5 Ideas to Use Your Garden Space

The Garden That Works Best in Your Home

Owning a home means having a yard to plant almost anything you want in it. Depending on the place you live in, the front yard is usually set for grass, shrubs, trees and flowers. If there is a home owner’s society that you belong to it has to be maintained to a certain standard, or you could face a fine.

So changing the landscaping in the front yard could be out of the question when you are trying to decide on what you want to plant for a garden. You can generally trim or shape the shrubs, and plant colorful flowers, something the whole community can enjoy when they walk by.

Go around the house to the backyard and you have plenty of options to choose from. Depending on where the sun hits during the day, the sides of the house could be viable planting spots as well. Climate in your area will also play a factor on what you are able to plant, as will the amount of water that is available. Hot temperatures and low amounts of water can still allow you to plant some decorative cactus or aloe plants. Or it could mean ferns, flowers, or fruits and vegetables. When looking at the backyard there are some things you need to consider.


children play in the garden

When there are children in the home, especially when they are young, they need a place that is safe for them to play outside. This can limit the amount of garden space that you will be able to work with, which could be a blessing. There may not be a lot of time to spend in the garden when you are dealing with young children, but it is also a great place to teach them to appreciate the garden. While you can still provide them with the play area they need in the middle of the yard, you can easily plant along the perimeter. Many flowers will take little care so they can grow easily along the perimeter so long as they are getting enough sun. This also saves you some time, that you can spend with the little ones. Fruits and vegetables however can be a fun project for the kids to get involved in, and teach them a love for gardening and plants at the same time. Be sure and leave enough space between walls or fences so that everything can grow the way it should. You will also want to be careful to not plant anything with thorns or keep them well away from the young ones if you do.


garden backyard space

Some backyards are bigger than others, and the space that you have available will determine where you want to plant your garden, and what you want to plant in your garden. What you plant is going to be determined by the angle of the yard and where the sun hits though. The better the sunlight is in a particular area will determine what will grow better. You might want to remember that some plants need less sunlight then others to thrive, so choose your plants accordingly. Your local nursery will be able to tell you what will grow well in your areas. You can also choose to use pots or plant directly in the ground depending on the look of your yard. Of course the backyard is also a place to relax so keep in mind you are going to want some chairs to enjoy the view of your garden and perhaps show it off as well. If you happen to have a deck with rails there are deck planters that allow you to have plants on the sides of the rails. This will bring some of the green a little closer to home.

Flowers or Food

flower kitchen, backyard

Now that you have determined what you are able to grow and where, it’s time to decide what you want to grow. Flowers will take some care, generally with basic maintenance such as sunlight, water, good soil, and an occasional weeding. There are plenty to choose from and they can brighten up your garden with various colors. The smells when they bloom are delightful and will bring a great fragrance to your yard. Roses are fantastic and one of my personal favorites since they have so many colors.

Fruits and vegetables are a great choice if you want to plant some food in the yard. IF there is enough deep soil you might want to try carrots and potatoes. Corn is a good one in a warm climate but does get a little messy. Strawberries are great but be sure and place a plastic owl or snake near them to keep the birds from picking at them. An herb garden for some fresh spices might be just the thing if you like flowers as they are fragrant and you will know when they are in bloom.


Backyard, garden, greenhouseIf you have a large yard you might want to consider a greenhouse. You can control the climate in here and grow virtually anything you want if you have large enough planters. A bonus to a green house is that it is a great way to store everything and lock it up if you need to. The best part is that you can grow anything all year round when you set the right temperature and control it well. And it will keep any fruit away from predators such as birds and rodents as well.

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