13 Kitchen Tips that You Should Know

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A Little Help in the Kitchen Never Hurts

When you have lived in small places like I have, you learn to make use of every inch of space that you might have.  This includes cupboards, counter space, pantries and closets.  These are the areas that are used the most, and need the most help.  The kitchen especially requires space to cook, and to place everything you need to cook, from the appliances that you use to the ingredients.  Sometimes it seems that with everything that you use, there isn’t enough space.  So, to fix that you should get a little creative in the kitchen and makes use of the space that you have.  Many of the tips in this article are used in the kitchen but some of them can be applied to the garage or bathroom as well.

The Many Uses of Command Hooks

1. The Command Hooks by 3M were a novelty item when they were first created.  It seemed like a great idea and stores started to carry them little by little.  Now there are entire sections devoted to them in drug stores and hardware stores.  If you are not aware of what these are, they are plastic, and sometimes metal hooks that you can stick to a surface with the use of foam patches that come with them.  You would think these wouldn’t hold up very well, but in fact they do.  In fact, many times they last longer than the surface that they are stuck too, which lead to damage on the walls when you broke them off.  So, they designed a better model that allows you to take them off and re-use them.

As I said these are little hooks that come in small, medium and large.  They can be used to hang cups in the kitchen, or an apron on the wall or side of the fridge.  But other than a standard hook, these can be applied to other applications as well.

2. Do you have handle trash bags that seems to slip in the trashcan with the first item you throw in there?  Simply place a command hook upside down on the front of the trash can about three inches from the top.  (Depending on whether your lid locks in place you might need to place one on both sides of the trash can.)  When you place the bag in the can, pull the drawstring so that it goes around the hook.  Now your trash bag will not fall in the trash can.

3. Under the kitchen counter or in one of the cupboards, even on the side of the pantry you can take command hooks of the larger size and use them to secure the cling wrap, and assorted aluminum wrap.  (Each of these has holes on the side to secure the roll, and the command hooks can hold the box in place, now they are out of the way, yet ready to use.  If there is no hole, you might have to make one.)

4. Secure a few command hooks into a square on the wall, and you have a great picture frame holder.

5. Take that idea a step further and you can secure a tablet to the wall, right above its charger or at least near it.

Use these hooks to hang Christmas lights and other decorations inside and outside the house.

Read the Directions on The Entire Box

6. There are many items that we use in our kitchen, but don’t realize that there are directions on the box explaining more uses than we think.  If you look at your baking powder box and open it the way it is supposed to be opened, there is a little piece of cardboard that hangs down.  When you place your measuring spoon into the baking powder you use this piece to level off your spoon, giving you the perfect measurement.

7. Most aluminum foil, and clear plastic wrap boxes have tabs on the side of them that tell you to push in before you use it.  What these do is hold the roll in the box so that it doesn’t come out when you are pulling on the product.

8. Lotion bottle can lock in place after they have already been opened.  All you need to do is turn the hand spout to the side and it will lock it, preventing kids and pets from making a mess.

9. That bottle opener that you keep on your keychain can also be used to open cans with.  Some of them have a little spot that is big enough for a beer tab or soda tab, and you simply slide it under that and lift.  This is great for the ladies who just got their nails done.

Think Outside the Box

10. Sometimes you must get a little creative in how you use the products that we buy.

11. When you purchase bread that comes with those little square tabs to close it with, save those.  They are great at holding loose wires together such as around the computer to keep the office neat.

12. Chips come in two varieties typically, in a bag or in a canister.  A canister allows you to travel easier as your chips won’t break, at least not as much as in a bag.  Getting them out of the canister means trying to reach your hand in there, or dumping them out.  There is a better way if you have a piece of paper though.  Once you open the canister, slide the piece of paper down the slide, you will need to curl it to do this.  Then once the paper is all the way down, tip the canister on its side and pull the paper out, but not all the way.  Now your chips are ready to eat, and you can slide them back in place with ease.

13. For the bags, you can instantly turn them into a bowl and make a party anywhere you go.  Open the top of the bag completely and fold the sides inside the bag, make sure the bottom is flat and you have an instant bowl for the chips.  Or you can simply roll the bottom of the bag up, making the bottom flat and pushing the chips up.

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