when they get time to do it.  The problem is that after a while it starts to look horrible, and the longer the mess sits underneath the grillers, the harder it will be to remove.  Try to at least scrub it down weekly, although if you are a daily cleaner than your stove will always look nice and be easier to clean.  Cleaning behind the stove can be problematic for many people as the stove doesn’t always slide out that easy.  If your stove can slide out without damaging anything it is suggested that you do so at least once a month and sweep up underneath.


Some people must have their floors mopped daily.  Depending on how many people are in the house and how often those people are walking through the kitchen

floor of your house

should determine how often the floor is cleaned.  It should be swept every single day though so you won’t be getting out of that duty.  Dust and dirt will collect on a daily basis, even if you live alone.  Mopping or scrubbing the floor can be done as much as every other day if there are at least 3 people in the house, to as little as once a week.  Too much scrubbing or mopping of the floors can actually damage it, although this all depends on the type of flooring that you have.


With the exception of when we move into a new place, most of us never think about cleaning the cupboards.  True, we might wipe down the outside of them, especially if they are wood, but inside those cupboards it can get dusty and needs to be wiped out regularly.  Once every couple of months you might want to take everything out of a cupboard and wipe it down.  Let it dry for a few moments before you put everything back.  Keep your glasses dust free by storing them upside down so dust doesn’t get into them.  This not only allows you to keep your cupboards clean and free of debris, but allows you to clean anything else out of it that you don’t want.  The outside of the cupboards should be wiped down on a weekly basis.


The oven is one of those major appliances that might only see heavy use during the winter months.  There might be light use of it during the fall and spring

oven in your home

months, and maybe no use at all during the summer.  The best time to clean it, is after each use, however not everyone has time for that.  Instead try and clean it once a month when it is in use, and clean up any spills as they happen.  Since the winter time gets the most use of the oven, you might want to clean it prior to those cold months hitting.


Most people wouldn’t think that a dishwasher or even the washer and dryer need to be cleaned, but they do.  Since these units seem to deal with water and soap, you would imagine that they are automatically cleaning themselves.  A dishwasher might need more cleaning than a washer would because of the fact that food tends to collect in the drains and can lead to some foul smells.  Depending on how often you use it, you might want to clean it more often.  There are special rinses that you can use that will clean out the inside, but you might have to empty to food trap by hand at least on a weekly basis to avoid odors and rotting food.

Counter Appliances

Most of the appliances that sit on your counter are going to be cleaned when you use them.  The blender, the coffee pot, are a few of those items, the crockpot is another.  The toaster however, is something that is often neglected and can be a scene for ants to enjoy.  Most toasters have a trap on the bottom that can be pried open so you can empty all the bread crumbs.  It can be wiped down too to get everything off it.

Cutting boards are another thing that needs to be cleaned regularly, as are the counter tops.  These should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes that are safe for the kitchen.  You will be preparing food on these areas, so you want it to be clean so it is safe for the food you are preparing.

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