3 Choices when it comes to your Flooring Options

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The Differences in the Floor you Walk on

The Differences in the Floor you Walk on

While most houses seem to have everything you need when it comes to décor, this doesn’t mean you can’t change it to fit your own needs.  Most houses will have a combination of the three options, depending on the rooms.  There will usually be only two options in a house, of course this depends on the size of the house and what happens to be in the room.  (Any room that has running water such as Bathrooms and Kitchens will almost always have tile or linoleum.)  The rest of the house can be anything you want it, and it all happens to be by preference.  There are things that people like about each flooring option and there are things that they don’t.  We’ve outlined those differences below so you can make an informed decision before you choose a color, or pick a wood tone to be your permanent walking space.


The most common and cheapest flooring option is carpet.  Carpet comes in many different colors, styles and textures.  There is thin carpeting that keeps close to the ground and there is thick fluffy carpeting that feels soft on the feet, and you can fall asleep when laying on it.  Choosing a carpet can be tough, since there are so many options.  Before you do, consider what you will be getting into.

carpeting- Flooring Options

Carpet is warm and is great for those winter months as it traps in the heat.  During the summer months though it retains that warmth and can get quite warm, especially under direct sunlight.  Since heat comes out of our bodies through our limbs, such as our feet, it can make it harder to cool off.  Carpet can stain with drinks or food spilled on it.  It doesn’t just stay on the surface, but can get deep down into the core.  You will need to have a vacuum cleaner if you have carpet to clean it and get the dirt and debris out of it.  Carpet cleaners are extra services that you might need after a year or two as it will start to look dirty.

If you have small children, toddlers or babies, it is recommended to have carpet.  They tend to fall down, a lot, and the carpet will at least break their fall.  For pets, not so much.  Pets tend to mark their territory and they do so by urinating on the carpet.  This smells, is harder to clean and can actually stain your carpet.

The thicker the carpet, the worse it looks over time.  Constantly walking on it wears it down.  And you will eventually see the common trail through the house warn into the carpet.  However, those with sore feet, enjoy the padding of the carpet, rather than walking on something hard.

Tile or Linoleum

While most bathrooms and kitchens are lined with a tile flooring or linoleum flooring, some people choose to do this in the entire house.  Tile is the most

floor option: Tile or Linoleum

expensive flooring option on the market.  You can make each tile different, create a pattern, or something completely unique.  It requires more labor, and tools to get the job done right as it needs to be sealed properly.  Shower walls are usually lined with tile, but the floors are typically lined with linoleum.

Linoleum is a one-piece flooring option that looks like tile but rolls down like carpet.  It glues to the floor that is already in place, from concrete to wood, and sets perfectly from wall to wall.  A sharp blade can cut through it, which makes it easy to lay down.  Because of water in bathrooms and kitchens, linoleum is a great option.  It protects the flooring underneath from the water that might get on it.  Both tile and linoleum are easy to clean, and can be wiped up with a mop, Swiffer or any combination of water and light soap.  Because of the glue, removing the linoleum can be a bit of a pain, a heat gun can eliminate the issues, making it easy to remove.

Both are cool on the feet, making it great in the summer, but a bit cold in the winter.  Wearing socks while walking on it can be slippery, especially if you waxed the floor.  (As a kid, I used to love to slide on the floor in my socks.  My brother and I would have competitions on who could slide the furthest.)  Doing the entire house in this type of flooring is possible, but might look odd.  I have seen some houses that have the kitchen and dining rooms with this flooring, along with the bathrooms while the rest of the house is carpeted.

Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring in home

This is a great middle option that isn’t too expensive but looks wonderful with the right furniture and décor.  While it suffers some of the same dilemmas as a tile floor (hard to walk on, cold in the winter, cool in the summer), it warms up faster than tile.  The only other problem that wood floors have is that they tend to squeak when the boards rub together, with pressure on them.  It can be a great theft deterrent (or great way to know if the kids are sneaking into the house late at night), but could drive you nuts if you are trying to sneak in yourself.

Wood flooring is simple to clean, using similar techniques as tile, but you also need to condition it.  There is wood floor cleaner that is better suited for it, than creating your own concoction.  It does scratch through if furniture is dragged across it, and pets with long nails will leave an impression.  It too is very slippery when waxed so be careful after cleaning the floor.

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