5 Easy Tips on How to Give Your Home a Personalized Look

5 Easy Tips on How to Give Your Home a Personalized Look

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Perhaps you have spotted a nice bedroom design at the furniture shop, and you badly want to have the exact same look in your room. Or, you might have been flipping through the pages of an IKEA magazine and came across a cute Scandinavian-inspired kitchen that you want to pattern in designing your own kitchen at home.

While you are probably so much in love with the designs you see, it is not exactly a brilliant idea to copy the exact same look. After all, how else can you give your home its unique character if you are only adopting all the styles you see? The best thing to do is to use these gorgeous designs as inspiration in creating an original look for your home that matches your personality. Always remember that designing your home is a step by step process, and you are free to make any adjustments or customization as you go along.

So, if you are in search of tips on how to get you started in designing your home, then the following tips should be quite helpful for you.

1. Update the look with a versatile mantel.

When designing your home, you should consider the possibility of updating or changing the look once in a while for variety. There may be times when a particular occasion comes up, so this would call for specific decorative items to put up just to achieve the overall vibe you want. In this case, you may consider having a mantel or tabletop that can be altered in terms of the design. If you have a mantel or tabletop at home, put it in a certain spot that can be seen easily each time you do some redesigning.

What’s more, there is no need to go complex with your design. You can use a gorgeous vase, some flowers and accessories or trinkets to match the event you have in mind. Consider the colors and symbols for the occasion and showcase these on your mantel.

2. Give your gallery walls a posh look.

Picture Wall

Picture Wall

Transform your walls from boring and blah-looking to absolutely fantastic. In fact, you can personalize your walls and turn these into something more suitable to your particular taste. For the living room or bedroom, you can hang sentimental photos of your family, which would make you want to gaze at the wall and reminisce loving memories.

As for a kitchen gallery wall, there are endless options for the design. You can simply hang any item that will represent your kitchen whether it is a framed photo of a scrumptious dish, some ceramic trinkets, or a dainty plate to match your motif for this part of your home. Just make it colorful, fun and catchy without compromising style.

3. Go for DIY decorative features.

DIY Home Decoration

DIY Home Decoration

Not quite satisfied with the pieces of furniture you see at the showroom of your favorite furniture store? If so, then a smart thing to do is by making your very own furniture that showcases your style. DIY desks, chairs, shelves and other essential pieces can give a unique vibe in your home, so you can stamp your style instead of copying what you find in a magazine.

DIY items allow you to personalize the feel and appearance of your home. You will also be able to express your creativity and artistry by making these projects, which you can do by yourself or your loved ones.

4. Think “Vintage”.

Vintage decorations for home

Vintage decorations

Why settle for a look that is just like what you can find in nearly every home design magazine, when you can create your very own design? Vintage offers a way to personalize the ambiance in your home, plus you can even make it look more sentimental and valuable at the same time. The idea is to give you a feel as though nothing about your home looks exactly like what others have in theirs. There is a feeling of warmth and depth with vintage style, and these are what you want to have in your home.

To get started, you may want to check out vintage shops for fascinating items that may catch your eye. Go for quirky, if this is the kind of character you have, or just scout for decorative items and choose one that somewhat speaks to you the moment you pick it up.

5. Upcycle is the way to go.

Tired of the old doors in your kitchen cabinet? Do you think your tabletop is getting more and more boring to you each day? If so, then it is time to upcycle certain items in your home that need to be updated. You should think about turning something old and overused into a brand new-looking item through upcycling. This way, you can personalize your home and give it an amazing new character that you want.

So, consider these fun tips on how to give your home a personalized look and feel. Don’t be afraid to let your quirky self show because that’s where your creativity and extraordinary character comes from!

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