4 Ways to Light Up Your Garden

Bring a Little Light to Your GardenBring a Little Light to Your Garden

Bring a Little Light to Your Garden

Planting a garden is satisfying all by itself, but sometimes that one extra step can really bring some life into it.  There are plenty of ways to give your garden that extra little push over the top, to make it look beautiful even when it is not in full bloom.  Sometimes it takes a little creativity to set it apart, and those that love to garden might even have some tricks on how they get their garden to bloom in colors.

Then there are those that like to add some light to their garden, by using electricity.  This helps light it up at night to be more enjoyable at those hours, or even the early morning hours too.  This doesn’t mean that they shine flood lights on the garden, drowning it with artificial light.  No instead they artfully decorate it in subtle ways to let the light that is used, enhance the garden.  And there are four ways you can do that to your own garden, making it stand out even more than it already does.

#1 Using Electrical Lights

Using Electrical Lights

If you have some outdoor outlets on the side of the house, you can easily run some light to decorate your garden with.  You will want to get some green outdoor cord, and a grounded outlet that can stick up in the garden.  (You can find these a lot during the holidays as they are used for outdoor light-up decorations.)  They are built like a stake that goes in the ground, with outlets on each side in the shape of a square.  You run the cord from the house to this outlet, and from there you can plug in whatever lights you want to add.  (Being up a little from the ground the water can’t soak into the outlet causing a short.)  From here your imagination is going to be needed in how you want to light up the place.

You can choose Christmas lights, all the same color, and those that match the flowers in your garden.  Or you can use soft white lights to blaze up the place and make it lit in certain areas.  Low or soft lighted spot lights are great, and you can change the bulbs to different colors.  I’ve seen green rope lights used to run along the length of vines which gives them a bit of a ghoulish look.  (Perfect for Halloween!)

Consider using a timer if you want your lights to be lit up every night for a short length of time.  If you only want them lit when you are out there, you can connect them to an on/off switch, or a foot switch.

#2 Using Solar Lights

Using Solar Lights

If you want to save a bit on your electric bill you might want to consider solar lights.  As these charge from the sun throughout the day, when it gets dark they will automatically light up.  This eliminates the need for cords to be plugged into anything, and the light is already on its own timer.  These come in so many shapes and sizes that they go just about anywhere, so long as there is some sunlight to charge them with.

When they are placed, you need to set them where the sensor will capture the lightest.  Don’t expect them to work the first night, as sometimes they need to have a little extra charge in them before they will work.  Some sets come as spot lights or floodlights, and others come in sets for pathway lights.  If you have a pathway through your garden, this would make a great addition.  If you have a gazebo or market umbrella on the patio, there are also lights that connect to these also.

#3 Using Solar Garden Decorations

 Using Solar Garden Decorations

If plain lights are not something you want in your garden, but you want to add some light anyway, there are always outdoor decorations that are solar.  They will light up with different colors and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  You can include animals such as frogs, dogs, cats, bears, and most any other animal.  You could also add angels, butterflies, dragonflies, and more ideas to your garden.

The same rules apply though as you will need to have enough sunlight to charge them.  They don’t always charge the first day, especially if they are not getting enough light.  These decorations have sensors generally on the back of them, or in areas that might sit well to collect sunlight.  While these decorations light up, they also add style and color to the garden.

#4 Using Garden Decoration (non-Solar)

 Using Garden Decoration

Perhaps you want to light up the garden during the day only, and not use lights to light it up at night.  There are plenty of garden decorations that are colorful and inviting that won’t light up.  You can stick with traditional marble style, or you can get painted figurines that come in many shapes and sizes.  Consider some decorative stepping stones, especially if you have a pathway through the garden.  Some of these even have slogans on them.

There are decorative rocks, and décor that sits on the pots themselves.  There are decorations available in every genre, even those that follow Disney.  You could even make your own if you wanted to.  How you decorate them or your garden is going to be up to you, and your budget.  If you buy them all at once because you want a matching set, it could cost you more.

What Works Best in Your Garden

Every person that has a garden, has an idea of how they want it to look.  You could do any of the four ideas in your garden, a mix of any of them together, or choose something completely different.  Solar lighting will require a lot of light to charge, so if your garden contains a lot of shade it just won’t work.  If you live in an area that has floods, or you get a lot of rainfall you might not want to use electricity.  It could short out your whole house, and even cause a fire.  Be sure you look at your garden and figure out the best method to decorate it.

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