5 Cleaning Tips for the House

Using what’s around the house

We all need to clean the house and it can cost money buying all those supplies to do the job.  While we might not always like the cleaning part, some of us just don’t like to spend any money getting the job done either.  So I’ve gathered some tips together that will help you get your house clean, by using supplies you might have around the house.  You might not use all of the them, but you certainly will be surprised by them.

Your own Moist Cleaning Wipes

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Cleaning wipes are a great invention that someone came up with to make cleaning easier.  You can use these in the kitchen or the bathroom to wipe down and disinfect the counters.  It doesn’t scrub well, but the moisture in it makes the job that much easier.  The best part is that it is not that hard to make your own.  And there are several different ways to do it.  Here is the easiest, and in my opinion one of the best recipes:

½ cup pine cleaner

2 ¾ cups water

Thick Paper Towels (Bounty or Viva work the best)

Plastic Container

Paper towels don’t always fit into a container, so you have a few options.  You can cut the paper towels by using a hacksaw or sharp knife, making it small enough to fit into the container.  Cut the entire roll in half or smaller to fit the container.  (This will make your wipes small, so keep that in mind.)  Or you can use a container like a plastic cereal container to put everything into.  Place the towels into the container and than poor the liquid on top.  Let it sit for five minutes and then you can remove the paper towel core, allowing you to grab the middle towel and pull it up. If the lid you are using doesn’t have a flip top or a hole in, another option is to cut an X into it and pull the first towel through when you are done.

Other recipes use isopropyl alcohol, mixed in the water with 2 teaspoons of dish soap, some use a ¼ cup of bleach, and others use small towels or washcloths instead of paper towels.  (The towels or washcloths make for better scrubbers too, but will have less in the jar.)

Instant Scrubber

5 Cleaning Tips for the House

If you are in dire need of a scrubber and have at least 2 ingredients in your kitchen, you can quickly make your own.  Slice a grapefruit in half and generously rub kosher salt into one half.  Use that half to scrub down your kitchen sink, then simply rinse it off.  It not only gets it clean but it makes it smell fresh as well.  You can use it to scrub the stove and the counters if they are dirty too.

Simple Plastic Bag Container

All those plastic bags that you collect from the stores build up over time, and unless you use them as fast as you get them you might have a large stockpile.  There are many different ways to store them, but this way allows you to re-use them quickly with easy access to them to.  Take an old cleaning wipes container that has a flip top and hole in the middle of the lid.  Lie each bag out flat and start with the first one, rolling it up tight and leaving the handle sides up, each consecutive bag needs to lay over the last three inches of the first bag, and you keep rolling until you have a tight tube that is the same size of the container.  Poke the handles of the first bag through the hole and as you pull it out, it will pull up the next bag in session.  Now you can simply put it in the cupboard and have them handy when you need them.

Dirty Microwave:

Cleaning the microwave is something that is often left forgotton.  Food builds up and cakes on the sides and the ceiling of the microwave though, often looking pretty gross after a while.  If it has been there a while it can take a bit of muscles to get it clean.  This easy trick though allows you to clean your microwave with ease and all you need is one lemon.

remove home dirty

Take half a cup of water and a lemon that has been sliced in half.  Squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl and leave the leftover lemon carcass in the bowl as well.  Microwave for 3 minutes, and let it sit for five minutes in the microwave.  All you must do after that is wipe everything down and it will come off easily.  And it will have a nice lemon scent that is not harmful when you cook your food in it.

Rusty tools

While this might apply more for the garage than anything else, it still works around the house.  Tools get warn out and rusty over time, due to moisture in the air.  Rather than throw them away you can simply clean them and make them like new again.

First scrub with vinegar, then use a mixture of 1 part baking soda and 2 parts water to soak them for five minutes.  After that you will want to coat them with coconut oil, rinse them in water and then dry off.  The coconut oil will prevent rust from forming, and keep them shiny new looking.

Keep Dust at Bay

Dust gets on anything and everything, especially in places you don’t want to dust.  Those ceiling fans, wood paneling, and even computer monitors gather dust quickly and even if you dust regularly there is a way to stop the dust from coming nearly as fast.  Those dryer sheets you throw in the dryer with your clothes have oils in them that come out in the laundry to prevent static.  By using these to rub the ceiling fans, wood paneling and computer monitors you can prevent the dust as if it were static.  It’s a simple trick that allows you to use something you already are using anyway.  It’s great for little nik naks too, but I don’t recommend it on books.  Since there are oils in them, rubbing it on the books will damage them.

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