3 Helpful Tips for your Bedroom Design

Each Bedroom is Going to be Different

Everyone that has a home is going to have a bedroom or two and each bedroom could be completely different from the rest.  Each person that sleeps in that room is going to make it their own, personalizing it in their own way.  Kids will hang posters, or have their toys laid out where they can get to them.  The design of their room is going to be different compared to that of a parent that wants to head to the room and sleep, or watch television.  Or even from the single bachelor or bachelorette that has one thing in mind when it comes to the bedroom.  Since each person likes their room in a specific way, each room will be different, and when it comes to new couples there must be some compromises.

The Kids Design the room themselves

kids room design

It doesn’t matter how you design the room for the kids, within a year it will look different when the kids have their stuff all over it.  Start your design simple by keeping the furniture at a level that they can reach, and not necessarily one that they will grow into.  A toddler for example might require a smaller dresser that is at their level, along with play furniture, toy boxes and laundry hampers that they can reach.  By giving them furniture that fits their age, and teaches them to be organized at the same time, they will become more helpful, neat and organized themselves.  So, when you tell them to clean their room as they get older, at least they will already have an idea of what to do.

After the toddler stage and in before the teenage years the bedroom could be filled with cartoon posters, video games and still more toys.  If they like to have sleep overs the room is going to need space for another person or two to sleep.  A bunk bed could be used if there is more than one child, or even if you want the extra bed available.  There are beds that are designed as a bunkbed, but the lower area is instead a work station such as a desk to do their homework.  Speaking of which the furniture starts to change to look a little more grown up, and space is needed to get work done, such as homework and arts and crafts.

Teenagers are a terror all to themselves and they can drive you nuts with how often their moods and temperaments change.  It’s best to let them help you pick out the furniture they want to have in their room, so if they get mad at it later you can tell them that they picked it.  (Keep in mind that even if you use reasoning on them when helping them choose their furniture, they may not listen to it.)  The room transforms to a place to hang out with friends, so if there is space include a comfortable chair, television since at times they want to avoid everybody, and some way to listen to their music.  This is the time they invent themselves and get creative, so posters might change to artwork or get more graphic.

Parents have a different thought on their room

parents room design and style

Those that are parents use their room as an escape at times too.  Sometimes from each other when there is an argument, sometimes from the kids when they are being less then helpful, and sometimes as just a place to relax.  Parents want to sleep, especially those of young children that are still full of energy.  A television, sometimes is in a parents’ room so they can have time to themselves.  First and foremost, it is going to be a large comfortable bed.  Keeping the bed in the center along one wall with space for each person on each side, is the best option.  This is the compromise at times where the entire room doesn’t have to be uniform, but rather one side for one person and one side for the other.  A television may or may not play a part, and often sits on top of a dresser or bookshelf.  If not, it could be a place for a lounge chair or a couple of chairs to sit in.  Sometimes the ladies will even have their vanity sets in this room, if another space is not available.  A uniform look is good too, where the artwork matches everything, but it doesn’t work for everyone, and often the lady dominates the decorating area leaving the man only wanting to come to the room for sleep, or other things.

(Our bedroom consists of the first design with my side containing a reading lamp, and Star Wars memorabilia on my side.  My wife has Tinkerbell items and Disney collectibles on her side, including paintings.  We each have our own end table to put everything on, and it allows us to have part of the room to ourselves.)

Single people like to spice it up

single people room design and style

Now a single person will go about their bedroom in a different way.  Often it is a place they rarely visit, except to sleep.  The bed is left un-made in many cases, and their sleep is little when in the room.  Someone who likes to romance things up a little will do things a little differently.  A large comfortable bed, some subtle lighting and music to set the mood will inhabit the room.  The design will be simple, and inviting with artwork on the walls and everything put in place.  The nightstand might contain some savory items needed for two and the dresser will be out of the way with little on it.  Guys and girls differ of course and each has their own needs, so a lady might have their makeup and jewelry out on the dresser, while a guy might just use it for cologne and a phone charger.

Since the bedroom is the one place they are only in to sleep or to get some attention from a lover, it often goes undecorated.  But it is the one place that is always a sanctuary for people, which means that collectibles and things that they adore will be in the bedroom.  They should be displayed, not hidden and can be with the right furniture to display them in, such as a curio cabinet so you can see them when you want to, even if you don’t want others to see them.

Personalize your room to your taste and style and don’t let others tell you what they think it should look like.  When you have a partner that lives with you, that is when it will have to change.

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