5 Different Types of Refrigerators to Choose From

Which type of Fridge works best in your kitchen

Which type of Fridge works best in your kitchen

I remember the first Fridge I ever owned.  It was white, had two doors, a top for the freezer and the bottom for everything else.  It cost me about $400 back then and was delivered up the stairs to my apartment.  It was the nicest thing in my apartment at the time, and with the exception of, the freezer it never stayed full.  The freezer would freeze up after the first few years, and I would have to thaw it out with a hairdryer and a screwdriver.  I remember that vegetables would go bad in one of the drawers which defeated the purpose of putting them there, yet it was mine and I owned it.  Later as I started a family I upgraded my fridge to something a little bigger and a little fancier.

If you are moving out for the first time and planning on purchasing your first fridge, or if you plan on upgrading your fridge to something a little better, there are plenty of choices out there.  The right choice is going to depend on your needs and you want to make sure you have the fridge that is going to fit just right for you and your family.

How much Fridge Do You Need?

How much Fridge Do You Need?

When you first move out and find yourself in need of a fridge, you are not going to be needing anything huge.  That is unless you have children already, or plan on moving in with several people and you are the one that is going to provide the fridge.  Start with something that is going to fit what you plan on using it for.  If you like to stock up on frozen food, a small fridge and perhaps a separate freezer might be what you need instead.  Otherwise a standard model fridge with a basic freezer and fridge together are going to be just right.

This allows you to make ice with ice cube trays, keep everything you need cold, and provides shelves for storage.  A basic model always has two drawers in the fridge and door trays so you can separate items such as cheese, butter, eggs, fruit and vegetables and meats.

The bigger the family gets the bigger the fridge you are going to need.  Kids especially will go through food like crazy, especially boys when they hit their teenage years.  Even if you just have roommates instead of a family the concept is going to be the same, where everyone needs their space in the fridge.  Some houses, when the buy a lot of cold drinks or have a lot of people over, keep an extra fridge in the garage so they can store more items.

The other thing to consider is the space where it is going to be.  Some places have cupboards and select space for a fridge unit to slide into, and it will only accommodate a fridge that will fit the space.

Different Types of Refrigerators

Two Door – The standard style of fridge comes with the freezer on the top and the fridge portion below it.  This gives a rather small freezer, but works well for a single person or two-person fridge.  Another version of this has the doors side by side with the freezer on the left side and the fridge on the right.  It will be a little bigger than the standard version though to make enough room for everything.  It does allow a lot more storage for frozen items though.

Three Door – This more upscale unit is designed with the basic side by side doors, and a drawer on the bottom that acts as the freezer.  This drawer pulls all the way out, and provides more storage than a standard two door unit, with a different design.  It is bigger, contains more shelfs, racks and organizational tools than most units though.  If you like everything in its place and use more fridge space than freezer space, this is the fridge you are going to want.  This works well with a storage freezer so you have a place to store all the extras you like to keep on hand.

Water / Ice Machine Combo – Typically this type of unit comes in the form of the two-door fridge with the doors side by side.  The freezer door will have the ice machine / water machine on that side, since the ice comes from the freezer anyway.  You will need to have the water line hooked up by a professional unless there was already one installed in your house.  The water from the fridge is no different than tap water, although some units are now adding filters to theirs.

Smart Fridge – If you are looking for something a little high tech, you might want to try one of these.  They are rather on the pricey side and come in multiple colors.  The difference is the outer door acts like a smart tablet with restrictions.  It will tell you the temperature, allow you to see inside the fridge without opening it, and you can program it to let you know if you are low on something like eggs.  (So long as everything is placed where it is supposed to go.)  There are even options of electronic grocery lists, and more.  The app in the fridge can even link to your other devices so you can get alerts while on the go.

Getting the Best Deal

getting the best Refrigerators for home

Sales are always the best time to buy a fridge, unfortunately if you have the need of a new fridge now you might not find what you are looking for to be on sale.  Instead there are two times of the year you want to be looking to get a new fridge, and they consist of the start of Winter and the end of Spring.  During the Winter, especially at the start of the holidays, sales for these appliances tend to plummet.  Rarely are they given as gifts and therefore they are not the most thought of item to be on sale.  Department Stores that carry these items will see lost revenue in appliances during the holidays unless they place them on sale.  You can get floor models even cheaper if you don’t mind that everyone has been touching them and their might be a few dings in the outer shell of the unit.

The end of Spring is when new designs come out, and the company that is selling these appliances, will need to get rid of inventory to make room for new stock.  Just because the model is older, doesn’t mean the fridge is going to work any less, it will mean it is in less demand.

Stainless Steel and Black model units will generally carry a higher price tag than other colors.  These are the two most popular colors and stores will bank on that.  If you don’t mind a white or off color white you will get a much better deal, especially when they are on clearance.

Avoid buying a new fridge in the summer months.  Fridges might have some sale prices during those time, but it is the most common time for people to want to buy one.  Meaning the sales will be less frequent or not as deep.

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