5 Bathroom Cleaners You need to Have and Why

Some Cleaners work Better than Others

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, there are some things you are going to want, and others that should never be used in there.  Some the chemicals in bathroom cleaners are very strong, which is why they recommend that you use them in a well-ventilated area.  If your bathroom has no windows, then you want to make sure the fan is working.  If you don’t have one of those, then you are going to want to bring a fan into the bathroom while you are cleaning.  The fumes can be toxic, although not all chemicals are the strong.

Each bathroom cleaner that is listed has a separate purpose and should be mainly used in the bathroom, although a few of them can be used in other locations around the house.  Chances are you are already using these chemicals, but if you are not, you might want to consider why you should.  Some of them are now considered green, being safer for the environment than they once were, while others might not be.

Powdered Cleaners

Powdered CleanersA powdered cleanser comes in a canister and usually has a top that is not re-sealable (at least not yet).  They instead have a tab on the top like a sticker that you peel off and it looks like a parmesan cheese container pour spout.  Meaning it’s a series of holes about the size of a pencil, so the powder can come out quickly.  When this powder is used, you will want a strong rag, scrubber or something to hold it with, as you will need to put some muscle into it when you clean with this.  The benefit is that it is safer than most sprays and doesn’t emit an odor that can knock you out.  The two most common brands are Ajax and Comet, although there are some store brands which are generic that will work just as well.

Some will incorporate bleach powder into them which is what makes them work so well.  They are safe to flush down the drains and work best on sinks and bathtubs.  While you could use them in the toilet as well, most people don’t want to get that close when it comes to cleaning it.

Mildew and Stain Removers

Mildew and Stain Removers - Bathroom Cleaners You need to Have and WhyThe most common fungus that is found in the bathroom is mildew and mold.  These two go hand in hand, both growing in environments that contain a lot of moisture.  If your shower is not wiped down daily (and frankly most of us don’t have time for that) you are likely to develop one if not both of these, over time.  You should clean your bathtub, and the area around it weekly to prevent this fungus from growing, which can make you sick in some cases.

These are some of the strongest cleaners as it can take quite a bit to kill that fungus.  It’s not just cleaning the tub, but sterilizing it against these organisms.  These are the chemicals that you definitely want to have air blowing in the room when you use them, as they can sometimes be toxic too.  The most common ones are Tilex and Formula 409.  Mr. Clean makes a version as does Soft Scrub, and there are plenty of others out there on the market, including store brands.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Toilet Bowl Cleaners Bathroom Cleaners You need to Have

When you want to scrub the bowl out from the inside there are a lot more choices to not only clean it, but to keep it clean.  Most the actual cleaners are in a container like those used to spray cleaners, but there is no sprayer.  Instead of a spray nozzle, these bottles have a pour spout that you turn the container upside down and pour into the rim of the bowl.  The name brand cleaners have an angled pour spout allowing you to get right at the base of the rim where the water comes out of.

Once the cleaner is poured in, you will need to take a toilet bowl scrubber to scrub the bowl with.  If you want to keep it clean longer, and smelling fresh you have more options.  There are tabs you can place in the bowl that will sometimes change the water to a different color.  (If you have pets that tend to drink from the toilet, this can poison them.)  There are hang tabs that sit on the side of the toilet, and will clean at least once side of it, but also help to keep it smelling fresh.  And of course, if odor is just the problem there are many solutions for that as well, none of which will clean the bowl though.

Drain Cleaner / Uncloggers

It doesn’t take much to clog up a drain, a toilet or even the bathtub, and the result is usually something was too big to go down the drain, or a build-up of debris that is stuck in the pipe.  You should run a drain cleaner through these pipes at least once a month to keep them free of debris, and you will never have a clog.  Drano, My Plumber, and similar drain cleaners will all have their own catch or gimmick.  What you need to look for though is something that will clean the pipes on the way down, not just unclog them.

Dirty pipes that are stuck with a bunch of hair might need to have a snake run through them.  A professional plumber always has these on hand, but essentially, they are a long flexible metal rod with a claw like hook at the end.  This hook rotates along the pipe and scrapes it clean, getting rid of the debris.  It’s great to pull up hair with, along with anything else that could be in there.

Glass Cleaner

No bathroom is complete without glass cleaner it to keep the mirrors clean.  Glass cleaner doesn’t just work on the mirrors though, it also helps polish the metal surfaces in the bathroom such as the faucets.  And you can use it on shower doors to keep them clean and streak free, so long as you buy a name brand that prevents streaks.  Glass cleaner is an essential cleaner that is used throughout the house, as well as any window or mirror you might have.

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