3 Ideas to Save Money in Our Normal Life

Simple Easy Tricks to Save Money Around The House

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Money is tight these days and it takes every ounce of will to save money rather than spend it. Many times we can save money around the house and don’t even realize that we can. The tricks I’m about to show you will open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking and allow you to save money without thinking you are being cheap or frugal in your attempts. You can still live your life the way you want to, but a few adjustments will make it worth the money to do so.


The easiest place to save money is in the kitchen. Cooking as many of your meals as possible is actually more cost-effective then eating out most of the time. If you are a coupon shopper and know where and when to find the deals at your local grocer you will make the most of your money and be able to keep your kitchen well stocked.

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But that also means you are going to want to keep an eye on the expiration dates of the food you are buying, being sure you are going to eat it. (Don’t shop for items with coupons, no matter how good the price is, if you are never going to use it.) Buy meat and freeze it, especially when you get a good deal, you can thaw it and cook it when you want to. Pack a lunch as often as possible, the average cost of a take-out meal is about $8 each, so buying lunch at work daily could cost you $40 or more a week up to $200 a month. Instead treat yourself once a week and save the money. Clearance sections of the stores you shop in, especially grocery stores will net you pastries for a $1, and those whole cooked chickens go half price after 8 pm in most places.

Other Tips to Save on Food:

* Buy a block of cheese instead of shredded and shred your own as you need it. A block costs less, and can be used for more than just shredded cheese.* Bisquick can be used for a variety of items from pancakes to muffins and is a great all around staple to have in the house.* Canned food is still good months after their expiration dates, the taste and consistency will change the longer past the date, but it will not because you harm to eat them.* Fresh fruit is best, but is priced based on seasonal availability. Peaches and Nectarines are cheap in summer months and jump in price later, same as apples and pumpkins in the fall.

Energy Saving Tips

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There are plenty of ways to save energy around the house, we just seem to forget them or pass those same tips on to our families and we end up paying the bill for it.

* Turn off lights and electronics if you are not going to be in the room.* Keep appliances unplugged unless they are on a timer, or in use. For example, the toaster and blender don’t need to be plugged in, unless you are using them.* During hot summer months, keep the blinds or curtains shut during the hottest part of the day as you will keep the house cool longer and use less power to cool it down. While the sun provides light, the heat comes with it as well.* Use energy saving light bulbs throughout the house and you will cut power costs almost in half.* Try solar lights in the garden or pathways of your home and light up the place with the power of the sun.

In The Laundry Room

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Laundry has to be done each week or you will be one smelly person at work. Let alone your clothes won’t look to well either. While you might think you are saving money by buying bargain detergent, you are actually costing yourself more money. The name brands go on sale, even clearance and do the job better then something you have never heard of and you will end up using more. Plus, the extra detergent actually stays in your clothes and towels, causing damage to them. When towels no longer seem so fluffy, instead of replacing them you can wash them using a cup of vinegar on one cycle, and do the same with a cup of baking soda on another cycle, this will remove excess detergent and chemicals from fabric softeners and soap in the towels and restore them to normal.

The dryer takes up a lot of energy and might seem to take longer when you have large loads of laundry. Keep the lint trap clean and clean any lint from the back side of the dryer when not in use to give it optimal performance. Another trick is to take some clean tennis balls and place them in socks, then place the socks into the dryer with your laundry. This helps keep the clothes separated and at the sides instead of in the middle of the dryer where the air is trying to come from. This will lower the amount of time needed in the dryer.

Keep your clothes hampers from stinking up the place by placing a dryer sheet at the bottom of each one before you start throwing dirty laundry into it.

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