5 Good Ideas to Decorate or Redecorate Your Home

Decorating or Redecorating Your Home, Some Tips to Live By

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Whether you are moving into a new place, or just want to redesign what you already have there are a few things to consider before you get started. First would be the paint job on the walls. Decide if the color is right or whether you want to change it. It doesn’t have to be traditional, you can think outside the box. The next thing you are going to want to consider is what you want to have on the walls, windows and doorways. Here are some tips to help you decide:

About The Windows

window curtains

window curtains

Your windows let in light, which in the summer also let in heat. They are there to look out of, and most if not all of them open. You don’t want to decorate them with things that will fall off when they open, unless it is temporary. But you do want to consider whether you want curtains, blinds or even tinting on the windows. Curtains come in a variety of colors and can be paired with valiances for different tones. Blinds will be one color only and are costlier to change, but have their upside when it comes to privacy. Tinting will block the sun which is great in the summer, but leaves your place a little gloomy in the winter.

Wall Hangings and Artwork

Your walls can be decorated with a variety of different types of wall hangings. There are the typical pictures of the family which can be found in hallways and stairwells. A very traditional sense of decor in that aspect. And there is artwork of different varieties depending on your taste for talent, design, or whether you like the painting in general. Nature and landscapes are often great choices. There are also small walls shelves, shadow boxes, floating shelves and corner shelves that make the room appear more spacious as well as adding depth to the room. These shelf types hanging can end up holding various nik naks that you might have collected over the years.

Wall Painting or Graphics

wall painting

Thinking out of the box means being a little more creative and doing something different. When considering what to put on the walls think about what will be in the room before you paint it. The colors don’t have to be traditional, so when thinking of children’s rooms you can actually paint your own designs or even have the children place their hand prints on the wall. Wall graphics are a popular choice and they are more creative than mere stickers placed on the walls these days. You can place them based on favorite movies, or television shows, even sports teams have their own graphics. You can design a room to look like a forest. And another idea is graphic words such as a favorite quote, or something that represents your family placed directly on the wall. If you have a little artistic flare of your own, add some flowers or use the wall as your own canvas.

Throw Rugs / Floor Coverings

floor rug

If your house is already carpeted, you might not even thing of adding a throw rug or a floor mat with the exception of maybe the front and back doors. However, a throw rug will add a little more color to a room that is already carpeted, as well as protect the carpet and insulate it a little more. For those homes that get cold in the winter this works as a dual purpose form of decorating. If you have nothing but wood and tile in your home a throw rug will add a little comfort as well as color and design. And it gives you a place to keep your feet warm in the winter when the other flooring will get cold. Rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different types for bathrooms and kitchens as well. Memory foam mats are great for kitchen and the bathroom, but might be a little odd throughout the house. Consider a roll up rug that is a similar tone to the wall when you are placing it in the room, or perhaps patterned for those on the adventurous side.

Improve The Lightings

You don’t have to be a master electrician to add lighting to your home. In fact, depending on what you are thinking about adding you might only need a level and a screwdriver. If you are going to add lights to the wall, be sure and get something that adds the same feel as the furniture. Keeping antique styles together versus something more modern will add to the ambiance of the room, instead of confusing your guests. You can purchase themed lights for children’s rooms at most toy stores or children’s boutiques. Consider a room light in large rooms with perhaps a smaller reading light in areas with couches or comfortable chairs. Wall lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are ease to add to the wall, so long as you do it near a power switch. With newer technology smaller lights can put out more light than what you might expect.

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