5 Different Sleeping Options to Choose From

What Are You Sleeping On?


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The biggest part of any bedroom set is the bed.  It sets the tone for the entire room, and each room might have a different size, or style, of bed.  A bed is a place you sleep, and it doesn’t always include a mattress.  Some people even sleep in the floor as part of their custom, as others want all the comforts of soft cushion instead.  Children will like different things as they grow into adults, and those of us who work the most in the house could care less, so long as we get a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.

While there are plenty of sleeping options out there, we have chosen the five most common ones to discuss.  These are options that I’ve personally seen people sleep on, within the home.  While some of them could be considered great options for camping too, these can be used in the house.  Each room is different and the comforts of each person are different, so you will want to choose the option that fits you the best.

Bed and Mattress

sleeping girl - Bed and Mattress

The most common choice is the bed with a mattress.  A common bed contains the frame, a box spring and the mattress that goes on top.  Some people only want the mattress and keep it on the floor so it is low to the ground.  Most people choose the first option as it allows storage under the bed, and provides more comfort and support.  These come in various sizes ranging from a toddler bed all the way to a California King, which is the largest.  A toddler bed is the smallest and is the size of a crib mattress.  Then you have the twin bed, full bed, queen bed, king bed, and finally the California King as the largest.

Once you have your size determined than you can choose your comfort, ranging from soft to a firm mattress.  You can think about pillow top, which is extra padding on top, along with foam padding that you can add later as an extra.  Keep in mind that your mattress should be changed out every 7 years or so.  They do wear down over time, but it is worth the cost to replace it.  (If you don’t think so, think about the cost of a mattress being between $400 and $1000.  It seems like a lot to pay at once, but what do you pay for cable?  At $60 a month you are paying as much as $720 a year.  And most people pay more than $100 a month.)

Couch / Couch-bed

sleeping on Couch / Couch-bed

sleeping on Couch / Couch-bed

Not always the most comfortable option, but if you have ever been married or lived with your partner you may have found yourself sleeping on the couch.  Here is a good lesson to learn when you are picking out a couch.  Choose one that is not based on the style, but rather the comfort.  Chances are you could be sleeping on it again in the future.  A couch that folds into a bed solves this problem, along with sleeping accommodations for when you have guests over.  It’s not always the most comfortable sleeping option either, but it works in a pinch.  There is often the support bar that is found in the middle and it can dig into the back if you are back sleeper.  The mattress that covers the frame is not that thick since it must fold into the couch to fit.

The couch serves as something that is often found in the den, living room, or family room.  If the bedroom is large enough there might be room for a couch there, but generally you don’t find them in the bedroom.  They serve as great places to nap, and people often fall asleep on them late at night or early in the day.  A reclining couch is great, especially if it has multiple reclining options.  The downside to these is that generally laying on them sideways is not always as comfortable.

Cot / Air Mattress / Sleeping Bag

sleeping on Air Mattress / Sleeping Bag

sleeping on Air Mattress / Sleeping Bag

While most of these options can be found in the outdoors, they are also used indoors when there are guest situations that require it.  A cot is a simple bed that folds up for storage and is very flat, and very firm to sleep on.  And air mattress needs to be blown up, and if left up for several days might require a refill.  If there are pets in the house you might want to keep them away from the air mattress.  Sleeping bags can often be used by the kids when they are having sleepovers and will do for a guest in a pinch if you run out of blankets.

If any of these are kept in storage such as in the garage throughout the year you might want to check them for dust and / or bugs before you bring them into the house.  Nobody likes to find something extra in their sleeping accommodations.

Day Bed / Trundle Bed

This type of bed is not as common as it once was, however, it is a great space saver.  A day bed is the size of a twin or full bed, and it sits higher than most beds as directly under it is another bed.  This bed that sits underneath, rolls out from the first bed and can be raised to fit with the other bed making it a queen size.  (It works better as two separate beds rather than a combination unless you have a way to lock the wheels or attach the beds together though.)  It’s great to have another place to sleep in a pinch, and is perfect for just one person sleeping over.

When it is put together the frame comes out to the sides so there is only one way to get on the bed.


The last option is another space saver.  It too allows you to have more room in the room as the futon with the right frame folds up so it looks like a couch.  The mattress comes in different thicknesses and can be comfortable with the thicker ones.  The thinner ones can be too thin as you can feel the frame when you lay down on it.  It does open the room up though.  Smaller frames are lower to the ground and not as sturdy, although they may be more comfortable since the futon mattress can double over on the smaller frames.

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